Thursday, October 10, 2013

Be A Light Watcher....

Humans can come into a beautiful, singular ONENESS--all inclusive, ONE with Christ.  Walking with the Masters--on earth and in heaven.  If you are ready.....Get ready to transcend ALL limitations!  You thought some people's spirit journeys were "weird"?  Wait until you see more!  

The battles of mankind will be an old and fading dream (or nightmare...).  As you see the Fabric of all Time unfold around you--and in you, Give thanks to the old battlegrounds, now--with no ceremony--

Ask;  "Are you gaining LIGHT, or inviting darkness?"  

BE a Light Watcher.

What is a light watcher?  
A light watcher is first filled with light.  Retains that light.....Rides the light waves!  Walks in light, speaks light, sings light....holds the light--and leaves the room, or the conversation when the light dims.....
If you are "stuck" in the way with them (IE: a closed car, or room) 
"Go To Christ" in your mind and sing songs of praise to God.  FEEL your heart radiate out Love & Light.  Be the light in the darkest room.  You no longer have to "take it"--insults, false laws, rules of darkness, the lies of man--If it's LIGHT and warm; it sings praises to God.  If it's dark, it's mad, sad, stuck or cold.  That's how you know if the thought, or emotion is Light or dark. And that you are gaining light, or still inviting darkness.  

This applies everywhere; in your home, in your churches, in your lands.
The Light has Arrived!!!
With all his Heavenly Hosts!  Why do you think darkness is in a panic and throwing everything in disarray--throwing everything dark that it can to man and beast.  Chaos in the mind and lands....

Have you noticed old pets dying left and right?  They are coming up to meet the Master!  People are dropping dead quickly, it seems.  Those who can't handle the strain.  When there are too many cracks in their armor--through bad habits, and force of pleasure to ease their inner pain--they will be one of these.   Do not condemn them!  They have done their work magnificently. All is perfect in God's kingdom; on earth and in heaven--it always is.  Light and Truth WILL prevail....Love and Harmony are on it's way!  Know this!  Keep on helping those sent your way, to "birth" their ideas of light.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Adam and Eve Mystery

I've always wondered about the Adam and Eve story.  That there is SO MUCH MORE to be learned there!  Just recently I went to the temple and my eyes started to open....just a crack.  I began to consider that perhaps, the depths are more amazing than we think.

Perhaps Adam, in one regard, can be symbolic for our Left Side of the Brain!?  And Eve, in that our minds, can be the Right Side of our Brain!?  I am still digesting this...journaling as I learn.  But the more I learn about our brains and our minds, and how, when we understand the male and female, the left and right brain, and communication, the more there are layers and layers to these beautiful Bible stories, and parables, and illustrations.

I truly believe that God, Male and Female, God and Goddess, WANT us to know ALL THINGS.  So I am going to start respecting my Adam side of my brain more!  And start listening to him better!  Letting him "rule over my right brain" if I want to get anything done!  My right brain just wants to chase rainbows and flit around with the butterflies, and taste the raindrops.  That's all fine, and good for my left brain--to rest "him" a bit, but it doesn't get the books written, or the laundry done!

And the fact that Adam was "created" first is fascinating.  In the development of our bodies, in the womb, we MUST have order.  We MUST have structure, and the left side of the brain are those aspects of our Be-ing.  And God breathed in the "breath of life" into Adam.  So our left brain must be responsible for our breath. Is it?  And then, Eve--or the right side of our brain--was created from the "rib" of Adam--his DNA?  The DNA of the left side? To match each other, but to be made of flesh and bone.  So our right side must be responsible for our that true?  These mysteries I must study and learn!  So many things to learn.  He was told to "Be Lord over the whole earth" and if the body is symbolic of the earth, then the left side of the body is responsible to the bodily functions.  And She, the right side of the brain, was told by our Creator, that she is the Mother of All Living.  So is the right side of the brain responsible for creation?  YES!  We Create out of the right side of our brain.

Now it is time for Adam and Eve, Right and Left brain, to get along!  Time to be nice to men.  Time to respect women.  Time to be okay with Math, and structure. Time to learn to play and create, and respect her flowing outside of the box!  Time to be ONE; in purpose and focus.

I need to go rest my Adam and Eve now. Goodnight!  Isn't Life fascinating?!!!

Wake Up Adam!

First thoughts streaming through my thoughts this morning.  

"Self indulgent people do what they want when they want and expect everyone else to pick up the pieces.  They don't care about relationships with others, only with their own lives. They will reap what they sow--nothing.
When your marriage will not move forward, it's because one of "the legs" refuses to step it up, and remains self indulgent.  Stuck in their "safe and comfortable" routine.  If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll get the same result.  One person can improve and change all they want--and can--but until the other person in a relationship wakes up and takes a step, by your side--no growth will happen.  There is no moving forward on one leg.
Some people require massive amounts of pain in order to move.
You've made his complacency okay and comfortable for him.  Self indulgent people pick up addictive behavior(s) much easier than others--and make it part of their "normal routine".  Anything as innocuous as:
  • Surfing the Web
  • Hanging out on Social Sites for too long, neglecting family/work
  • Drinking Addictive Drinks
  • Over Eating
  • Poor Eating
  • Criticizing
  • Allowing Negative Voices to Rule their Minds
  • Daily, Excessive TV Watching

Routines that drive the spirit of God away--the spirit of God is all about New Things:
A New Body
A New Mind
A New Creature in Christ...

A man may "come to know God" in a quick and sudden way--and say he is "born again".  He is only born into a New Sight. And may be for a season, having new ears to hear and a new heart that "knows and feels" the Holy Spirit, and perhaps "takes a wife" during that time, who thinks he will always BE that New Creature in Christ with a sweet and abiding testimony--But, as soon as he gets into a self indulgent routine, he has left the fold.  They have eyes to see--but do not see--ears to hear--but do not hear--and hearts that do not know me anymore.  I've given them warnings, but they will not wake up.  I said unto all "Adams" (men): "AWAKE!"  They may do that once and Arise on their missions, but come home and fall asleep.
As soon as they do, they follow the church checklist; Go on a mission? Check.  Get a wife? Check.  Any man can--and does--have sex in his sleep--getting a life started comes easy to most men--while SHE raises them and nurtures them, mostly alone.  He gets into the routine, HIS routine of self indulgence:
Get up--go to work--grab a bite to eat on the way home--watch sports--go play more sports--self indulge, self indulge--fight with an unhappy, lonely, over-burdened wife--or have sex--go to bed. REPEAT.  "His life, His way."  Except on Sundays--Go to church--look good to all the leaders--men--shake their hands--get to know them so as to get a "good calling" and be important--in their eyes.  Then, do that calling well--so they look important in the eyes of men.  Then come home, eat, take a nap, and watch TV--sports--or whatever is on their self indulgence list; "to relax".  Once a year, set goals for more self indulgence to continue.  Do a little church stuff to please--appease God--and pay a "good tithe" to ask God for more to "consume it upon your lusts"--self indulgence.  The result?
Same old same:
Unhappy wife.
No real growth.
Kids that felt unloved by dad but would never say it to him for fear he'd cut them off.
Sure, they lived "comfortably", also learning to self indulge, and the wife lives in "comfort"--what more could they want, or ask for?  But only comfortable in the body--while the spirit mourns.
New creatures in Christ continue to grow. Once Adam wakes AND chooses to ARISE--he continues to arise.  Christ is a CREATOR, and REDEEMER--and FRIEND, and LOVER.

For Adam to match His strides--which as a man of God he is required to do--he must also learn to Create Beauty all around him--at home--in his relationships--his marriage--and support life--the first being his "Life Bringer" Eve--his wife, mother of all living. Mother of their children.
He must seek to Redeem his own soul from Hell--or self indulgence, or Satan will "carefully lead him down to Hell". And the man--Adam--All men, are to help Redeem his family's souls by a daily example of a Christed Be-ing. Not just Do-ing, but BE-ing:
  • Kind
  • Thoughtful
  • Repentant
  • Forgiving
  • Growing in Light & Truth
  • Loving
  • Righteous-minded man of God
  • Worthy at ANY moment to exercise the true Priesthood of Jesus the Christ
And by teaching his sons and daughters the Gospel of Jesus Christ at his knee.  By his side. Not just an occasional burst of old memories from his mission, but a Living Testimony about Christ's ways and God's goodness. Where God and Christ are present NOW, in his life in a very real way.

And a real man of God is a Friend to the heartless, the homeless, and to the self-indulgent sinner who has stepped off path slowly because he didn't want to make that extra effort to become broken-hearted on his own--open, or "contrite" to the daily, hourly, moment to moment influence of the Holy Spirit of Promise.  Becoming ONE of His Own.  A Friend to Christ.

And, the man of self indulgence didn't seek to Love, because it took "too much work" to figure her out--or took him out of his self-indulgent routine--and when called on the carpet by anyone, he would holler : "I provide well for you!" and think, "Now go away or I will insult you until you do--you are making me uncomfortable and asking me to leave my comfort zone-- Therefore, you must be bad! Or whatever you are learning, or reading, or whomever you are friends with, or whatever you are doing must be BAD--because it's uncomfortable!"

The result? Love for her dies.  Love for people dies.  And love for self remains at the lowest level, with enough energy to barely keep going, and self loathing starts creeping in.  The more distant she becomes, the more the children leave him emotionally, and the more the church seems to desert him.

Awake and Arise!!!

God Himself spoke these words to the man He just formed in the Garden of Eden, in His Image and Likeness, placing in man His spirit.  The Spirit of God!  The spirit formed by Mother's Body, guided by Father's seed. Man being made from the Dust of the Earth--so man could intimately know the Earth and subdue the earth.  And subdue him-Self.  That self-indulgent part of him.  And Be-Adam; "Lord over the whole earth"--Lord over him-Self.
Eve was made from flesh & bone, not dust--so she could reproduce flesh and bone, made from dust--and in God's image.  To till the ground, to Multiply and Replenish the earth--Together.

And, they worked "side by side" after being told by God--After they were married--to "become ONE flesh--and leave their father and mother to become ONE flesh.  A New Creature In Christ--Together.
As ONE.  A Holy, Beautiful, Harmonious Union just like their Heavenly Parents!  Companions Forever. Creating worlds without end.
"If ye are not ONE [in Me], ye are not mine."
Ye cannot serve God and be Self-indulgent. "Either ye will love the one--your dull routine--or the other (BE-ing called and chosen).  A true Christed-Be-ing.  ONE who is an Active Creator--under Father's daily direct guidance--"Thy will be done Father".  And be Multiplying and Replenishing life all around him.  Under the Law of Eloheim.  "Having eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to know and feel." Actively Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Listening, hearkening, doing many good things of your own free will and choice.
Being "on call" to His voice.  And growing in His ways.  Line upon line.  A man of God who seeks to Redeem mankind from his fall into self-indulgence--and to be an example of Christ and an active voice to call to them to "come unto Christ--and live!"  Live in His moment. Live in the moments of God.  And ye shall rejoice with Him in the last day.  And have great joy with Him--called up and anointed. And called by Name, given the Holy title of "Friend"--by Christ himself--and not having the exquisite, hellious pain of hearing instead the words to the Self-Indulgent, sleeping Adams: "Go! I never knew ye.  Ye that worked iniquity.  You said you knew me and called me "Lord, Lord", and did your "marvelous works"--to be seen of men--but, I never knew YOU.  You never knew ME in your Heart; day by day, serving by My side".

Instead, wake up and be raised up to come forth into the Loving arms of the Lord--matching His love with your love.  Having the love of God and of all men firmly planted--as a tree of life--in your heart--and bring forth much good fruit--in your own life among men, and in your own home--with your wife wrapped safely in your love, your children calling you blessed and whole--without spot because of your righteousness and hand to the Lord's Plow.  Get rid of Self indulgence!  Be the Lord over your own body and have your hand to the plow and not on a racket, a TV remote, a computer keyboard during those times of "rest" from your labors--There is much to do on this earth! And in God's kingdom.  Seek it out!  From the working in the Lord's vineyard to seeking out lost souls, to work in My kingdom here on earth.  The Church of Jesus Christ's FOUR-FOLD MISSION is:
1. To Redeem the Dead: 
So GO to the House of the Lord and get taught--as well as bless-- one more--or many souls, to open their doors into my kingdom--
2. To Declare glad tidings of good to all Nations and bring my Gospel to them:
Teach your family! Go online or in the streets--as directed by the Holy Spirit and ask; "How can I serve you today Father?"  Then listen for and hearken to his voice.  Go with those small impressions--share His Good Word.
3. Feed the Poor:
Lift up the broken-hearted. Start with those needing your time and attention at home, make sure they KNOW you love them, smile and SAY it to your wife first, and often. She would be happy hearing it each day!  There are many charities and shelters that need a helping-hand! Do it! Start Micro-loans, serve in the church welfare, MTC, the Temple--look for opportunities to help educate the poor, help the widows and fatherless, lift up the hands that hang down.
4. To Purify the Saints: 
Live true to your callings--as Men of God first and foremost, as Fathers in Zion; Create harmony in your homes and love your wife--as you love your own body!  If you want to "indulge" anyone, indulge her!  "Spoil her", bless her. Support her in her callings as a Life Bringer--whatever "life" she is bringing forth.  After children are raised, you may both want to create more beauty around you, together.  Make her way beautiful and easy--and your own burdens will be made Light.  Lit by the Light of Christ that will come from your own soul.  And you will be called up and crowned with glory--to Rest in that day with the Saints of God.

Now is not the time to Rest and be Self-indulgent! Men put aside your selfish ways and seek to serve Eve and her children!  God is watching.  The angels are taking notes.  You will receive what you sow--and if you seek your own comfort all the days of your life, you will be rewarded with discomfort into the Eternities.  Now is the time to prepare to meet God!  You are, after all, made in His Image.  "Is his Image in your countenance?"  You are not here to "endure to the end", but to end the enduring!  Stop creating so many problems for your wife and family and the family of man to endure through!
Now is the time to awake and Arise and become ONE with my Son, even the Savior of the world and worlds without number.  You are my Sons. Now WAKE UP and do much good!  So you may BE One with my Beloved Son."
                                                                           "Behold, I come quickly. "

Why Men Don't Know Women

As I woke from a night of active dreaming, I was in a room of instruction by my latest "teacher/mentor" Kirk Duncan, owner of 3 Key  He was telling the men in the room:

"Ladies, they want to know.  Men, you don't.  There are always more women in my class and in classrooms around the world"  Then he smiled, laughed and said to the women; "You ladies can fix dinner, and talk to your husband all at the same time--and hear the entire conversation--and then some!  Knowing more about what wasn't said."  He addressed the men again, " Women want to know more.  Men, you think you know it all, but men--you don't.  Take classes!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saying YES to Soul....

Today is Thursday where I stepped into my tomorrow and found it was magical. A friend from my past came for a visit and reminded me of my soul's path. My coach on Wednesday helped me see my follies of saying "Yes" when I should say, "No, this isn't for me" and made me determined to say "No" when I need to. Monday I was mad at myself for saying "Yes" and determined I would step into my heart's path...and get back to flying again. What happened?

Let's start on Monday. Since I believe that magic is real and God is the magician, I will tell you about it. Monday morning I woke up mad at myself. I had that pit in my stomach that screamed, "You aren't on your path right now! You are so busy trying to "please everyone" that you are pleasing no one...especially your soul. I had managed to over extend myself--again. Saying "Yes" to a friend instead of "No, this isn't right for me". I was so busy again I couldn't breathe. So I went up to my office and re-wrote my Goals, wiping the wrong goals right off MY list. That felt GREAT! Then my 14 year old daughter asked me for a favor; "Mom, will you take me to the water park?" I said, "YES!" I HAD to go to the local airport and was determined to "smell the airplanes" again, and would go by after dropping her off. Oh, how I love the smell of airplanes! The smaller ones that is. I love to hear them, kick the tires, and check the props. I love all the instruments and the slight dusty, oily smell in the cockpit. I asked at the front desk of the local city airport if there were any CFI's (Certified Flight Instructors) and small airplanes to help me finish my testing process for my Pilot's License. "Not here, but..." and they gave me a phone number at the smaller airport a couple towns away. Great! They were new to my knowledge since I had done most of my 100 hours at that airport, and I called the owner of the flight school as soon as I got into my car. I was already starting to feel like my spirit was coming back...a sweet, deep happiness seeping into my heart and every cell was singing.

The man in charge wasn't near his calendar but said on the phone that he'd call me back when he got there. Then my husband called inviting me to lunch and I headed down south towards lunch, but with my eye on going to that airport afterwards. I just had to sniff around for what was new and to immerse myself in the airport smells; they were just like perfume to me. It had been a year since I had been there and flown. Then my phone rang--it was a pilot friend from my past, wanting to know if I wanted to go flying RIGHT NOW! My jaw I laughed and asked him if he had talked with anyone at the airport. He said that he hadn't, and I couldn't stop laughing and feeling the heavens were conspiring in a very funny way for me. Wow, when I finally made a soul decision the Universe really came through! So I ate lunch quickly and scooted over to my second home; the airport and a dusty cockpit. Where I belonged. I think my biggest fear had stopped me from continuing...all those voices that screamed, "Aren't you afraid to crash?" So that day God gave me an experienced pilot and TWO, not just one, REAL emergency landings. And we lived. I lived. It just wasn't my time to go. That was good for me to know. But it IS time for me to do my Soul's work; so here I am.

Hello! I am going to be sharing my life and God's goodness, and the "odd" things of the spirit with how I see life as a Mother on this Mother Earth--and I hope you will do the same. It is time to "Publish Peace". It is time to create and develop HEALTHY communities together...starting with our own. It is time to have PROSPEROUS families...God's way, and it is definitely time for inner HAPPINESS where we re-connect with God and our Eternal Soul.

So today I could smile with my friend who was feeling that magical God-like serendipity happening in her own life--as soon as she said a tough "NO!" to a dead path and person in it, and has started saying "Yes!" to her soul's work, her life is quickly being guided for the good. She is starting to see her path again. We laughed and cried today-- and we could both be happy for each other. Now isn't that as life should be? God really is magical, and so is saying "Yes" to Soul.

Dream in Yellowstone; of Moving and Homes and Jesus coming

“The Lord is coming in the first hour”
I was at school—hurrying to draw 12 lines on an apple; each line means one month and each correlates to a planet.
The 1st hour I saw is April.
Dream of the husband and I moving to beach?  Looking for a place with Lisa with Daniel; the home was so messy and cluttered--Frustrated.
I was then with the Amish; clean and orderly, simple life…Kevin Costner and high mountain cabins
I wake with bird calls and sounds like an old Video Game--

LATER Awake;
We saw a White wolf!  Julie really wanted to see a wolf in Yellowstone, especially a white one…and there it was!
Towards the end of the trip we stopped at Upper Falls and ate a picnic on a rock.  Daniel called and said he might have re-cracked a rib.  He asked if we had seen Caribou…so we drove and saw two of them at Canyon Village, 7,918 feet.
We went shopping I got ice-cream cones for the three kids; mint chocolate for Julie, Rocky Road for Joshua, and Double Chocolate Almond for Lisa.

Do your own very separate work.  Keep your dream alive. 
Books/Spiral notebooks
Karie Baby carriers
Cassettes (lectures together)
Travel with the children/family—learn together
Dance, Art and Photography and sculpt!
Earthen Homes with a dynamite group of people who know how to love nature, home, life and God.

We saw wolves, bison walking across the road and had dinner in West Yellowstone.

Lesson's from Yellowstone Park and Old Faithful

We saw three Bison right by our car!  I gave a baby carrier (Karie Baby) to a sweet Amish mother who has 13 children!  Gas was $1.91 in Yellowstone, only $1.69 in Utah.
(Looking at sayings in a little shop...)
“It is not necessary for Eagles to become Crows”   --Sitting Bull (Sioux)

Adler Bark; Used for skin disease, sore mouth, diarrhea, and sore throat.
Gambol Oak Bark; used in life medicine to lesson after-birth pains and as a cathartic
“You must speak truth so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts”  --Cochise
“The “Indian way” is to give to a friend the thing you treasure the most.  The song of a bird teaches more about peace than man’s words ever will.  Once I moved about like the wind”  --Geronimo
“One does not sell the earth upon with the people walk” –Crazy Horse (Sioux)
The color of all people’s heart is red.

Julie and Lisa got Indian and cowboy gear.
“What you do speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say” –Emerson
The beat of the drum is the pulse of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of the people as One.
Remember Humor!

A Soul's Journey

You are always rallying for me
Helping me find my way
You talk to my soul in the night, in dreams
You honor my feelings and acknowledge them as valid, real and important
You seek out and find people who will brighten my day with a smile and a kind word
You converse with the God’s in my daily behalf—and Eternities grasp
You are ever encouraging and never give up
You always love me; calm and a peace in my core
You are beautiful, even gorgeous
You hold the promise of eternal lives and
You hold love out like an eternal candle that will always stay lit
You are the oil in my lamp
You laugh with me, cry with me, die with me and sigh with me
You are my Godly compass
You are my Soul

Soul’s Journey;
 Let us be friends, enemies no longer
Naturally allowing death to occur
Are you in my heart?  Or are you my heart?
Is there a secret door?
Where Divinity begins
Let us be friends
I will listen, you will instruct me
And you will never lead me astray
Do you know my heart or are you stretched and connected directly to God’s heart
When there is pain in my body, will you help me see it as the “mirage” that it is?
Will you help me see what you are to me…..
Will you show me around?
Will you separate me from the myth, from mine enemies?
Will you pop those bubbles that carry only hot air?
Will you heal the ache I feel in my flesh this separation anxiety given from birth
It serves me no longer to float from pain
I want to be you, my heart
Help me take this new journey of soul
Help me allow others their journey, their pains
Help me to come to help them only when they ask!
Help me not to teach, unless asked

Marriage is Walking with God, Together

Yesterday morning, sitting in the rocker in my bedroom, sitting and talking to my spouse, facing North East;
Yet another discussion of what should be done, or what I should do in this marriage.  I said that our eyes should be on God, together, and that we are both like separate “universes”—that the unifying link to make us “one” is God’s Love (something tiny like the Quark?) that runs through us and all our “planets and space (cells?), and that’s why the scripture; “God is in all things, under, through, above, below” perhaps might read; God’s love, power and influence.  However, some universes are full of black holes and WON’T receive the life powers of God’s love.
My spouse likes the thought of needing to walk on One Road, together---Where I think what he thinks, says what he says, feels what he feels…essentially losing my own thoughts and personality….which I find suffocating!  I find “his” road cramped.  Fearful there of being knocked off the path—because The Path is made for only two—And I would prefer that second person to Be Jesus the Christ!  No matter what!  And sometimes, when it gets really narrow, I know He can carry me over those extremely narrow passages.

This reminds me of the inner tube dream that I had around this same time; both my husband and I were on a raging river, with me clinging to his black inner tube.  He wasn't really helping me stay on and I started to slip off.  Then a white inner tube appeared, with colors all over it.  That was my inner tube.  I was safe on my own inner tube!  We were both on the same river together; we just needed our own craft.  And even when the river split, we were still headed to the same destination; the ocean.

June 29, 1997
However, I am very thankful that we are BOTH moving forward. (?)  Thursday, in the morning, I got up around 5:30, and we both went for a walk, and then around 6:30 we gathered up laundry in several black trash bags and headed to the laundry mat in town.  We did 15 loads together; quite a team!  It was fun.  Then we went to breakfast.  There, across from me at the cheap Pancake House tables, he told me of how he now understood that he’d hurt me in the past, but truly didn't know it—That he hadn't been working hard to be a companion, or didn't  really know love and about loving me.  That I understood a Celestial marriage when I came into the marriage, and that he didn't  and didn't care to, and how that must have hurt.  Then he told me of his new understanding of knitting our hearts together in love, and goals or ideas he has about being a Celestial unit.  And that this is why we must have had to go through such trials because we wanted something highest in our hearts so they must be purged more.  I started quietly crying with joy.  Knowing it had taken 16 years of love and forgiveness over and over, to hear this from him—because that’s all the Lord would tell me when I would cry to God; “Just love him, forgive him.”, was always the answer from Providence. Truly that was a moment to treasure.  Then hand in hand, we went to the bakery and got some sweet bread for our new neighbors; they have seven children.

What Marriage Is

There is such a deep, deep lie inside men and women about marriage; Ownership--
--Ownership of their thoughts, beliefs, words, religion and body.

What marriage, true marriage really is;
Two ascended beings dwelling in perfect love, harmony of God’s will and way, and acceptance
Of each other and uniting joyfully when both draw together naturally, passionately.  Never force, never guilt, never dominion or domination through religion, tradition, studies of men and relations, books, others and ideas.

“Cursed is he [or she] that putteth his trust in man, and maketh flesh his arm.”
A cursing is when we embrace and embroil the thoughts of man, doctrine, ideas, philosophies, authorship, position, power, ruling party in any degree into our minds; it curses us through mixed messages and becomes truth and lie mixed up; a cursed condition—STRESS!

The mind is designed to be an OPEN conduit between God and His children; male and female.  He promised us Safety and a way for our escape from that awful monster; even death and hell.
Hell is the confusion in the mind between truth and error.  Mixing up of God’s truths is most common at church!  In Religion!

“Wisdom is a marriage—a synergy—between the heart and mind”
                                                                --Steven R. Covey

What Kind of Friends Do I Have?

June 10th 1997
What kind of friends do I have?  And what kind of friends does God allow?  Does He allow the friends I have right now?  If not, why did He place me, or them, in my path?  What kind of friends does my “village” or “tribe” allow?  There seem too always be rules for the tribes benefit—but what about Soul?
If one of your friends, be it male or female, causes you to expand your reachings towards good, God light, Christ and all Truth, can that friend, be it male—if you are female, be “bad”---because you are “married”?
Didn’t Jesus break this tribal bond and wasn’t he friends to all?  But you say, “You’re not Jesus”.  But I say, “Didn’t He say; “Come follow me and do as ye have seen me do.”
As my heart expands, so does the diversity of friends that I have.
I notice female energy has generally different patterns than male energy—yet, both are energy.  And energy, in general can be expansive; into light, fun and good.  And then some energy I feel is dark, gloomy, depressive and controlling.
Female POSITIVE energy patterns;                                          Male energy expands like a River;
Expands outward, like a flower                                                  Up or down, with spots in between

I’ve encountered something new this year; male friends.
It’s been so long.  Through my married years, I’ve only had female friends—and usually only one or two good ones at a time.  These new male friends have added richness, fun and interest to my life.  I didn’t know my life was dull until I think of NOT having these friends anymore!  I feel more balanced in all my Self and I feel a better wife.  Each one of them help me in one or two areas in my life—none of them in all areas.  My  marriage relationship has gone from mere occupancy of a home space to the aches and pains (gladly) of having a REAL growing friendship—a real relationship—not just a “match made in heaven” that never comes to earth.  Now it has been brought with a thump to earth.  It is going through its stretching times—as I have expanded my views to encompass Heaven and Earth and my husband is trying to figure out where this "new woman"--happy me--fits into his life. 

At BORDERS Bookstore; Sneak Book Pre-view;
“He was studying Hindu scriptures in order to be able to denounce them intelligently.”  By A. Roy
From the book, The God of Small Things;
“They were strangers who had met in a chance encounter.  They had known each other before life began.” p.310
“Even later….instinctively, they stuck to the small things.  The big things ever lurked inside.  They knew that there was nowhere for them to go.  They had nothing.  No future.  So they stuck to the small things….clumsy caterpillars…over-turned beetles….”
Maybe this is what Daniel and I need to do to get the ball rolling….enjoy the small moments, instead of trying to make a massively profound beginning into something too big to swallow.  After all, aren’t day’s together, simply small moments put together?
“Some things come with their own punishment.”
“They stopped at the temples to ask pardon of heir gods.  To apologize for corrupting their stories;  For encasing their identities.  Misappropriating their lives.” p.218

Vibrant Health

Funny as it seems, but mankind, as alive as they are, is designed by the Living Creator, to eat live.  The whole digestive system is designed to pick and choose what it receives; some call it “break -down” but it  is receiving the life first, if there is life, then suing that life for a building up and repair job---From the stomach digestive juices to the digestive tract.  The length is designed to “squeeze the life” out of the living foods, just as a snake eats live food and it’s body slowly digests it; to bring life to the organism.  Our digestive systems are very similar.  The carnivore is much like the micro-organisms in our bodies that bring down the weak cells and eat them up.  We are not designed by our creator to be carnivorous.  The only situation is excess hunger or famine conditions—then the animal will bring warmth and short-term sustenance, but not vibrant health.  The word “vibration” is out of the word, “vibrant”.  Vibration has to do with the energy of life in all our cells.  How quickly do they vibrate all depends on the amount of life IN the cells and quality of cells available.

Constant nourishment to our body and spirit; for constant life--
 “Let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart that they fasting may be perfect.”  D & C