Monday, July 16, 2012

New Guides and Inner Tubes…

Hiking in the Mountains in Utah where we were visiting…
The stick of “new” ness;

Found first;                                                                         white moss and decay 
                                                                                                                By looking to the future
                                                                                                                We become twisted inside, confused
                                                If you vacillate from past to
                                                Future, you become moldy and decay—can’t “Be” (or you get a cold!)
By looking at the past,
You become broken up,

Second; there is a grey and white granite rock on the mountain by the trail where I walk quite often for PEACE—Utah, at the foothill of Mt. Timpanogas; mountains=strength of heart; male and female, white and grey—Balance and Strength are peace.
Third; A pure white feather found it’s way up into my glassed dash instrument panel.  It was hovering and pointing to my “full tank” indicator; energy or movement.

Be pure and you will fly with God’s feather, traveling always with a “full tank” to distances and paths where He leads you.
Fourth; A rose rock that fits comfortably into my left hand, fingers closed around it.
Left side is male. Side of Jesus Christ is a triangle. Rose is the color of Love.
Through Jesus Christ you will have the pure love of Christ, hold onto Him firmly, it’s a perfect fit~ Strength to Do His will in Love.
Fifth; any beautiful twig I put flowers in.
An individual dot can only stay in one spot.
Two dots together can move on a parallel line forever.  Whether they are close, or placed far apart, they are still on a parallel plane; an eternal line.  How far does a line go? Forever!
Temple marriages and being equally up on the same line, creates an Eternal line.  However, in all marriages, until both are sealed up to eternal life, one person (spouse) is always higher or lower than others.  Thus we get this; a skewed line.
Only Christ can heal this discrepancy.  Remember, a husband and wife, in being asked to be one, it isn’t a dot leaped upon another dot; where then is the movement, the flowing, the singular line of eternity?
Is this or is this not ONE line?
Working TOGETHER to make an eternal line--ONE in purpose and DESIGN-- Are you both on the LINE OF ETERNAL commitment, unconditional LOVE and MARRIAGE; A Union of Heart & Spirit?

The Inner Tube Parable
From a dream in June, 1995
She was trying to stay on his black, slippery inner tube as they floated together down the swift, large river. She was slipping off; he couldn’t hold her on, no matter his strength.  The water current was drawing her under. Then, as if an invisible hand swooped down and grabbed her, she was suddenly on a blue, yellow and white inner tube of her own.  Now both man and wife were floating down the SAME River but rightfully on their OWN inner tubes.  Unique and fit; just for them.  His was large and black, for that was his world; of black and white.
Hers was small and lighter, colorful; her world of creativity.  She floated ahead of him and out of sight.  He was anxious. She felt free.  Her inner tube and his were on the same river.  Yet, each was designed to go where the river of life took them to individually experience different eddies, sight of cliffs and land, occasionally riding the same waves and reporting in the same camp—ground at night.  She was freed to pursue her gifts and talents.
If she stayed on her husband’s inner-tube, she would be sucked under and drowned!
Yet a loving, heavenly hand and power, intervened in her soul’s and body’s behalf, gave her her own, pretty inner tube, and sent her on her way, down the SAME river of life, towards the same ocean and ultimate goal as her husband’s; to God, their Home.   

Most Contention

Most contention comes from feeling someone else is forcing their will on you.
If we were around Father in heaven all the time we wouldn’t contend or misbehave—because He so unconditionally loves us and lets good flow (Hard to explain with words) Doctrine and Covenants 121 works well for all in relationships; with God and with mankind.