Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beginnings of Life

Ovaries are male in nature. They “give to” the womb.  The womb is female in nature; it receives “seed” from above and below.
The womb is shaped like a heart—it is the “center of the universe”; the womb of life.
In the beginnings of life, a child receives life from the parent. However, the umbilical cord is eventually cut when the child is ready, on its own to live and breathe.
This all happens spiritually as well as physically. As women naturally age, eventually they receive no more “man”. They are ready to be cut-off from man’s way and to receive from God. His word, His Love=Eternal Life.
All to be receiving from The Son of God, seeds of Truth and Faith for power to act and not be acted upon;  Receiving from above, all the Father’s power and abilities. When Power and ability connect with Truth and Faith and Love, this is the reason that Eternal Life is the result.
At this time, you are now cut off from man and connected to the Father, receiving also from the Son. You are His child in embryo. “Be willing to submit to ALL that the Father doth see to “inflict” upon you.”
Let go of both families’ traits; judging others, criticism of any kind, gossip, fault-finding, eternal criticism and internal criticism—both are not of the Father.
Truth comes with Love wrapped around it!
Kindness comes with firmness and respect; Leaving the room if necessary.
You are now the Father’s child in the womb of Eternal life.
Let go of all that binds you down or draws you away from being at the center of the Father’s will for you.
Including people you wish were your friends, but you don’t “click” with; they don’t lift your spirits and don’t flow together in understanding and rejoicing in God’s goodness.
Remember the one who is mean is not telling the whole truth because the spirit can NOT guide them unless their words are kind.
NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE or WHAT They’ve BEEN THROUGH.  No exceptions to God’s laws. You will only be judge by YOUR own words and thoughts and deeds.
Even if you are being beaten up you can have the spirit! The person beating you up, can NOT. Who is truly being punished? Or Hurt? Do you like not having the Sprit? That warm, peaceful, loving, firm, gentle, powerful, all learning, truthful Spirit—or would you rather feel empty, lost, angry, bitter, hurt, along? YOU decide!! What was the worst pain that killed Jesus? …..When the Father withdrew his Spirit.  That was the only thing that cause Jesus Christ, the Greatest of All, to cry out in pain.
Never be mean!

Eternal spirit=embryo of life=Godhood

Bear Rock & Using Anger to Control

Found in upper road on Glen circle, a rock that looks like a bear crouching on the ground, ready to spring.  I call it Bear Rock.  It is now catching the early morning sun, with long morning shadows.  To the north of that rock is “womb rock”. That rock looks like, well…a gigantic stone womb.

 NOW is the time for women to gather WISDOM, for mothers to be WISE. 
Now is the time for men to rest in the South; of re-birth, newness of life, innocence; “As a child”.

Too often a LARGE and FALSE TRADITION has crept into a new marriage, one that hasn’t stood the test of time,  or “earned” ONENESS, is the idea that upon marriage, the mortal man and woman are now blended together into  “one”. One body.  
Are God and Jesus Christ separate beings, yet one in purpose?  Yes!
So it is in Marriage. A man or woman that persist in INSISTING or forcing the other spouse to “be me”, and lose their own identity, and someone “blend” as one, are faulty.  Just a Father Rock is separate from Mother Rock, each with their  own light, life, purpose, position and shadow—and, experience.  If a man or woman, as a couple, forces this  “oneness”, saying such things as; “What’s yours is mine”—“You do as I wish”—“read my mind”—“You fill my needs”…. Then it’s as if they are one rock. One of them must now sit in the shadow, and one is perceived as “the strong one”-- in the light.
Sooner or later, the shadow spouse who is dominated, will complain of the moss and the dank, darkness.  Each spouse must “Be” their own “rock”.  Having their own strengths and weaknesses. They stand on the same hill, receive their light from the same sun.  However each will be in a different position, not one on top of the other.  If that is the case the man or woman is, again domineering over and an eventual “crushing” happens unless the spouse underneath is moved by Providences great hand—usually through a BIG natural event like an earthquake—or threat of divorce, a death, or an affair.
 So as each spouse RESPECTS the other person’s position and creation, RECEIVES Sun and Light from The SOURCE—and HONORS their own positioning—then, they are truly ONE. 

On my walk—Two twigs I picked up.  First one, then “accidently” dropped it.  Then I found the second one when I leaned down and picked up first one.

Second one                                                                        first one

Notice how they cradle into each other like a couple “in love”. Yet, they are still separate.  One spouse may be larger, stronger than the other, but they are still separate.  They can listen together, share the same values, like both being sticks, or both being rocks, yet male is still separate than the  female. 

All things have male & female.  They may intertwine like a tree trunk, yet the energies of male, of female stay separate=energy=life.  If, per chance, they do merge into ONE, they become NEUTRAL=no good, no energy, no power, no life;   “Lukewarm—to be spit out.”

Marriage is a beautiful thing.  A “union” is a oneness of PURPOSE, keeping the beautiful and unique differences between male and female different and honorable and honored.
Anytime a man or woman gets angry at another spouse for being “different” from them, they are stepping out of their proper positions; they lose power and become weak and angry.  Anger is weakness. Anger comes from feeling a lack of their own control and they almost always “seek unrighteous dominion.”!

And the more they stay in that angry position the weaker they become! The eternal, positive energies of all the people around are offended greatly by this show of weakness.  Anger that  is expressed or “used” to control others, or a situation, is also a coward’s way out—the inability to face one’s own shadow, one’s own feelings—“good and bad.” To build strength of character takes inner courage, and constant vigilance, awareness, repentance and replacing the “bad” with “good”. Overtime, this will build a healthy character that no longer needs to use anger to control life, but they then control their own life—and that becomes good enough!

The best thing one can do around those who are angry is to step back into your own power; to act and not be acted upon.  This is when it is time to take a “Warrior” stance; “I am responsible for my own thoughts and behaviors—and you are too.”  

When a person is using anger to control you, or a situation, it’s from a weakness within themselves, or the situation.  A better response is obviously to be responsible for building strength.  If this means to leave the room, then do it!  If the person is attacking you personally, give them a “soft answer”, then get out of there! We can do as Christ and “say not a word.”  
When person lashes out at another in anger they are really having a childish temper tantrum! Run! Leave them to their own bad energy expression.

The feeling of anger in itself is not “bad or good”. It just is.  Usually under normal circumstances, it comes up when something that is important to us is being threatened.  Whether it’s to be “the authority”…our improper, sinful, mind-set set’s us up for this one.  Or “to be heard”—or,  to “be respected”, or whatever. Once we abandon our desire for others to validate us, but get our confidence from our walk with God, we don’t get angry at these “lacks of” in others.

Once we acknowledge our own shadows, surrender our earth—will to God’s will, which puts us back into line with our OWN true will, our eternal selves, our “good” powerful, loving self who we really are selves.  Then no amount of anger from others can move us, when we are standing the rock of Truth.
Ask God to reveal one’s true self. One’s spirit self.

Be ready to also see your shadows! And be ready to know which is shadow—not of Christ—and not strengthening—and what is the true light of self, as a real Child of God.  Be ready for the good that you are! Are you ready to receive and accept the good? Or do you still want to believe you are not good?—a lie.

I grabbed a stick on the larger, heavier end.  It felt like a weapon. My thoughts were, “I will protect myself from any snake!”, and I felt mean and tough.  And then I felt the instruction; “flip it and hold the other end.” Suddenly it felt like a Tool; calm, sweet—a Walking Stick to aide me. 
The heavy end==male
The lighter end=female
If one holds the male end heavenward, where it belongs, and the female end is towards the earth, where she gives life, then the whole stick, male and female, becomes a Tool; to get somewhere—to have experience--to travel on a path, to pick fruit out of trees…..

If you are a female, and always protecting oneself, what end are you holding?
Female + Female=Imbalance.
If you are getting somewhere, what side are you holding? The female hand is holding male stick.
Male+female (you)=Energy/Life!
Flip your stick around! (for the woman who is protecting herself.)
If the male is protecting himself, what end is he holding?
Female. Male hand, female stick=power for him. 

Anger is a protection from hurt! A very poor one at that, but just IS.

WOMAN; use the male end (strength) to hold onto.
God is male, ultimate, pure, whole…and then, Get MOVING!
Adventure awaits you!
YOU must move your own feet.  Draw upon God for “permission” and power and focus, or purpose; to ACT, not to be acted upon. 
Not with the male end of the stick, as a club.  Dodge! Be quick on your feet. Shields up!
Use the shadow to guide you to your light!  As the male shouts, or tells you of your faults, realize the god of darkness only dwells in darkness, and use this!

Know this; That you are the exact opposite of the shadow!
For instance; your spouse tells you that you are ignorant.  What is the opposite? Intelligence.  So the god of darkness saw you were gaining Intelligence (knowledge, truth) and got angry—he wants to shut down light! So he found a crack in your spouse, because of their weakness—in this case, anger.  And spoke to you through your spouse and called you “ignorant.”  This threw up doubt in your mind.  Another weakness.  What is the fruit of the conversation?  Weakness.  Who does it come from? God?  No, God is all about strength, light and truth—delivered with kindness, longsuffering, patience.  But Satan—the god of darkness, delivers his messages through weakness, anger, doubt, fear. 

Instead of believing the god of darkness, go to the exact opposite of the shadow. Even sending it thanks! Acknowledge it. Then flip it to TRUTH.  If a person, in shadow says you are ignorant, then know you really are INTELLIGENT! 

Whether it is one someone else that is pointing out to you that "weakness" they perceive you have and you DO have! As your exact opposite of what you really are, or whether your own shadow is rearing up and pointing itself out to you—in the form of criticism, etc.

Truth looks like a sunny day with fluffy clouds, hilltop views, peaceful streams, birds singing and beautiful sunsets.  And then when anger comes in like a lightning storm, full of itself, vaunted itself –always about what you never or always do, or don’t do….”You, you, you-ing you to death….” Half truths and half lies creating the crashing blows of thunder…..and then outright lies are thrusts into tender hearts; swords of their “truths”, that twist everything that is good and true into a bloody mess.  It feels downright mean and nasty and cruel; a battle ground, red with blood and false traditions, which leave no survivors. 
I just saw that the inside pit of a peach looks like a CRADLE!!!

You See Your Children as Your Fulfillers

June 17, 1994

You see your children as your fulfillers—that your life will be whole and fulfilled through them—you are right—but, you must not wait for them to do and live and be these dreams—YOU, “Eve”, must do and live these dreams FIRST!

How else can they see if it works?!  If spirit, dream is correct, unless they see the physical manifestation.  Don’ Speak it.  BE it!
Then, yes, you will be whole and fulfilled, because you live your dream for your children—then they will follow—seeing your joy.
That is why children’s whose mother’s are sad, frustrated (mad turned in), or controlling (or controlled), can’t “seem” to rise above it.
Choose and DO.
I want to use my art.
So use it—daily—it’s your art—you don’t need a degree (i.e.-permission of society-- A society that is false—because it isn’t based 100% on eternal truths, just partial.  Made up of people—some just want prestige and others want to serve mankind.  There are varying degrees, and thus, it isn’t whole and perfectly sound and “just” yet.  A “growing society”, filled with all kinds of people, who are just learning and still maturing and growing.  The “degree” is how we measure people by our standards.  But what if those standards are incorrect?
In the art world, of buyers and creators and sellers; People “out there” simply want “good art” and experience.
I want to write stories and publish.
So write, and publish.
I want to leave the world a better place.
So make the cuddle-pack.
I want to have a house of order—it’s coming along…continue!
I want to “see” San Diego.
So see it.  Bring along your children, and enjoy it, together! Don’t let them decide, not quite yet, where to go.  You decide, follow your heart and then, as they see, experience, feel become more balanced, they can have input.  But you initiate.
I want to feel confident about the financial world of business.
So study, do your cuddle pack, get business cards. Talk to successful people.
I want to be an “on-time”, achieving individual.
So be it.  You shall be and are.
Live your dream.
It’s halfway done! Spirit first, then physical!
I want to develop my spiritual gifts and love for healing, my love for God’s light, love and power. Wholeness, completeness, perfection and lifting others around me towards Christ and God. So serve!
You can’t go uphill by thinking downhill thoughts.
I want to be inspiriting to those around. Not because of a handicap, but because of my love, energy and what I learn in the process of living. Using all negatives or shadows to throw light on the True Light; Jesus the Christ, THE LORD.
I want to have family names in the temple.
Calendar in places to go, things to do.
Have a list of “daily things to learn and study”

30 min –Math; Shortcut math, business books, financial tips
30 min-Art; Portrait, R.S. Poster, painting the children
30 min-Music; try jazz, brush up on “Orff” method, prepare songs for hospital, etc. teach the children
30 min-Science; Herbs, walks, books, museums
30 min—Literature; Read the good books you just bought, write letters home, friends, write stories (the children can each have a story book—each of your publish a book
30 min-Social studies; journal cleanse, Life Story, photo albums, scrapbooks
30 min—physical Fitness; beach, bike riding, walks, get rollerblades—with knee pads, swim lessons, ice skating
30 minute clean, except Mondays
Thursday—clean; vacuum, mop
4:00 cleanup—use a workbox for those toys, et. Not picked up
What kinds of things do you want to do this summer?
--to have organized, relaxed and positive days.
I want to swim well. Try to surf?
Sky sailing—Joshua? Candi? Dan?-date
Museums-all in Balboa
Plays, concerts, Wild Animal Park
Wild animal Park night
San Diego Zoo
Cruise the Harbor to Coronado
Sea World
Universal Studios
Carmel. Couple of nights in a Bed and Breakfast
Marshall Scotty’s water park
Santé Fe New Mexico—visit Arizona relatives
I’d like to design my own Art business cards
Go on Hikes, Bike rides
Water fun
Swimming at Poway pools
Night class
Regular day, or 2 hours to genealogy library, would like to get in a couple of names
Saturday morning temple
Go sing; perform with children at hospital, rest homes
Like to visit the sick on Sundays
Serve as the Spirit suggests
Rest at noon, until 2-ish
Have story time
Would like to clean with the children and save $$--use it to travel and have fun
Have someone read while we clean; divide up jobs; windows, glass, dusting, washing counters, toilets, vacuuming, mopping
Would like to do some of the great ideas in these good children’s project/craft books—1 hour or ½ with each, each day. 

They bless mom. Each balances you! Take advantage of!

An Individual Dot

An individual dot can only stay in one place.  Two dots together can move on a parallel line, forever.  Whether they are close or place far apart, they are still on a parallel plane; an eternal line.
How far does the line go? Forever!
Temple marriage and being equally up on the same line, creates an eternal line.  However, in all marriages, until both are sealed up to eternal life, one person (spouse) is always higher or lower than another’s. Thus, we get this; a skewed line.
Only Christ can heal this discrepancy. Remember, a husband and wife, in being asked to “be one”, it isn’t a dot, heaped upon another dot; where then is the movement, the flowing—the singular line of eternity?
Is this or is this not ONE line?
Working TOGETHER to make an eternal line, the man and woman step into ONE in purpose and DESIGN. Are you both on the LINE of ETERNAL commitment, unconditional LOVE and MARRIAGE=Companionship?
The INNER TUBE Parable
From a dream June 1995
I was trying to stay on my husband’s black, slippery inner tube as we floated together down the swift, large river. And I was slipping off; he couldn’t hold onto me, no matter his strength. The water current was drawing me under. Then, as if an invisible hand swooped down and grabbed me, I was suddenly on a blue, yellow and white inner tube of my own. Now both he and I were floating down the SAME River but rightfully on our OWN inner tubes. Unique and fit just for each of us.  His was large and black, and mine was lighter, smaller and white with splashes of color all over it.  Soon I floated ahead of him and out of sight.  I could feel his anxiety, but I felt free.  My inner tube and his were on the same river, yet each was designed to go where the river of life floated us individually, and to experience different eddies, sights of cliffs and land, even diverting into branches of streams, then coming back into the “mother river”.  We’d occasionally ride the same waves and yet, we’d be in and report in at the same campground each night.  
She was freed to pursue her gifts and talents—if she had stayed on her husband’s inner tube, she would be sucked under and drowned!  Yet, a loving heavenly hand and power, intervened in her soul and body’s behalf and gave her a pretty inner tube of her own, and sent her on her way, down the SAME River of life, towards the same ocean and ultimate goal as her husband’s.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Cling to “Truth’s”

You cling to truths.  Unfortunately at times, in reality, truth in the mind of mankind and reality is always changing. 
One must, therefore root and ground oneself on He who never changes-God the Eternal Father-and seeking His will and His truth in each “reality.”
For instance, God could see what a blessing and beautify house this would be for you, but all you could see at first was the reality.  Your mind was always looking for the “dream future home” but that pulled you from the NOW; which is our physical reality at the moment; Thus a split. A split between God’s Truth and your own “reality”.  Creating an; ever-searching-but-not-finding discontent feeling inside you.  That is why each day you must root and ground in TRUE realities and truth.  Namely, that you are an Eternal Being.  That this is a temporary existence-with a veil over your mind, and that this “earth walk” is short.  The Aborigine statement of- attaching meaning to things is what creates unhappiness- is so true.  And so is the truth that how we see life determines our walk here.  In a way, we are the creator’s of our own lives! God will help us overcome the false truths written in our DNA and false traditions passed down.  The temple promises thus.  God promises this through His Son Jesus Christ, our Savior; SAVE-Accept and ask for His help.  I-our soul & body. OR-be miserable.
Thus, the need to Focus each day on Truth; God’s Truth
And learning/knowing God’s Will-- always of value for our Souls—Souls that  are Eternal.

Wife to a Husband

To husband; if you’re making a decision for me because your father did it, I balk, I complain.
If you feel good about it and it comes clear, as truth does, from a sound principal, then I will do.
I may not like what I do as I “obey”-- that’s my choice.  I don’t have to like it.
My “job” and “call” is as “Giver of Life”.  To give that life I bring forth, through God’s help-- Life.
To present all the good and lovely and virtuous things to myself and life!
Too much T.V. breaks down. End to violence, or violence will be our end.
Commanded to “Multiply and Replenish” the earth that means our bodies as well.  Done through rest; constant nourishment to body and our Soul; Not T.V. and garbage—Nourishment=proper food and herbs; LIVING.

Why Am I Sooooo Tired?

Things…..when you place value and meaning in them….they ZAP your energy.
What should I do?
I have no energy to put it away, or sort it, or handle it right now….
Release it’s hold on you.  On your spirit and body.
Clear it’s hold on your vital energy.
Stop thinking about it.
Think on the Lord—hold His hand.
Seek God’s Loving will all the day.
Even though to others you may seem lazy—or like you need to clean it up, the idea of a perfectly clean, orderly home must go! And then your energy will return—
Get rid of most toys. Small things; Old clothes.
Getting a new toy or shirt?
Give away an old one to the poor.
Do this with the children too.
Mid clutter—Don’t read junk mail!
Use coupon notebook for car and dry cleaning coupons—Thursday folder.
For dinner movie coupons;  use Friday and ideas of dates.
Order clothes, toys, bedding from catalogs [internet now]; it gives you more time to think about it and earn money.  Eliminates impulse buying.
Fresh produce—eat lots of it! Saturday Farmer’s Markets, Health Food Stores, Local Produce.
Get nice labels for glass not plastics storage in pantry.
Outside a lot with children. Make tiered garden on slope by swings. Exchange grow boxes with storage shed.
Clothing; trim down on.
Styles come and go.
Look and feel good about looks.

Why get up before the sun at dawn?
For your body and spirit…to come and rise together; and to beat the insects up!  They come out with the sun.
Why did the Savior get up before the sun? Do you think He knew something?
Set your alarm if you have to .
One half hour to one hour before the sunrise—changes daily—get to be half hour to hour 1 ½ hours at max after sunsets.  I promise no depression if you do.  You’ll see clearly, walk strong, keep focus, be happy, organized, and creative and accomplish much good.
Make home and living fun. You’ll be able to do this is you get up early and to bed early.
Each room has a purpose.
Music, reading, art, crafts, computer, sewing, cooking, food projects, eating, rest…
We ;have a tendency, when things are going well, and you’re feeling good; the family is happy, etc. to take charge, take credit, and try to do more of your own things.
Then you frazzle out, try this, when things are going and feeling well; go back to your center, to God—as if you were unbalanced and upset, you tend to get busy with those projects you wanted to do.  Simplify, simplify…instead of going gung ho cleaning the walls, or whatever, go outside with the children.  Or go to a museum, etc.  Follow the spirit.  The time to be and serve and love and enjoy is when you are together.  Things will take care of themselves.
When feeling good it’s time to sit down and rest and love the children, watch them learn and grow.  Take joy in them.  Just be with them.  You’ll be greatly bless as you do this.  Read scripture, record impressions, etc.
Watch your thoughts ,humble yourself, pray always, be believing and I will call you blessed.  Do good, be good. Speak no guile, watch your mind. Quiet mind-- quiet tongue.  Forgive all.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”.  Judgment too…love all serve all, care about all.

Where two or three are gathered....

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name….behold, there will I be in the midst of you.  Fear not to do good…. Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail.

When You See God’s Strength and Love

When you see strength and love in another person, glorify God, not that person—it’s God’s Love.
When you feel love and strength from God, he doesn’t want you to give it away (teaching another or telling them why) You keep the love and strength of God by asking them questions, in the light of God’s love.  Those questions are from Him; light, truth and for strengthening them. 

You cannot love another if you give that love away.  You must keep that love you feel and God’s love, shown through you cannot be hidden.

Looking West at Rock Clusters; old mesquite frame
FATHER; Heart pumps out life, and receives
SON; Liver receives, cleanses
HOLY GHOST; Solar plexus, Stomach; determines the quality of blood and centers energy

Receive and feel Father’s love and follow the DIRECTION it takes you.