Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Song, New Body

"And they sang as it are a New Song"
When you TRANSLATE a language from one to another, the tTranslator knows both languages--the old one and the new one--If he doesn't know the New One, he must use the power of God to Translate with tools he's been given a Urim & Thummin maybe?  Or Faith and Inner sight.

What are the Advantages or Good things about Being a Translated BE-ing?

Walk with the Translated Ones, like Enoch, Melchizedek, Moses,  etc
Jesus taught his disciples how to become Immortal.  Our Heavenly Father's "Work and Glory
is to bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal Life of man."
We need to decide if we will "live or die".
We are, after all, the naturally divine children of God, and our body has been said to
be "an energy system".

Dematerialize and dematerialize the body (like they do in Star Trek :-)
Walk between the worlds IE: Instant travel
Never get hungry or cold
Be any age you want to be
The body is used as a tool to serve God
Pure happiness and seed satisfaction==pleasurable
Covenant of Heart to God's will and way of love
Being part of the great Body of Masters and other Ascended Translated Beings;
Enjoy Great Company!
Have all the strength you need

We are taught in Holy Scripture, that during the Millennium that man will be "twinkled" and not see death.  Maybe that's a description of a person materializing and dematerializing!  Twinkle, twinkle little star....we are light!

A person who has "The perfect brightness of hope" have eyes that shine.
Hope can also be interchanged with the word, Faith.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Seeds and Ideas...

As you Sow, you Reap
You plant, and get what you plant--and you harvest
But, if all you do is sit up there and collect seeds--
All you have is a collection of Seeds--Ideas.

Our Work Carries Our Energy Prints

We don't take on the identity of our work--
Our work takes on OUR OWN identity.

Example; Kirk Duncan's 3 Key Elements work has his print and energy all over it--so we roll around in his energy when we are in his classes.
Example; This home has Dan's energy all over it, so whenever you are here, "he" is here--quiet, open-spaces,  left alone--until you want to be with other--a place to be alone in your own thoughts.

Example; This earth has Jesus' energy prints all over it--in the plants, flowers, air, water, etc.  So when you go outside in nature, or surround yourself with nature, you surround yourself with Him!

You should do your own artworks for the Spin of Life Journal--and 5 Keys--it will make it yours.

As we Share ourselves, through our work--never forget it's your work--your prints and are not meant for others to copy and mimic.  Every person must find their own way--

Q-Does this mean that since I am made of the dust of the earth--at least my mortal body--that my body obeys and is imprinted with Christ?


So when You say to "overcome through Christ" we overcome this dust through our spirit's --but even our spirits are made from God's spirit--pure light--

Q-Is the Agency inside each of us, innate from God?


Q- So the devil--who "fell" from light and love--still has agency?

A- Only wit bib the realm he has chose through his own disobedience and rebellion.

Each realm--or dimension--has level; degrees of light--intelligence--which to work with.

Those on this planet have all the levels and degrees Christ had to work with.

If Christ came to "do the Father's Work", then he wasn't doing his own work--OR, was he doing his work; Father's Way?  He couldn't have given up his agency--he had to choose  to "follow" the Father.

DREAM   4-19-2013

"You will love the sound of my voice", said some Arabian Sheik in a dusty, rubble-born community, amid rubble.  He was saying that as he had about 10 younger women jump off a high second story building--to their deaths, or great injury.  He was clearly psychotic!
Earlier in the dream, I had been acting like a 5 year old to this girl Tina--who was rebellious--sulky to her traveling mother and gramma--I distracted her by playing with her.  I asked the women if I could, "Travel with them North."  Then we were all on the train; kidnapped, hijacked--by these Arabians.  The first group went out on horses--the second camels.  I jumped on what looked like a horse, but it was a camel; "What is his thing?" I tried to help other colorfully dressed women get away.  At one point we ran into dogs; Rottweilers--then puppies--as I ran, I had several of them hanging on me--I talked nice to them and they let go--Love always works.  However, the women and I kept getting found--finally I realized been wearing a red shirt, I needed to go myself--alone.
I finally made a run for it up the brown, dirty roads and broken city--it used to be a palace--beautiful--in their days of glory.  In what part
I ran up roads and past what used to be rows of baths--finally, I ran into a camp of what looked like Christians.  The Arabian men weren't chasing me here,  In the Friend's camp, a guy in a green shirt saw me and helped me to a table to feed me.  I was safe.
I woke then, with my heart pounding from the chase, and breathing like i'd been running.


Satan really did take over this world!  In a way, HIS is the psychotic Sheik from m y dream; luring women into fine clothing while the world around them is still broken--telling them they will love him--all of him--then he tells them to jump--and get hurt.
We are born to broken and live in wounded places, until we find Jesus--or Call upon God to save us from Satan's crazy-head or world.  Then it rocks your world, inside down!  Be ready for the amazing! The strange.  The "test" of obedience.  The call.  The light.  The love.  Be ready to heal--from top to bottom; Mind/brian and Body; So the SOUL is in Charge.

Ask:  What would LOVE do?

Are you always running and getting away--trying to "help others get away" --Self Sacrificing--
It's about everybody; your heart and soul.
"Mock Humility" is NOT wining.

Keep the PATH:

1.  Ask Questions
2. Pay Attention--Watch where their eyes stop...
3. There's the Answer...
When you ask a question, ask "What are the 5-10 steps I need to take to make this happen?"

Find the solution in he place where the eyes stopped.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Those Who Love You Most

Those who love you MOST will find you in Heaven FIRST.

Those who SPENT more time with themselves and other, won't find you--there won't be memories of LOVE and fondness of TIME and loving that time together.
If you didn't love that time together you were given--what makes you thick you will love it together in a place of NO time?
What will endure-bond--you together?