Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Four Master Messengers

1st --Krishna
MESSAGE:  To break civilization our of the disrespect for woman--and to love woman instead.

2nd--Jesus Christ
MESSAGE: To release mankind out of the iron grip of governmental and religious law

MESSAGE: To break to of accepted limitations put on mankind by cultures--concerning those not born "of high birth"--Also out of the limitations on the natural reach of mankind toward again becoming personally Divine--showing that "lowborn" man may become personally Divine through the freedom of thought force of will.

4th--Osiris (A-Sar-U)
MESSAGE: To demonstrate that God's may become man to serve mankind, and man become God's to change destiny.

Using the 5 Minds to Break Out of the Molds of Civilization

QUOTE form "Genesis" p. 211

"You were out there in your minds.  In your imagination you created a vision of reality.  Reality is potential actuality.
If you hold all your minds forcefully enough, and long enough, on anything you can imagine, it will become actual...

When all works together-- that is--when all minds are one, when all eyes see as one, you have changed your physical self to Golden Light, and given it opportunity to function outside your body.  You have transmuted your flesh at least a lithe.  You have become a Master.  you have the ability to create phenomena--to make strange things happen--to read minds, and time and distance.  To Heal.

If you rise above the thrust of death, you become a Radiant Master.  A Radiant Master has the abilities of a Master, but uses easy, unassuming spiritual skills.

Such a one heals by thought-force, which is always available, and therefore heals by physical presence --only those who want to be healed --and feel they can be.

This is the problem.  Even impure persons may have these abilities and are capable of doing much good, but also harm because their minds and hearts have not been attuned to the sacred.

 If one is pure in motives and selfless in desire, one may be graced by the symbols of potential highest bliss;  the Jade heart.  This is a sign that one may progress further, that one has caused at least 5 of the minds of man to function as one.

By allowing words and steps to lull him into a deeper and deeper quiet...
Not fiercely directing his conscious mind, he was in fact more conscious.
this serves to break the minds of man out of the molds of civilization. "

Having the Mind of Christ

There are 9 Part of our Minds--

It's time we open our 3rd Eye "projection point"--for inner sight

The "exit point" is at the base of the spine


"Have eyes to SEE...
Ears to HEAR...
Hearts to KNOW and FEEL..."

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear...
But of POWER, Love and a SOUND MIND."

POWER= Sight

LOVE= Feelings/Senses


Being Active in Spirit

I will not support meanness of spirit...
I will not support my children bashing my loved ones....
You are a loved one.
I adore you.
You have a heart as wide as the world, yet so many reject you--reject me--
I won't have it anymore! 

But I thought you said to "love even your enemies--to do good to them that hate you."

That's why you will send them a gift.  But I will not have you risk life and limb for they that despise you--because you are "mormon".
"Christians" would make people into pacifists--people who lose al their cultural times to the land and their spiritual roots--
The songs of he lands are dying out--because of "religion".
they teach a dried out philosophy of Christ crucified--and sprinkle it with doubt and shame.  That's NOT my doctrine!
My doctrine brings life to the soul--their brings death.  It is the doctrine of MY enemy--the one darkened by Hate.  
My brother, my past friend--also a family member anciently--
But it's an ancient battle--and the earth is his battleground.
Be at peace with where yo hare.
You and me--we fight battles.  We are not passive--but active in spirit. 
You understand ME more that you know.  I have also been despised of the world.
My family didn't all understand me, nor my fiends.
Judus Iscariott was a brother--this world only holds grief.  
You are misplaced?
Do you think God made a mistake?  

Yes.  When have I ever really belonged anywhere?

Make someone's day--
Then do that everyday
--For the rest of your life.

I will help you make someone's day--Then I will Be with you everyday--
and YOU can be happy too.  :-)