Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We are Here to Learn

1994 NOTES

We are called to serve Him, Heavenly King of Glory; here to serve Him, not ourselves our whole lives.  If we are always telling each other what to do, we will never learn what to do.  We learn from one another—by example.  In the council of the God’s in heaven; we learned from one another and taught one another.  We are here to learn.  We think we are here to teach our children, but we are really here to learn from them.  We are here to help one another.  Life is made by God, so we are dependent upon others.  We can only be complete if we learn to work with others.  We cannot be saved by ourselves-- with the Savior we have hope. 

Relationships; we are saved by grace after all we can do.  Not dependant in a groveling sort of way but dependant in an all encompassing way—while we are dependent on others to meet our salvation, they are dependent upon us for their salvation—to work out our salvation before God, and learn on this earth plane.  In the beginning Adam had all things but a help meet.  In order to progress through the purpose of this life, to allow spirit children who had progressed to a point, they needed to come here to earth.  We are dependant upon one another.  If we refuse to be, we won’t progress.  We need to recognize the fact that others can do things that we cannot do, then we can progress—in our own sphere of influence.  And the prisoners shall all go free—prisoners of pride.

We are all criminals to some extent—in that we have all broken God’s laws to some extent. 

What kind of prisoners are we?  In one sense or another; stuck in a passion for worldly things, habits, past wrongs not repented of, or we haven’t asked God to be forgiven. There is also pride, the desire to appear better than others, hypocrisy, and an unwillingness to help, or to love others.  Through Jesus, the prisoner shall go free.  We have to do our part; but realize we are dependent.  Face our own feelings of inadequacy or bondage.  God has said; you are my sons’, and my daughters’; there is in you the potential to become like Him, or Her. 

See His hand in all things and ourselves; how do we speak to ourselves? 

The hand that created the sunset created the potential in us.  We cloud ourselves and minds and thoughts and countenances because of our selves; not every evening we have a beautiful sunset.  Sometimes storm clouds can be behind a beautiful sunset.  Behind every one of you, without exception, there is a son and daughter of God; potential to be like God.  Moses encountered in the Pearl of Great price 1st chapter 6 or seventh verse; “thou are in similitude of the only begotten of God.  Full of grace and truth; all things are present with me for I know them all”.  Doesn’t He know your thoughts--your inadequacies?  He already knows those things and He hasn’t zapped you yet.  He already knows these things.  He is waiting for you to tell Him that you know that He knows.  You won’t give him any information, since He knows all things, but you will give yourself information.
When the presence of God left Moses and grace left; he fell to the earth.  We literally fall to being subject to things of the world.  “And now I know that man is nothing”, is what he saw.  If we are being honest with ourselves, we can see which things we never supposed, or learned—yet this is dependent upon higher power—or higher perspective.  Think of how Moses was raised with a pharaoh.  Moses saw God with spiritual eyes.  Key:  We see God with our spiritual eyes.  Go to the temple and really listen to what is said.  Satan came tempting the son of man, saying, “Worship me”. 

When we put aside and do not see the hand of God in all things, His creations (us), then Satan comes and says “Worship me”; And we do with cars, houses, thoughts, worries, fear, being above another.  Moses saw man was not above anything!
Moses asked Satan; who are thou?  Where is thy glory that I should worship thee?
Moses had just been transfigured before God; through His glorious LIGHT and truth and spirit which permeated through all the flesh, or things of the flesh.  See the things of God; with your spiritual eyes.  

There are two ways to see things; For instance, you are taking care of a crying child. 

Two ways to see the situation;
1—“This kid is driving me crazy” (seeing them through natural eyes)
2—“I wonder if I was this way as a child.  Yet Mom/Dad was patient with me”. (Compassion) Asking the child; “How can I help you?” (Serving God by serving His Creation)

Asking; how can I be more loving?  And, can I see the hand of God in this creation, or teenager, or husband, wife…? Etc.

Until the Perfect Day


Every religion (except Satan’s) has truth in it—look for the priesthood power restored with the authority and ordinances in order to live a higher law, leading to fullness;you will find it if YOU listen to the Holy Spirit.

As you study truths from all over, keep in mind God’s ordinances, priesthood order and Christ.  Your foundation and compass on which to measure all things. That truth may be circumcised into one great whole.

Once earth (women) has accepted man, he can seek heavenward and bring heaven to earth. 
Or, in other words; Once we are actively building up Zion—one in heart and actual communities of Zion—communities which respect women, children, God’s order in nature, life, things that are sacred, and Deity, they will then have a proper place for the Bringer of Life—woman—then, men will seek God’s Kingdom to come down from Heaven, and will truly become Helper of Mankind, working closely with the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  The Savior will bring the Kingdom of heaven down, first into the hearts of man, then in actual physicality.  “On Earth as it is in Heaven,” was the prayer of Jesus the Christ.  This must be OUR desire and full intent each day.

Use reminders and remind our mind-- repeat and repeat-- so that spirit is made manifest in body/flesh.  So body can be purified and equal to Spirit of God which is within us; until the perfect day.
Our mind needs to be reminded of this over and over so that Spirit is made manifest until we feel the DESIRE, in our body or flesh.  So the whole body can be purified “As He is Pure”, or unified, and measure up, or equaled up to the Spirit of God which is within us.

Watch Thoughts--
--Either they are sucking away light, peace, goodness and truth—this you can know by how you FEEL when you think them, or someone else shares their thoughts…if they are trying to snuff out the light you will feel down (depressed) or a negative feeling (fear-based)
Or building spirit, listening closely as if you have a direct “antenna” to the frequency of God’s spirit—increasing the light in every cell, in every part of one’s self, in every dimension—for Spirit attracts more spirit, and light cleaves to light; even in the smallest degree.

That is why to “plant the seed” is to simply have a DESIRE to know, and then in order to cultivate that seed, we hold onto it with faith, and then after that seed grows through our nourishing of it through acting upon our impression or “insight”, we come to a knowledge of light and truth.
You know God by seeing His spirit or portion of His spirit in others eyes.  This is why your heart jumps, or rejoices, when you see it…it becomes more than light as mind connects to soul and then immediately to spirit; which is pure light. 
Satan perverts this light as a carnal (physical only), or lower level “attraction”
Christ shows that light we see and feel in another’s eye as spirit recollection and recognition.
See God’s spirit in all the degrees in people’s eyes around you.  “The light of the body is the eye”.
The things of the spirit are understood by the spirit.

                                When she/he accepts                                    stronger light received
                                The beam IN—                                                 stronger felt and seen….
                                You’ll see light
                                Twinkle in their eyes
The things of the spirit are understood by the spirit.
Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.

Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.  (We are not meant to prove anything!  The opportunity we are given to do good works is a blessing from our glorious Father—and we praise Him!  He can show His light and love through tender experiences with the spirit.  It is not a time to boost in our superior faith, because the “spiritual experience” happened to us, or to “prove our religion is right, or the one, or someone else’s is incorrect.  We are not here to prove anything to anyone else but ourselves.  We are here individually to grow our light by exercising faith in God with our flesh, and thus progress our soul towards more light and truth, or heavenly knowledge—Until the perfect day—when we shall see Him as He is, for we shall be like Him.  We are here to meet God’s spirit again, through our own spirit which resides in us.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”.  God’s work is loving—His perfect and pure and powerful unconditional love, not man’s very conditional “love”.  Since man in mortality is flesh, that love ends up being a love of flesh.  But God is Spirit and a glorified eternal body, and His love is eternal and glorified.  We can trust Him.

Men learn and obey the Father, who is in Heaven and Women are to listen and know the Voice of the Lord, Jesus Christ; He who created Earth for the Father. 
Women represent earth.  Both were made in the image of God; “both male and female created They Them”.


July 17, 1994 
Use pungent plants, herbs as tea.
Daily Eat plants that branch out like the nerves and brain;
Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, etc.

Forgo butter and use herbs or pungent vinegars
Carry around earplugs for sharp, annoying sounds
PLUG it; these sounds break down spirit and then body
OPEN TO; Vibrating, pleasant voices and music—silence too—these are healing sounds.

As you heal, you will see dark and hear; remember dark and shadows—let go.  Just realized it is going OUT; Rising up and out.  

Use “twin dreamers” help. (Paying attention to dreams and recording them as much as you can remember.  Then look at dream interpretations and see if they feel right, or close.  Pray for understanding.)

Truth Strengthens & Women See In Circles

Lie’s Weaken, confuse
I can know it’s true if I can draw strength from it; thought teaching, words, ideas…

Women who are in turmoil in their relationships need a LOT of encouragement, hugs, and “you’re doing great!” a listening ear…
Step IN, now out!

Men see in straight lines, left to right
Women see in circles, and can go in and out in conversations, and eventually get back to the center of the discussion.

Jesus spoke in both directions; instead of left to right he went top to center to bottom, returning to the thought at the beginning, like returning to the center of the circle. 

We have a “baby of creation” in the "womb of our hearts"…
We get tired before the birth of each child, and then excited about the birth happening.


July 4, 1994
Travel and open your arms.  Relax your center and breathe…receive all with gratitude from God.  Keep your mind open and your eyes alert--The dragon slayed his followers.  Stay in the circle of Christ, love all.

Out                                                        in                                            love
In                                                            out

See the law of the Lord everywhere you go....
Hear the council of your husband, IF it is sound and from the Father above, laced in love & respect!

A blue bird just perched on a yellow, flowering plant and a rabbit came hopping up
Nature is so fun!

Work on the dresses, fix up rooms, paint; make home a “heaven”.   Join Country Club? Learn, read joyously; 

I see a family of quail walking in front of me! The babies are so cute!

Travel the world with your art.
Rejoice and see God’s hand in your life as you read journals.

The Chicken that was Really an Eagle

There was once an eagle that was raised along with barn yard chickens (the natural man).  She did not fly.  She had nothing to know she was an Eagle.  Until one day a beautiful Golden Eagle flew across the sky, blocking the sun one day with his enormous wings.  For one moment she saw his shadow.  Then he was gone.  She only saw Him for a moment but it was long enough to stir something deep inside her.  She wanted to soar like that!

She began to flap her golden wings, strengthening them.  The others laughed at her.  Chickens they were.  So for a moment she went back to pecking seeds from the earth, just like everybody else.  Being told she should feel glad for whatever she got.  But inside her, there was a place that was empty, so empty.  Somehow she knew that beautiful Golden Eagle would fill that empty space.  She continued to strengthen her wings, in spite of the laughter around, the cackling. There were even some more eagles like her, but they merely watched her efforts cautiously and continued to peck seeds like the chickens.

One day the farmer’s son, a vicious boy, came home from college.  He’d always hated the chickens at his father’s farm—and especially the eagles that didn’t’ fly.  He hated their beauty and the fact that someday they’d learn who they were and fly away from his father.  He had always warned him that they might someday fly away.  He just couldn’t, wouldn’t let that happen!  His father was their master!  And someday he wanted to own them too.  Didn’t his father give them scratch feed?   Was that not enough?  So with anger he went out to the barnyard, seeing the one eagle practicing flight.  This must not be!  At first he tried starving her, until she nearly died.  No, this would not work.  Then he made a special nest for her, very comfortable and fed her fish by hand, thinking that if he made her so comfortable she wouldn’t find out who she was.  But then she still practiced her wing flapping.  Ungrateful hen!  

One day in a fit of rage, and tired of her determination to leave his care, he pushed the eagle off a cliff.   At first she faltered and swirled down into space; down, down she fell.  Then she remembered the golden eagle's big wings, and opened her wings.  She stopped falling!  She started to glide…and what wonder, what joy!  Flapping her wings, she started to fly!  Feeling freedom unlike anything she had ever experienced.  And the view!  No more dusty ground or squabbling chickens pestering her.  No more farmers’ son hovering around her with his evil intentions.  Soon she was soaring above the trees around the farm.  She looked down and saw the chickens below still pecking at the ground, completely unaware that the sky could be so wonderful.  Nothing changed for them.  But her whole life changed in that instance of flight.  The wind rushed smoothly around her in a caress.  The sunshine warmed her whole being --and the view!  There were mountains and rivers and other homes.  Places to go explore and new sights to see called to her.  She cried out encouragement to the few eagles on the grounds who were watching her flight, and headed towards the purple mountains in the distance, eagerly anticipating what awaited her there. 
Her wings are Truth--Her strength is Righteousness--And the mountain is Faith

The eagle felt somewhat guilty for leaving those poor chickens behind.  Knowing they’d never fly.
Being members of the Church of the Firstborn makes us Eagles.  But until we see the shadows of soaring eagles and feel that emptiness inside, like we are missing something, we won’t fly.
The first “eagle” to fly was Jesus the Christ; The Way, the Truth and the Light.  Can chickens become eagles?  Yes!   We were all chickens before we were eagles.  When they go into the magic waters of baptism we come out as eagles.  But we will continue to peck on the ground for seeds until the emptiness overwhelms us and we start to LOOK UP.  Then we will see the eagles soaring and feel a glimmer of HOPE.
The chickens that become unhappy with pecking in the dust, waiting for someone else to feed them, will look for them, will look for the soaring golden eagle and find the magical waters of baptism. There, the Holy Ghost is given as a gift to “always have” as they “remember Jesus the Christ”.  The Holy Ghost is the wings of the eagle.  Listening and obeying the Spirit are the exercises of flying, because without exercising faith, the wings are useless.  Eagles must work for food, but are free that way—and can fly.
Chickens cannot fly and must wait for someone to feed them, or peck in the dirt.  They are usually kept in cages as well.  Chickens wait to be fed by their preachers, ministers, or others.  Eagles look for their own food and are provided for by the God of Heaven. 

Love is circular; you must love, truly yourself first, until you can love others.  Otherwise, you are always looking to them for their love.  And when they don’t give it, we resent it.  Love yourself and then others can love you.  Serve and love others and then there will something to love about yourself. 

A note in my journal written by Daniel at Stake Conference;
They believe that everyone but them will make it.  But the good news is that we can ALL make it.  “A long time ago I committed to follow Christ, so I do what I can and the Lord will do the rest.  The Savior paid the price for our sins-- He will decide when he will forgive.”  Help them know He loves them and to regain their confidence.

The 3 Basic Elements of Eternal Life

AIR                                                         WATER                                                 FIRE
Father                                                   Jesus Christ                                                  Spirit
“Breath Of Life”                                  Baptism by Water                                       then Spirit
First Birth in Spirit                                  Earthly Birth                               Re-Birth of flesh & soul=to Spirit
Sky                                                            Earth                                                     Heavens
Between the 2 Firmaments                “Firmament Beneath”                             “Firmament Above”
Oxygen                                                   Blood/Fluids                                       Nerves, energy
(Mental)                                              (Soul-Core Beliefs)                                    (Emotional)
(Piezo Electric Field)                           (Bio-Electric Field)                                 (Di-Electric Field)
BONES                                               Iron & BLOOD                                    Saline & SALTS
Hope                                                         Faith                                                      Charity
Power                                                        Love                                                  Sound Mind

Exercise and Body Work such as Massage & Acupuncture/Acupressure moves these three elements through body for Health & Healing. Laughter, Spiritual Insights & Physical Harmony is Healing.

“Cooking” in the sunshine adds these 3 elements to food; air, water, fire (sun)
AIR                                                         WATER                                                 FIRE

Light is composed of these three Elements; air, water, fire
Spiritual Light is composed of three elements; Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

“I AM the Light of the World. No man can come to the Father, but by me.”- Jesus the Christ
“I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” –Jesus the Christ

Truth is LIGHT and begets more LIGHT & Intelligence (understanding leading to happiness).                       

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That's Why Your Heart is Unhappy

That’s why your heart is unhappy—because when you aren’t getting along with someone, you want to leap from frustration to love.  Both of you need to “get lifted up” and go up the emotional scale.  There is no way to feel love when you are frustrated, or they are angry.  It is not up to them to “make you feel love” anyway! 

Also, you could be focusing upon the wrong kind of “love”—a conditional one.  Why seek so much the love of man when you don’t love yourself?  Go to God and find out how God loves. 

Many Sages have suggested that when we can “count our blessings” and feel appreciation, then we can feel better.  How many of us have tried this when things are just not going very well? 
One day my daughter, who is in college and a younger student than most, called me frustrated about “everything”.  I had the thought to suggest that as soon as she got off the phone, that she try “counting her blessings” and not to stop until she got to at least 10 things she was grateful for.  Then see how she felt.  It turned out to be the “right” advice because she called later and left a “thank you Mom!  That really helped me” message on my phone.  However, this does NOT work when someone is angry!
That is the time that we have to simply try and “Love their spirits, not their flesh—or the “natural man”. And let them stew in their own juices.  Realizing, that if they are angry, it is their own deal--not ours.  Plus, if they are just coming out of being fearful, or depressed, then anger will feel better inside them than depression.  People are the masters of their own emotional ships.

Just like if you focus on the mind.  Anything we focus on, we “worship”.  
“God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love and a sound mind”
(Perhaps this is why in the Sacrament, it is suggested that as we think of Him [Jesus Christ], that His spirit will “always” be with us; Power, love and a sound mind can “always” be with us….the more we practice this.  Have you ever noticed that when we step into that stream of love; the one  that  feels like it has “always” been there?  It’s because that love is always streaming by…..we just get to learn how to step in.)

The Heart
When your heart aches-- that means you are focusing upon someone loving you with their heart—someone that is not inside of that “perfect stream of love”, like God.

If God wants us to love Him with “all our heart, might, mind and strength”, then it makes sense that He loves us first that way.  And perhaps God is describing what love really feels like when we step into it’s stream!

There is a ancient story of the Garden of Eden.  There were two trees there.  One that brought our spirits into mortality through our ancient parents; Adam and Eve; the Tree of Good and Evil—and so the Law of Opposition was invited into the earth plane, as it exists throughout the Universe—how else could we have had free choice to choose God’s Plan, with a Savior? 

The second tree was free to be eaten in the Garden; until the Tree of Good and Evil fruit had been eaten, a transgression in God’s eyes; causing Adam and Eve to “fall” into Mortality.  But before they could partake of the other fruit, “The Love of God” and live “forever in their sins”—or separate from God, being now in the lower emotional vibration, or tapped into it, and needed to learn HOW to “repent”, and why they wanted to choose the “higher way” --of being in the stream of God’s love (their true inheritance as children of God) --they were cast out of the Garden, down to earth and into mortality—“To learn right from wrong; for themselves, through experience; Happiness or bitterness.”   

The Tree of Life or the Love of God was and is guarded by Cherubim, or angels.  They stand as sentinels and welcome those who are ready to sup at the tree.  God’s love is a sweet gift that comes with angel’s guidance.  Do we believe in Christ?  Do we believe that he paid for our sins so we don’t have to suffer if we come to God and believe in OUR Savior, no matter what religion we are. 

Our mortal hearts are half true, half false; so a lie* (the fruit of knowledge was half true, half lie; IE Good and Evil.)  So we may be “loving and seeking love” from a lie.  It, the feeling of love, will never happen from a mortal, in a mortal state.  There is no full love on earth, or mortals, so don’t expect it—unless they are filled with God’s perfect, whole love—but even then it is not their love, but God’s love!  

The bits and pieces of love that we feel at times, come when we are ready to surrender to  a Higher Power, or step up on the emotional scale, and be “lifted up”, and step into God’s presence, or into Love.  We can know when we do, because all judgment of others flees away.  We let God judge.  We accept them on their soul’s path.  We become curious and kind observers. We appreciate the “good and the evil” in our lives, and see them as lessons learned.  We feel peace.  We can feel love easily when it comes, and give God thanks for it.  Knowing love comes in “bites”, sweet and juicy.  Loving the calm digestion of what love feels like.

*Because of the “natural man” being an “enemy to God, and will be forever and ever until he “yields” to the “enticings” (not forced) of the Holy Spirit”; who is a direct Love Messenger from the throne of God.  Real Truth is full of Love.

Any other type of love causes an ache in the heart--an ache because “real love” bathes the heart like a bite of sweet fruit filling the senses.  We just CAN’T “get” love FROM another person.  Love MUST come from within…from within the stream of spirit that is always present inside of us.  

This must be why Jesus, who taught us how to love, was so adamant about US serving another person.  Then WE can feel love “for” that person, because WE are serving God.  “Do GOOD to your enemies”.  He didn’t say to wallow in sorrow or bitterness, or get even!  He wanted US to be actively “loving”, not just waiting for God to “give us love”, but for us to EXPERIENCE love through service.  This is why Mother Theresa had compassion; she practiced it!   

This doesn’t mean we have to leave our families and go on a foreign mission--although that's a nice thing to do, if you can!-- it means that after we can feel appreciation and see reasonably, taking responsibility for our own emotional state, we can then move onto being of service to our fellowmen.  Even at our jobs, in our work, at home, with our families.  Even if a family member is abusive!  We can still appreciate something

Because the truth of the matter is; they do NOT live inside of us!  They are not living our lives for us.  They may try to, or think they have to, or be so bold as to tell us how to think or how to feel, or condemn us for our feelings.  But the truth is; they are inside their own spiteful juices, inside their own emotional cesspool.  Let them be!  Don’t try to figure them out!  Who can figure out insanity?  Isn’t it insane to stay angry, then sulk, then angry, then frustrated….then angry, then depressed?  But is is our responsibility to change them?  Can we?  I will tell you right now that we cannot change another person who doesn’t want any help.  Who thinks that everyone else is the problem except them.  See and be grateful for God “taking care of the morrow” for us, and “feeding us from day to day”.
You may, waiting for them to love you, ache forever because, unless they are filled with God’s pure and perfect love, you will never feel that pure, unconditional love you are seeking. 

The Will
The same goes with feeling a stomach ache around a person; they are seeking to force their imperfect (mortal) will on you.  Perfect “will” brings relaxation to your stomach area and a flowing of peace.  “God’s will--and perfect flowing movement of life-- be done.”
The same with strength from below—Imperfect strength can be in the mortal form of lust; forcing another—a rather irritating feeling.  When their strength comes in and forces, or is half truth—their want, not yours too—it creates a temporary split in the union.  If the woman’s emotional state had been acceptance and peace before the pressure for “intimacy”, then she can drop one emotional step into irritation or frustration.  The woman gets irritated and the man angered.  The energy goes down and scatters.  When the union is desired by BOTH and both want to serve God with all their strength as well—a place that does happen more often than not—the energy flows beautifully; creating creative energy=Life.  Either in a child’s form or at work and play; both feel happy and united.

The Mind
 When future is guessed it is a lie.  “Think not on the morrow.”  When gossip—it is a lie.  When the mind hurts; when a lie is believed, it becomes depression in the body.  “I am worthless”, lie, etc.
There is always something “good” to find.  Good is from God.  Who is real; who never lies.  Who is light, Truth, Love; Real.  Open mind to Christ and all good comes from Christ, who is a God, who has “ALL the Father hath”. 
Who has come to earth and bridged the gap between heaven and earth.  Receive into mind all Good, Light and Truth. 
YOU have the yardstick now upon which to judge righteously; Truth from lie.  Your feelings in your body actually do serve you!  That’s why the spirit was able to really flow in college when you opened to feelings.  Feelings are our clues.  Our vehicle to the Spirit; Feelings are our radio antennae; receivers.
(How often has God warned us about having a “hard” heart?)
Incorrect thinking—lies—feeling triggers the imperfectness in our genes; “the fall”—creates illness and soreness and eventual dis-ease. 

 If you’ve gotten caught unaware in one of the traps;
To Re-Open
SING happy or spiritual songs...
open MIND to Christ/God...."Thy will be done...I Trust you Father!"
Then SMILE....
OPEN your EYES at the back of your head....
And let His light flow...down into your crown, bathing you with Infinite Love
Give deep, humble thanks to God and feel your HEART open
this SHIELDS you from dark! and 
this will put your back into God’s circle of Love
Now PRAY for others and SEND them the love that you feel...this will
CYCLE it through you and light up the Grid! 
PRAISE God with your mouth and your heart!
"Blessed be the Name of the Most High God"

If this doesn't help, take a nap!
(or time for a vacation....or, go serve someone in kindness.)

Receive God's Love
Take focus off of thinking about you “getting” love from others—“being loved”—that splits the emotional heart, because other’s love is imperfect.  God only is perfect.  So if you think; “I wish they’d just love me."  Or, "I wish I felt, knew they loved me”—that will never happen.  You focus on receiving God’s love and beaming it to others.  Bask in the warmth of God's love.
Stomach hurts—will is turned away from God to your own Ego (fear of not being loved), or their will—fighting their will.  Their will vs. yours; Release!  Open to; “Thy will God, not mine (or theirs) be done.”  Peace.  Relax stomach by nose breaths; Massage stomach.  Command it to relax and open to God’s perfect will (perfect means not a lie at all—so in harmony and you will feel peace.  Of Truth=God’s will—never forces; but flows.)
Strength is to create Life and to serve God with all strength.  If you feel force, tightness in solar plexus or stomach area—Serve, do something good for them!  This can switch your feelings, and maybe even theirs, to God.

Race & Color; Bringing Peace to the Earth

Race & Color
Black, white, red, yellow

Black—female, void, where life began; one with earth, aborigines—food or music,spirit

White—intellect, thought inventions; cultivation; movement, food for thought—innovation —gardens in winter; new beginnings, dark ages

Red—blood, life flowing, respect for; herbs, creator, nature

Yellow—Light flowing energy, acupressure, respect, family, honor

Bringing Peace to the Earth 
After the Great Flood, All Races Came From NOAH
Three Sons of Noah & their Blessings & Assignments:

1.  Shem
Typically considered the White & Oriental Race. 
To Lead in Righteousness, Guide, Minister, Direct, to Help Build "Zion" and Bring Peace through Health & Humble Leadership 

"Son of Noah. Shem was the traditional ancestor of the Shemitic or Semitic races, i.e., a group of kindred nations, which includes the Arabs, the Hebrews, and Phoenicians, the Aramaeans or Syrians, the Babylonians and Assyrians. The Languages spoken by these various nations were closely related, and were known as the Semitic languages. In latter-day revelation Shem is referred to as "the great high priest"  See also Melchizedek. (1.source) 

2.  Ham
The Black Race
"Cursed" by not receiving an inheritance because he laughed at his father Noah while inebriated. 
Brings Song to the Earth, Hunters, Gardeners, Builders; Leadership is Inspired/Inspiring 
=to Help Build "Zion" through Inspiration, Songs & Beauty

"Son of Noah. They were the southern nations: Cush=the dark-skinned race of eastern Africa and southern Arabia: Mizraim=Egyptians; Phut=Libyans; Canaan=inhabitants of Palestine before arrival of the Semitic races. Ham's wife and daughter were named Egyptus, and a portion of Ham's descendants settled in Egypt."  (2. source)

3.  Japheth
Considered the White & Red Races (including India and Indians)
On the Move, Can be "War-like", Good Leaders as long as Diplomatic, Deep Spiritual Roots
=Help Build "Zion" through bringing to light the Identity of God as a Center for Happiness

"Eldest son of Noah. His descendants were dispersed over the European coasts of the Mediterranean and the districts adjoining the Black and Caspian seas, forming what is now called the Indo-European family of nations. " (3. source)

Bible Dictionary. The Holy Bible published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1979)

1. Page 773 
2. Page 698 
3. Page 710

For a nice write up on the CONTRIBUTIONS and descendants:

Male and Female to Balance Life

Women represent the void, or dark (symbol of womb)= Bringer of Life
 and need light (male) to balance her off.
Men represent the spark, or light (symbol of gonads) =Helper of Mankind 

When men are off balance with women, they automatically seek destruction, or darkness to "balance", but it never works.  They've left their purpose as Helper of Mankind.  Builders. 

In the beginning, God commanded Adam and Eve to "Multiply AND Replenish the Earth."

Through a union, male and female Multiply.  As a healthy couple, they Replenish--together.   

When male (light) is off balance, they can retain balance by caring for the female (dark).

The female body is only the beginning.  Receiving her to himself and caring for the female and all her essence, who she is and gifts she came with, completes him and his need to balance light with dark.  She brings forth life, creation.
Giving herself to him to love and bringing forth to light through "her female" contrast, can nurture that light inside of him.  They both feel more complete, and replenishes.  He will naturally do more to Help Mankind.

Anciently that’s why men sought more than one wife; the more wives, females--the more male, masculine they saw themselves.  Although, that didn’t happen often.  When they failed one wife –to love her whole being; body and spirit—they failed ALL their wives.

Men whose marriages are not “well” seek other means to "balance" the dark (female) needed.  Lusting, using women as some-thing, seeking to be powerful in society but resorting to force and control, raising up armies, staging take-overs, becoming priests (or religions) who oppresses, and all kinds of destruction.  Yet in destroying life, man destroys himself.  

On one hand is the man who actively seeks to destroy in a physical sense, another is the man who sees the dark, talks about it (doom) and prophecies it with no authority from God’s spirit to do so.

A man who is married and has a “good marriage”; a wife that delights in him, receives him and gives herself to him; draws his life up and she can pull down the blessings of the heavens upon them.  She is his help-meet; She helps him meet God.  She takes care of herself in all ways and can love him with all her heart; and neither of them need doom and destruction.  
She brings forth LIFE.
He HELPS mankind.
He now can focus on building an estate to care for his dark (life—female) thus honoring himself and her; wholeness.

The Truth Spectrum

Most of what is written in the text books are from the observations of the natural, nature, and experience –and some deep thought.

One percent is from the spirit, the other dimension to learn in.
To learn Whole Truth

From Natural Man:                                     From Seeking God's Intelligence:
Eye                                                                       Minds eye
Mind                                                                     Spirit
Experience                                                            En-lightment
History                                                                 Visions, Revelation
Study, talking, asking                                        Prayer, asking, quiet hymns, keeping spirit fed,
Living, thought                                                  Temple, listening, being pure in mind & heart    
Seeking man’s Knowledge                               Seeking the Lord’s mind and will

So when you come upon something “new” that feels like truth;
See it, think about it, expeience it (live it) is it in history?  Then, this is important to make it part of your spirit; present it to God, ask for His sight and insight, be quiet, listen, record if the spirit says to, THANK Him, and go on rejoicing, learn more,
Don’t question any of ways and means; angels, voices, etc. visions.
Know that this is the other side of the TRUTH spectrum.  The Lord is eager and willing to show you the riches of eternity—in this life—you don’t need to die.

You already know not to “share” the things you learn from God—you won’t need to verbally, unless spirit says to, because on the other side you’re already LIVING the truth.
You can’t hear the spirit through your mind; “my words may be manifest into thoughts later, but my words first come through you; Open hearts and open, quiet mind". 

Say, “Be still” to thoughts when they are dancing around like maniac flies.

Someone Who Brings Out the Best

June 30, 1994

I need a new man in my life. 
Someone who brings out the BEST in me; the real light in me;
Someone who loves me when I am old and sagging; or when I have no make-up on,
and someone who encourages me every day. 

Someone who brings my heart out and I want to love all around safely when he is around. 
Someone who likes the “white”, the pure, the noble, the wholesome—
Someone I can tell all my feelings to, and he doesn’t get mad.
He still likes, even loves me.

Someone I feel better around and encouraged
and I want to get better and be better,
 simply because he’s there.
=The Savior is The Man

NOTES; May 9th, 2010 The Bride is us, and the Bridegroom, or True Husband, is Jesus the Christ; the only perfect man to walk this earth, the only one we can trust with our whole hearts, life, and being.  We cannot trust in the arm of flesh, mankind will hurt us, because they are not as Christ yet.  Christ, the Perfect One, will not.  He has paid for the sins of mankind—the sin of separating ourselves from God’s true love.  He walks among us still, with his arms outstretched, his heart open to receive her or him that comes into his embrace.  He still administers where the blind man walks, He is still calming the storms, healing the sick, administering to the troubled and downtrodden man.  He is still providing for the poor in pride. To find Christ, go among the poor in pride, the sick, and the afflicted, and find Him there.
Man must learn to be as a Christ. Woman must learn to give her heart to the Christ; her true husband.  Then when man comes to Christ and becomes as a Christ and the woman learns to give her heart to the Christ, then the man and the woman can come together, without guile and without the battle of pride.  The fallen man can let go of fears, sins, shame and guilt, and love her, because she loves as Christ DOES NOW.  Jesus, you are my one true love, and you are welcome always in my home, and my heart!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Be the World You Wish to See

Be the world you wish to see...

Look at the HATE in their hearts--it doesn't matter who is "right".
No one is "right" with hate in their hearts.

Preach Love; Preach My Gospel

DISCONTENT can often turn to Hate

Seek My Peace to have Love in your Hearts...

Even when/if your enemies come knocking on your doors, you can love them.
This includes people in your life--"family"

HOME is your Heart

in Dream message; "Run! Get HOME as fast as you can..."
IE: "Run! Get back in your HEART as fast as you can...."

Use Hearts to turn away their enemies

Remember to LOVE!

The more you SHARE, the more you'll have--because it opens the Heart--which opens the doors to Heaven--which is in the place of "Eternal" where there is no space nor time, so no limits--so Eternal ABUNDANCE!

Think of the "Mess of Pottage",
the Widow's Mite...

If the rich didn't pay taxes, then where did he get the money he spent? (trillions now)

"How knoweth a man whom he doth not serve?"  -Jesus

Take little children out in the world and let them observe--you will see the world from the eyes of God--

The world cannot be saved outside of you--the world must be saved within you--

There was a lot of empty space--which I had to fill in--a broken heart--lonely spaces

"Companionship" is Giving without Expecting anything in return--Just Because you Love that Person.
(if you are just in the earlier stages, give because God would.)

When he gives to her, his heart is open to hers and she rejoices--Love Grows

Wars outside are reflections of wars inside.

Which Team Are "They" On?

Satan's Team                                            God & Christ's Team
"They"...                                                    "They"...

Shame                                                       Guide

Question                                                    Remind

Confuse                                                     Clarify

Interrogate                                                 Encourage

Discard                                                      Reward --(Bless)

GOAL:                                                      GOAL:
=>Destroy                                                 =>Build

This is Force &                                          This is Power, Love & A Sound Mind

Spiritually this is called:
Unrighteous                                                Righteous Exercise of Christ's Governance

Done with:                                                   Done with:
Anger/Disdain/Disrespect                            Gentleness/Kindness/Respect

Use this as a GUIDE when:
You are in Conversations with ANYONE
You are at any Meetings
Reading anything
Thinking.....and even Praying!