Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saturday Morning In the Park

Saturday morning, in Balboa Park, San Diego.  It looks like I was there to watch my husband play in a tennis tournament.  I must have been there walking around prior to his games.  Here are some  thoughts, and what I felt to pick up and think or see;

Rock I picked up on "Florida trail"
It looked like a Buffalo shaped rock.  I remembered the triangular split rock I had felt to pick up at the beginning of my walk journeys in the Poway hills, north of the main central hill.

"Damned if I do,
Damned if I don't....pain on every trail."

The male life force is bleeding [in me--taking action is difficult.]

There was "something borrowed"...and now it's time to return it.
[Can we ourselves be borrowed?  Could a woman's soul be borrowed by a man?]

Everyone want to be the good guy!  Since God can change bad into good, maybe there are no real "bad guys"!

Preschools, Schools, Physical Fitness, Games, Volunteer Work, Healing Massages, Dancing, Sculpting....

-----------------------------------------At his tennis tournament------------------------------------------

God DNA and Structure
Experiences of the past....

"Anger is foolish...It eats at the soul...(and others).  How often do people do what they think is "best for us"--but it's usually best for them?!  Or they think it is.  They did not understand...but have been ignorant also.  How many times have I commandeered the lives of others?  So how can I judge them or be angry with them, when I have done the same?  This is why forgiveness is so important.  We have all done those things for which we condemn others.  If we want to be forgiven, we must forgive them.
God forgives us.
There is always compensation, always grace, always goodness; IF WE JUST LOOK FOR IT

How often does the man have this attitude: Take whatever you can get!  But when they do this in their marriage, or relationship, soon the woman has no more to give, because there is nothing given--such as genuine love and affection--to replace what was taken.

We think of sorrow when those in concentration camps died, but they were freed!
Concentration camps: Pools of active DNA with memories of pain.
Jesus frees them through forgiveness and death; death to the turmoil, fight, anger, false traditions

False traditions had to die; these were traditions of Sadducees; no heaven, no resurrection, no rebirth.

Zion is being ONE with our pure and perfect Spirit--LOVE

"I AM not this body"
And the TRUTH shall make you free!

Raise up ZION from below.   In our cells below our skin--below the earth

I have chosen the life of a scholar and servant in this life
Thus choosing struggle!  (and it's okay)
The pain, the ill health, the fatigue, is all good and will not be wasted in strengthening my experiences of spirit.

From the book; *Only Love is Real
"Use our lifetimes to perfect our energies so that we can move not o Higher worlds.  They are telling me about energy and love and how these are the same....when we understand what love really is."  p.82

To be able to say truly;  "I love you"  to my pain.  Because it is the howling of past DNA memory, hurt and hurting.  Love and forgive IN and OUT of you!
grateful you (pain) are not me!  or, that you show me what I am NOT!

Forgiveness is the secret key to a happy, peaceful life.

A life of abundance (or wealth) starts within
Forgiving and repentance  IN/OUT
Gratitude for ALL

Baptism --physical washing of DNA, restructure; "Dancing with Struggle."

Gift of the Holy Ghost; Spirit DNA recognition

p. 83*
"We can learn ore about love by listening to our intuitions"

p. 104  Only Love; "We give these so-called gods our own qualities--How can god's be as petty and foolish as people?  When I observe the heaven and the beautiful harmony of the sun and moon, the planets and the starts, how can such Intelligence, such Wisdom, be petty and foolish at the same time?  It makes no sense.  I believe the real God is far beyond human emotions.  The real God does not need our rituals and sacrifices."
"Real power ones from knowledge.  Real wisdom is applying that knowledge in a caring and benevolent manner."

p.105  "Our fast is to learn, to become god-like through knowledge.  We know too little....by knowledge, we approach God, and then we can rest.  Then we come back to teach and help others....knowledge can only flow into minds that are open."

Later outside by pool;
All of us saw a large black California condor, red beak and face as it flw and curled over us several times.  Like last summer when I was with spouse and there were two flying over us two....carrion/flesh eaters.

Spirit Links; Little Messages

All along the path there are messages.  We just need to have eyes to see, and hearts to know and feel. When called upon a "Spirit Journey", there is a feeling to "GO!" and to "TRUST God!".   August 26th, 1997 I was on such a journey.  It wasn't so much the destination, but the journey itself.
Here are some words and experiences along the way....

"Are you curious?" was on a book bag ...

GUARDIAN on a tow truck

West Ex  truck

"Spirit Link" was the word that came to my mind--when we have those moments where there is no such thing as a "coincidence".

Air Touch  sign....right when I wrote that down....
Saw a book;  "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".

I wrote: "Am I crazy?  About all these "signs"--well, at least God can't fault me for TRYING!"

DNA and Words

WORDS that are familiar to our DNA;
Sparks memory,
And holds onto that vibration --and memory
--Like a cage, or a trap


All through Voice Recognition

How do we overcome this?

"And ye shall know The TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."
                                                                                      ---Jesus the Christ

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Single Grateful Thought

"A single, grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer."
     ---Gotthold Ephraim Lessing