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First We Are Spirit

Comment June 2010;
First we are Spirit.  Spirit children of God, and we become light beings. Spirit is the same, yesterday, today and forever, which makes us eternal light beings.  
However, we have no real knowledge of all the elements making up the Universe, and cannot create life as our Eternal parents.  We also do not have love, in an of ourselves, since we have not had to choose opposition, and haven’t tested ourselves to see what we will choose when faced with choices; “good or evil”, or in other words; “problems and responsibility”.  
Thus, why the earth, a physical realm for our bodies made up of the dust, or elemental particles of the earth, was formed, by the Gods; Created by Jesus Christ, who was the Firstborn of the Father, and chosen to come to earth as our Savior. 
To show us the way home; through obedience to Father’s laws; of Sacrifice—laying down the “natural man” and becoming a man of God, full of spirit again, but this time in flesh.  Sanctifying the flesh through inviting the spirit of God, the Holy Ghost who becomes our Instructor and purifier, 
Obeying God’s law of Love; which Christ made manifest in the flesh when he showed us The Way; He was baptized, to symbolize the laying down of the flesh into the grave of the earth, back to dust, and raised out of the water where the Holy Ghost descended as a dove; symbolic of the peace of God that is manifest inwardly and outwardly when  RECEIVE the Holy Ghost, a holy member of the Godhead, INTO our hearts.  

He witnesses that our sins are forgiven; our sins being separation from God.  We know we are forgiven by “Peace which passeth understanding”.  Then is it finished?  
No, we must then Follow what the Savior did and that is to minister to the poor and the afflicted, learning the healing arts as well as loving and forgiving ALL as He forgave us on the cross.  We put him there.  Our sins, our judgments  of each other, as well as our misunderstandings, our prejudices, and our brokenness.  He then, was broken completely on the cross spiritually when the Father withdrew his Spirit; the ultimate in suffering is separation from God!  
Our Father, our Life, our Creator of our Spirits.  He was laid in the tomb, rock hewn from the earth, and placed in the bowels of the earth, where all dust came from.  He is the rock of salvation and laid amidst the rocks.  But the rocks knew their Creator.  The plants knew their creator.  The animals knew their creator, and every element wept.  The earth was torn asunder on many continents when the Creator and Savior died.  

We too must lay down all of our brokenness and come to know God on a personal level.  That’s how we started.  We walked with God in our very beginnings, as spirit children.  We cannot be happy until we know Him.  And we cannot be joyful until we have a mortal, physical experience and know God in our dust, or mortal state.  
Then the Savior, through the power of the Eternal Gods within, the Gods that had risen from dust, just as he is, used the power he had been given through his flesh, by being the direct son of God, in the flesh, and through the infinite power to create life and world without ends, and through the ultimate Love of God, which is the final power that makes God Eternally Joyful, he commanded his body to come out of the grave and become ONE with his flesh again.  But flesh that was renewed to a holier state.  Flesh that now knew all things.  Flesh that was purified by light, God’s love and God’s power to Create world’s without end.  He calls for us to rise from our dust.  To rise from our sorrows, our hurts and our pain, or lack of feelings at all!  “Christ Jesus, make me whole again!”
Being obedient doesn’t make us perfect.  Being a law keeper doesn’t make us just.  Being good doesn’t make us full of charity.  The only thing that can bring us peace, love and charity is to lay down our imperfections and call upon the Lord to strengthen us.  To open up the Gifts of the Spirit that are within us.  To walk with us through our spirits every day.  

The barometer of whether we are walking with Spirit is Within ourselves.  Are we peaceful?  Are we kind?  Are we thoughtful?  Are we prayerful? Do we feel the love of God in our hearts for ALL our fellowman, especially those who have hurt us, or mistreated us?  Because we are spirits eternal, we are to become like the first Son of God to walk with completeness and love and truth and light; Jesus the Christ.  And how can we do this without having a broken heart and a contrite spirit?  We do not change so others will change.  We change so other MAY change.  

And, we really aren’t changing.  We are coming back home.  Back to the state of our perfectness and peace.  But this time with a body that was crucified by pain and suffering while in the flesh.  A body that now know, or dust that knows itself.  The elements will obey.  What will we ask?  Do we have the faith to follow the perfect exemplar before us?  Do we have the faith to ask for his Help?  To SEE Him, to invite Him to be present. 
Read 2 Nephi 2:4-29

Morning is Male

Morning is Male
June 17, 1994
Morning is male, balancing to both male and female.   First comes the blue light; night spirit, female, 2nd Pink; male.  Thank Father God for the new day; Rejoice!  The pink signals morning, the flesh.
Third, yellow; Center –Christ
Noon is wholeness
Afternoon; completeness, balance
Yellow light; serving Christ
Evening Pink; Thank Him for the day, for the newness of the night—“a new day, or birth, coming” –In  Ancient days the evening was a new day
The sky is Blue; receiving dreams and the preparation before for the night—or new day.
Dreams that come are; “Spirit first, then creation of the day, physical manifestations”.
Get up early mornings so you can RECEIVE God’s spirit in abundance (or light) in spirit and body; Go to bed early so you can be enfolded into mother and rest in peace.
Eve started the day!
Eve;  Night, or Sunset as the start of a New Day—all life starts in the womb, or darkness of the night.
Spirit preparation-dreams; female; in the darkness we unlock and reveal our fears, our guilt—or rejoicing; putting trust fully in God and His Plan; to learn Good from Evil and “be as the Gods”.
Our morning can be like a “mourning”—or how we felt at birth!  Bruised, sore in our chest from the burning of the air when it rushed into our lungs at that first breath—as we remember our waking life and the trials and tribulations around us—thus the  end of the sacred dreamtime, dreams of renewal, a time of peace, unless our mind is harrowed up about a sin or extreme challenges. 
Even though we wish to “sleep forever”, a way to get out of this cycle of pain is to get up and start the day with God!  Each new day is a new start, a new chance.
This is why when we have had enough sleep, and we continue sleeping, bad dreams enter from Satan’s realm; we are no longer in her care, her womb of renewal.  We get more fatigued and receive distracting messages.
Christ’s realm; arise early, from mother’s sleep, and enter into the rest of the Lord; when we get up early, we slip into His rest, His energy, and thus we enter into the “rest of the Lord”…. “That thy mind and thy body are invigorated.”
 The good work, physical work and manifestation are done in the daylight;  In the Light of Christ.
Notice mornings; we gather strength, balance physical energies and focus. Dreaming and night we do the same—
As you close your eyes, see the gathering of thoughts, images, etc. balancing and focus nights, dreams and energies; notice that the SUBJECT is usually the same theme.
Then towards morning, or noon, or the end of dreamtime, our energies are gathered, focused and we feel strengthened by the end of dreaming.
Right to Left                                           Male  à
Energy                                                                  Female
                                                                Position energy
                                                                Stirred up; the current lifts—birds soar
                                                                Negative. Down (hurricane)

                               Power                        Need both to be balanced

If a person stays too much in the spirit and dreaming and planning; all in spirit, or female, they will be unbalanced in the male!
Must “do it” too! This is Male energy; Action
Would we be ON the earth if God had stopped the process?
Women assisted in the plans.
Men (Adam) earth male, physical creation
Complete your balance by a physical manifestation of your dreams.

What are your dreams?
Simplicity, God’s peace and His Grace and His Will; as a Child; full of Charity
To have whole and balanced children; in Spirit and mind and body
Dressed properly for the occasion
Speaking well, educated

You must polish yourself, their mirror first; then they will make their own decisions.
To be loving; sensitive to spirit, to receive Joy, knowing Father above.
Able to plan, start and complete successfully a job, or project.
To have order through a schedule ; your schedule works—you  only can follow first female—first Eve.
Health and sound mind
Positive and truthful
Quiet (in the face of the enemy) and strong (focused, courage)

Light Warriors & Becoming Christ-ed Be-ings

Light Warriors & Becoming Christ-ed Beings
1994 & 2010
Warriors who guard the Tree of Life with the Cherubim and a Flaming Sword…It’s as if “they” reside near our ears…the channel where words come in, or our minds, where thoughts reside.
The light warriors are at our ears to accept only the WORD OF CHRIST; all else are cast out—and not allowed to enter.
Transgression is when, in quest of truth and error, error was allowed to enter the mind at all—if they had partook of “Eternal Life” (or had Charity, the pure love of Christ) in this moment, these errors (or sins…which are designed to separate us from the Love of God, or the Holy Spirit) would have locked in the error, or the darkness.  There would have been no light gained, no lesson learned; no progression towards being part of the pure light and returning Home to our perfect state; our Heavenly Home, which is within….”the kingdom of God is within”.  
These dark stains and spots would be forever in the mind, to haunt forever and torment man—and chain him to the dark spirits that have chosen to dwell with the devil and his minions. 
Torment of mind is when evil is allowed to enter by “examining it” first, and then once we discover it is tainted with questionable spirit, we don’t kick it out, or “spew it from our mouths”, but we end up embracing it….This is like walking through a muddy, insect infested swamp in a pure white wedding dress.  We will NOT walk out with a pure white dress!

The answer then is to; Look to Christ and LIVE. 

Look for the Creator’s hand in all of nature, go outside and be still in your mind, and let the light of the Spirit match up to the peace found in nature.  This is how we can learn what “the spirit of God” feels like.  Memorize this feeling.  Gain and gather this feeling inside your very bones, mind and own nature….then walk in this light.  The Light of our Creator, even Jesus Christ, who is LORD and who created this earth under the direction of the Father—so that Christ, when he suffered for our sins (separation from the light), could also suffer for the sins committed against nature, animals and children.  

He suffered because of our sins, and he suffered FOR those who suffer due to our sins.  For the innocent and for the guilty he suffered, overcame and rose from the grave of our deaths.  Because of him, we can live again, NOW!  We can walk in the light of God’s Love.  Go out in nature everyday!  Feel the Spirit of God that cannot be imitated. “Be still and KNOW that I AM God”.
Allow the “light warriors” to swing their swords through the WORD of peace, love and more intelligence entering in our ears and our minds.   Avoid Noisy People.

There are 3 “Signs” that a person has reached a Christ-ed State;
That the person you are talking to is rooted and grounded with “the TRUE Gospel” of the Creator INSIDE them, and are an active participant of LIGHT and TRUTH, or have a ONE-SHIP with The Christ.
1.     They LISTEN and ask thoughtful questions that bring peace, love and respect for all        life.
2.     They smile and treat you like the most beautiful thing ever created.
3.     They make you feel like you have just been walking in the woods on a beautiful day, or have been sitting by the ocean with the sun on your back.

How do we do this?
 Spend time EACH morning on your knees and have a DEVOTIONAL of choice.
Some like to “Balance their Chakras”, some sing Praises to God and the Lamb, some chant, read inspirational materials…..whatever brings you closest to God; Peace, Love and Laughter.

 PUT the CHRIST FIRST; He is your ONE to “see” and invite with you all the day long…Ask him what he thinks of things….ask him to walk with you.  Sup with him. Listen to him.  Read his teachings, understand his responses, and practice responding as he would respond. “Do unto others and you would have them do unto you.”

      Be tuned into Nature.  If in a city, “connect” with your plants—feel the subtle shift inside to one of stillness, and peace…..quiet listening inside all day.  Breathe!  Realize breath comes from the trees and plants and they in turn appreciate our breath!  It is their life too. 
            Repent, or turn away from anything that is not LIGHT; peace, love, kindness, stillness of mind, respect….anything that does not build.  If it destroys, it is darkness.  If it builds, it is from the Power Source, or God, who is our Home, our Purpose for being here is to return to our perfect state of light, love and pure happiness; able to be Eternal Beings, and be able to create “worlds without end”.
            Learn!  Seek to know the truth.  Not in a bullish way, but by asking thoughtful questions; of God, of man.  The more we learn, the more we are able to learn.  “The more light & knowledge you gain in this life, the more advantage you will have in the life to come”

     Rest properly.  Take time each morning to have your Devotional.  Take time around 1:00 p.m. to take an hour rest from your work. Get enough rest; whatever this is for you!  When you are weary, your work suffers and your body.  Get away from the work for awhile, go play! 
            Practice being Aware.  Pay attention to the weather, the stars, emotional patterns of the day, of the year….watch what kind of animal crosses your path when you are thinking or saying something.  What numbers show up when you think or say certain things?  The clock is designed for us to become more in tune to our inner world, not to become crazy or obsessed! 

     Report back to yourself and to the ONE (God) at the end of each day…usually around 9:00 p.m for those who follow the clock….This can be done through journaling.  Express Gratitude for all that has transpired during the day to give you life, love and laughter.  Write them down.  Moment by moment we gather the light.  

 Go to sleep with a prayer of thanks in your heart!

LIGHT Tracks...

LIGHT Tracks
Yea, even the Glory of God Is Intelligence, even light and truth.
Christ is the LIGHT that shineth in darkness;  The Lord Is my light

3 Nephi 18:24 ; "I am the Light which ye shall hold up.  That which ye have seen me do."

How do we bring light? 

Life- long refinement, sometimes physical.
None of us can live on “borrowed” light for very long…it always fails. 
1-Life- long earnest study of the scriptures
 To know Him so we can BE like Him
What He wants us to DO
So we feel HIS love--and then we will “be where He is”.
The Fault we see in others is the one we struggle with –
3—Keep a Positive Attitude
Count our blessings
4—Regular church meetings
Spirit is the “stress buster”
True test of a good talk or sermon or if they do something about it.
5—Focus on what is important in life.
Trivial things have to be advertised because they ARE so trivial.  Look at what you give time to.
6—Work and Effort
Service in Celestial kingdom

Matthew 5 "That they may see your good works and glorify the Father, which is in Heaven."  

Work and effort is one way we can glorify and worship Father.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Was There All Along...

It Was There All Along….
February 2, 1994
Hasn’t “given” anything or taught you—just AWAKENED it from inside you! Wisdom, or Truth, was there all along.
Plants that grow heavenward high up off earth are healing for:
1.       Upper Part of Body
2.       Males
3.       Balancers for females and
4.       Balancers for lower part of body
Root vegetables will heal female, balance male
Color is a clue also.
YOU cannot “heal” anyone or “help” anyone. Anytime you feel that eagerness, beware. Double your efforts to center on God and His will.
Close your mouth.
Quiet your mind.  Open your heart to God on Questions you ask them.
Do not plan on what to say.
Keep a quiet, peaceful, mind.  Past is that-Past.
Wait to be sent by Spirit; strongly, warmly- and wait to be asked once there.
Do not explain to others what you are doing unless they ask-even then, go carefully-following the guidance of the Spirit.
The earth, parts, can be male or female, depending on types of plants that naturally grow. 
Dry-Male-High growing plants
Moist; Female-root crops
Rocks; expanding-female
           ; condensed-male
Gold; female-soft, expanding, pliable
Silver; male-more condensed
Express your heart’s emotions; Happy? Feel it, say it quietly
When talking with someone.
THINK, so you FEEL: “I love talking to you”
and tell them how you feel about them--a Positive thing

Don’t allow a shadow to descend inside of you anymore.
Today is now a day of light, of truth, of rejoicing, Preparer.
Christ is coming!
You are not here to analyze your spouse, or figure him out—only to Love him unconditionally.  Bless him, pray for him.  Listen to and care about him.  He is not here to teach you, but to LOVE you, to care about you, to lead the family in righteousness.
His Warrior hates darkness anywhere-including in himself, just as yours does.  If your shadow stirs up his shadows, he hates you-not you, but your shadow that stirred up his shadow.  But remember, neither shadow is real.  It is when we attach meaning to these old, past emotions and wounds and attach ourselves to our hurts.  Become addicted to blame.  Adam fell through transgression and automatically blames Eve.  Eve automatically takes the blame and walks in guilt.  Once Eve has accepted Jesus Christ through sacrifice, the gospel and consecration of all she is, or thinks she is, she need not walk guilt’s path anymore. Adam’s blame is not true. Eve’s guild is not true or helpful guilt.  Let go of the guilt! Do NOT accept the blame. Only ask; “Where is MY accountability in this?”
Look to Christ and live.  He is Eve’s Savior.  He is Adam’s Savior.  As long as Adam continues blaming he is not standing in the Light of Christ.  If he, when trouble strikes, speaks kindly, takes responsibility for his trouble, or part in it, then that is a sign he is standing in the Light of Christ.  If Eve stands tall, accepts responsibility, IF she has done wrong, and can forgive and go on, not wallow in self-inflicted guilt, and allow the Savior, receive the Savior’s Love and At-ONE-ment, forgiveness-- then she is standing in the Savior’s light.
When Adam or Eve are wallowing in any shape or form-- in blame, or guilt--point them to Christ. Look to Christ.  Remind gently of Christ, or if too closed and dark, angry, then pray to Father for them in the name of Christ.  Imagine Him standing by them with arms outstretched. This is how you “Bless Them”!
It Works!

In the South Look West-Using the 4 Directions to See

In the South Look West
 June 19, 1994
Sitting In the south, looking west, sitting in the east direction-- Coming from the south east, south side of this bowl/valley.
Then by Doing, you become whole, complete the circle--
Power for the righteousness.
[Illustration]                                                                       wind goes up…”Breath of God
                                                                                                Direction to go…UP!
Bear Rock              Father     Child in the east    Mother, north

                                                                                                Mother, child    Father
The direction of rocks has done a full circle; female power—life
                                Place of wisdom in the North (a Dream night…Spirit FIRST)
Making dreams come true.  Using “male shield”—Taking small action each day…steady.
Work, or idea, or dream is done or fulfilled with mother in place of wisdom, Father in innocence, child in the East.
South; Father—innocence
Creates Purity, Harmony, completeness
All our lives we are following this pattern—we dream, we move uphill in wake time and when done with a task, we move to a place of wisdom-North, or Spirit.
Female power in completion
A place of wisdom (male) --and innocence-- with thanks to God for ALL.
In the millennium Father (Male) will be moved to a place of innocence and female (earth and sister). Will be moved to a place of wisdom-Spirit.  Earth will open up and give out her hidden treasures and sacred knowledge. 
All shall sing praises to Christ, the Lord who also sits in the North—wisdom.  The child (Holy Spirit) will sit in the East looking west and inspire and we will introspect on Lord’s goodness and mercies.
 All will be one great whole.  All cultures, nations that are righteous will see eye-to-eye.  And we will dwell in Zion, one of heart, because the God our creator of body will be our center of worship and His son, our Redeemer, our center to God, the creator of the earth. 
God created the flesh of our body and our spirits were dreamed by Mother Divine and Father in Heaven, and made alive, through pure love. The Plan of Happiness was created in ancient councils with much  rejoicing in our existence and continuation of growth—And God said; “it is my work and my Glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”
The Son was commanded to go down and create the heavens and earth for our bodies and spirits to dwell upon.  All things are in likeness to Him and point to Christ.  Who is NOW in the fullness of the Father; When we see one, we see both the Father and the Son.
Dream is Father, male.  Living it is female, Christ’s way.
To live, to do, to Be.
Women who have choice, need not “go to work” to be whole.  But they do need to honor and obey the voice of God.  His Spirit voice-is sent through the Holy Ghost-and they must do those things that come in dreams and into their minds with power, light and truth-IF they want to be whole in Soul, body and Spirit.
Once women heal, then men will find they are free to be whole as well; it completes a circle and moves both of them forward into more power, love and sound minds.
Men cannot and should not “do it all.” Their woman is a helpmeet. Male is leader, receiver of Father, or the position of Father in the North. He must learn to hears God’s voice ,for his family.  God rules in Love. There is no other way. “Charity never faileth”.
Their marriage union cannot move to the power position of humility and innocence, in the South, until women are wise and move uphill to the North direction, toward God and Spirit, while still sitting in the South, or innocence-being humble and teachable. When women deny their innocence and humility they open and break, they deny the man, the full circle.  That is why men need women; to nurture all life within them, and women need man to provide, protect and witness of God’s love.  This brings completeness and happiness.  When done consistently, they will have JOY-together.
Living with respect, honesty and compassion bring UNITY, the creation of a God-like Union. This is as the God’s intended. One is not above the other, but together in harmony; serving God together around the wheel.   
I just found a new three pronged branch; STRONG this timeJ
[August 14, 2010—This week I have been wondering why I have been pushing myself so hard to work, work, work.  “Is there really any value in all this work?” I asked.  Then this morning I read this from my blue walk journal, from my treasured walks in the hills of Poway. (I accidently wrote the word POWER, instead of Poway….very true.  That’s where I found power!  I felt so much better after reading these words.  Tonight, as I did errands and spoke to a friend, we touched upon this very topic.  And I shared this thought; how we dream first. Or “see” things in Spirit form…in our minds eye and feel it resonate through our bodies…many times we “sit in spirit for so long”, in the place of gathering ideas, and learning---taking classes, etc, that nothing gets “done”.  It may seem like we are getting things done because we are learning, but essentially, we MUST create something PHYSICAL!
Some people around us may start saying to us that we are” forever planning on our success, or always learning but not ever doing, or ask us, “Why are you taking another class? Don’t you already know it yet?”…that’s a clue we have sat in spirit, or dreamtime for too long. 
One day, a year or so ago, I was shifting yet another pile in my office, writing out all these ideas, for yet another project when these 4 words came into my mind:  “Action, Order, Rules and Identity”. So I wrote them down;
1.       ACTION
2.       Order
3.       Rules
4.       Identity
“I must take Action first?” I had been waiting for some magical day to DO.  As if “someone” or “something” was going to reach down from somewhere and give me permission to start.  That somehow I would know inside that it was time and I would know everything there is to know to get the job done, since I had studied so long and so hard, and spent so much money on classes, courses and trainings.
It wasn’t happening.  I was just spinning my wheels!  No one was going to hit a start button, and all things would magically clear out of my path!  Nope.  So I took ACTION.  I got a job at a website building company, then an internet company.  But by then the “recession” hit, and I was told I had “the summer off”.  I knew it was a nice way of saying “You’re Layed Off.”  He even called me a couple of months later to write webcopy for him—we still were friends, the economy had just made it impossible for him to keep me on as a salaried employee.  It was time anyway. I knew it was time for me to get to work!  To implement all that I had learned from my studies—the south, on-the-job experience—the west, coursework—the north,  and observations—the east.
 But at that point, did I know everything? Not in the least!  In fact, the more I take action and learn how, along the way, the more I see EVERYONE is doing the same!!!  It’s a JOURNEY, not a destination.  But we MUST take ACTION and create a physical product or service.  It’s Time!
I “saw” the rest of my organizational system.  It unfolded on paper, and I had to carefully drive as I wrote it down in my Spin of Life Journal.  Sometimes pulling over if there was a large “stream” of information coming in through my thick skull…! 
I wrote out the Perfect 8 circles, and started organizing my office files accordingly.  I organized the whole office using the circles!  I see order and systems EVERYWHERE!  My kids laugh about it. 
On the way to work, I would listen to my Brian Tracy Coaching CD’s in my car, and fill my mind with ORDER and success.
Life started becoming magical.  My office nearly organized itself.  I can clean up a messy area in less than 5 minutes now!
AND, after being “let go for the summer”, I came home to my home office, and got to work!  I “bumped into” Armand Morin, joined his mentoring group, went to his Big Seminar 13, bought a product-building system with Jim Edwards, and really got to work!
He guided the process.  I knew I’d have to report to him and get what he expected from me, so it made me take ACTION!  I don’t know how anyone gets anything done without SOMEONE pushing them along! Thus, the power of Mentors.
Now,  I have my first book coming out, and more on the way.  It’s taken years, but I’ve had to be okay with the “When” it would happen, instead of making it happen in my timetable. 
The POWER TO ACT, and not to be acted upon is the greatest gift God gives to each one of His Children!  Our societies reflect our belief’s in either power to act and not be acted upon, or force and control.  Either someone else is controlling or you are forcing someone….creating weakness.  When people become responsible for their lives each day and have a basic community in place with the right philosophies, based on God, people can create amazing things.  And, because we have freedom to create, our people become great, our communities become healthier, our families prosper, and individuals can choose how happy they are!

If You Are Waiting for the Second Coming....

If You Are Waiting for the Second Coming…….
--Quotes from: The Christ Diet, p.142
“To be “ruled over” comes from the Latin “ruere”, meaning; “a guide for conduct”.
So if you are waiting for the Second Coming, it will be here when YOU decide to LIVE IT!
By nurturing all our bodies with The Christ Diet, we unleash the Creators’ life force energy to surge trough our every cell with the fire of purification.  It brings with it all the vitalizing forces of life and the eternal passion forgiving only love from our hearts with purity and innocence.
SEEK your blocks to The Christ; energy of universal Love and Understanding, and vitality can then flow unrestricted through our soul and out to the dense body.
KNOCK, and the doors will fly open to your creative powers, giving you the ability to access your highest spiritual intelligence.
ASK, and you will lovingly be given the keys necessary for true integrity and the conditions for the healing of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
ACCEPT your true worthiness, while joyfully and gratefully claiming spiritual responsibility, and your life will be filled with Spiritual Esteem and abundance of all kinds.


4X8 x 16 inches high grow box can grow enough food for a family of 4-6 people
Can be made with 2x4’s Made with pine, or cedar, etc.-- whatever is available, just remember that railroad ties have creosote.
Dig with a rotor tiller the soil prior to making the boxes (or hoe, if that’s all you have)
1 foot by 1 foot by 16 inches high’
Fill with 2/3rd PEET MOSS
With 1/3 good soil (or whatever you have)
Find and ADD WORMS
Feed them organic materials, such as peels, cores, plant matter, including grass clippings and “weeds”.
Use the soil they make in your GROW BOX.
On top of the cleared area, build the grow box, double the side at the top if you wish for a place to sit on while gardening…
If you desire, pre-drill the holes—smaller than the nails—for a tight fit.

From the Void Came Life

From the Void Came Life
July 21 1994
All life came from the Void.
 In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He spoke into the darkness, planted the “seed” or spark of life with his word and it, life on earth, and our lives began.  We came from the Void.
When we fear darkness, we fear ourselves, our very beginnings.
 Fear not. 
But be of great courage.  Honor your beginnings.  Be thankful for the warmth and safety of the void, the womb of life. 
The beginning of time—or time as we know it.

Fathers...Look Heavenward!

Fathers, Look Heavenward
July 27, 1994
Fathers look heavenward
River of life, which flows through
and allows the Holy Ghost
Son; beloved ground

                          Pray to God with an uplifted hands and heart


I found a blue rock at the beginning of my walk.  I now sit on a large yellowish rock.
Father’s Question: What are your desires?
That I may live and see and know me, as I am known.
That I may walk by the side of the Savior doing thy work with gladness and great joy
That I may see beyond the dark shadows of this world and see what light is on the other side of that shadow (opposites)
That I may serve thee with a pure and honest heart;   Forsaking all evil and temptation, realizing the Savior was tempted and overcame, knowing I will overcome through Him; I must.
That I may shine for thee, and be an instrument for good.
That my children will rise and call me blessed.
That my husband’s heart will rejoice in his wife (me) that I will remember the good times, enjoy them and stay focused in good.  Realizing the “bad” is simply strengthening the good, the light.
The beginning of that nonsense is as bad as the end.  Any type of sin is nonsense.  No sense. Destroys our Soul’s confidence, weakens our physical body, and blocks light from our Spirit.  “Eve”, or female, overcomes flesh by being ONE with “Adam”, or male--even if he’s a jerk at first….
Put your spirit in God’s hands and your flesh in Adam’s; to provide, protect and witness of God’s love; He has been called to be a “Lord over the whole earth.” It’s the only way for Adam to learn how, through experience, and through mistakes in pride, control and force, to learn through his experience what is good and what is evil.  To someday be a “Lord”, with Power, Love and a Sound Mind.  To be “exalted over his flesh” and to support Eve as she overcomes her flesh as well—together—this is why she is a “help-meet”.  She help Him Meet The Lord within.
Adam’s spirit, is called to rule over or be “Lord” of the earth; physical—Eve and posterity.  Eve physical –rib of Adam, and is called to be the Mother of all Living; relieved of burden of lordship.  Let Adam lead.  You bring life.  Nurture that life.
The only way for Eve (flesh) to overcome—by experience—her flesh (desire to be loved and adored) is through knowledge, experience and correct information; ie LIGHT from God, or Truth.  Seek after the words of Life, through Christ. 
Then He-Adam-Male/Husband and She-Eve-Female/Wife CAN and WILL adore and Love God=together.
It’s a patient, trusting in God, process!

Brain; Twin Dreamers

Brain; Twin Dreamers
June 18, 1994
Brain; Twin dreamser
Day Light
Day-Logical; action side; male
Spirit to be manifest physically
She already y knows about you in the dreamtime
Thank the Holy Spirit, god and Creator (Christ)
For manifesting—
A woman’s body is a symbol :                                       ( IMAGE)
IE: Life
See Life
Creation in represents the Earth
Women need to center on core, which is Christ; His Life.
Give thanks to God’s which made their flesh and “Mother/Father” that made spirit
Male symbol of spirit and heaven, receives Heavenly messages through mind (visions, revelations; I see, I think….”
Women through core (I feel, I sense)
the Traditional Cross is wrong.  It pulls negative spirit IN. Oppresses, Closes the conduits to heaven.   Closes the mind, the male.  Silences, ignores the female—no balance. No harmony.

I found a stick. A new one. Sturdy; to replace the other one I got when I first started my inward journey?
South; faced west.
Last one 2 ½ years ago; “It was weak because you were weak.

Day Light

Being A Goddess, A Priestess

Being a Goddess, a Priestess
June 1994
The shadow is only a part of this life where shadows dwell-- Time to step out of your shadows and into the light; Messengers abound-- Light and Christ. 
The Warrior sees and is attracted (to kill) the shadow.  But you cannot kill a shadow; you can only bring it to light. The more you concentrate on shadow, the more confused and lost you become.  Everyone is 99% light (to begin with) and 1% shadow—to define the light.
Your depression is your shadow.  The location of your shadow depends on the sun’s location.  When you feel the shadow descending, the only way to get “rid of”, or eliminate the shadow (which isn’t eternal), is to glow from within-- The light of Christ-- Glowing brighter and brighter (until the perfect day). 

Instead of wondering, “What can I do with my life today?” ask, “What can we (me and Christ) do together today to Glorify God?” You saw the light of a person really does show, is visible, and is on the countenance. 
It makes a lasting impression on the person who sees it.  It is real because Christ is real.  He is the light.  The source of that light-- the Author and finisher of your faith-- your progression.  It is now time to continue under HIS tutorship.
After you read and enjoy all your books; donate your books to the library and keep a sacred record of health, experiences, etc.
Highlight all Truth’s you find in your books. 
Instead of books and knowledge being in archives, on shelves, the eternal knowledge is written in your cells and mind and heart.
You will contain them in yourself.
All must do so.
Not to be imparted to others simply because they must receive them in their own way and time. The Lord has ALL in his hands.
Do not focus on husband--him loving you.  You just love and accept him.  Forgive his warrior.  It is attracted to darkness and showing it forth to light.  He hates death and destruction and when he sees it in you, his warrior comes forth, that’s why the anger. Wrath is death.  Death to the death and destruction he sees in you.  Thank him.
The fruit in the garden was sweet, but the consequences bitter.
Mortal life-- Mortal love=Conditional.
Spirit flows.  Open and receive it.  Ask your questions, and then stay quiet.
Don’t worry about losing your husband.  Not being “enough” for him.  You are enough and more.  Remember God put you two together.  And God is perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes.  Let your light shine.  You are enough!  Truth sets you free!


July 2 1994
Mankind hasn’t “given” anything or taught you—just AWAKENED it from inside you!  (Wisdom) It was there all along.
Plants that grow heavenward high up off earth are healing for the; 1. Upper part of your body
2. Males 3. Balancers for females and  4. Balancers for lower part of body
Root vegetables will heal female, balance male
Color is a clue also.
You cannot “heal” anyone or “help” anyone.  Anytime you feel that eagerness, beware.  Double your efforts to center on God and His will.  Close your mouth.  Quiet your mind.  Open your heart to God on Questions you ask them.
Do not plan on what to say.  Keep a quiet, peaceful mind.  Past is that—past.
Wait to be sent by spirit, strongly, warmly and wait to be asked once there.
Do not explain to others what you are doing unless they ask—even then go carefully—following the guidance of the spirit.
The earth, or its parts, can be male or female depending on the types of plants that naturally grow.
 Dry-male-high growing plants
Moist—female—root crops
Gold-female; soft, expanding, pliable
Silver-male; more condensed
Express your heart’s emotions—Happy?  Feel it, say it quietly when talking with someone.
“I love talking with you”;  Tell them how you feel about them.
Don’t allow a shadow to descend inside of you anymore.  Today is now a day of light, of truth, of rejoicing, prepare; Christ is coming!
You are not here to analyze your spouse or figure him out-- only to LOVE him unconditionally—and to bless him, pray for him.  Listen and care about him.  He is not here to teach you, but to love you and care about you; to lead the family in righteousness. 
His “warrior” hates darkness anywhere—including in himself, just as yours does.  If your shadow stirs up his shadows, he hates it—not you, but your shadow that stirred up his shadow.  But remember, neither shadow is real.  It only “feels real” when we attach meaning to these.  Old, past emotions and wounds and attach ourselves to our hurts.  We can become addicted to blame.  Adam fell through transgression and automatically blames Eve. 
Eve automatically takes the blame and walks in guilt.  Once Eve has accepted Jesus Christ through sacrifice, the gospel and consecration, she need not walk guilt’s path anymore, Adam’s blame is not true.  Eve’s guilt is not helpful guilt.  Let go of the guilt.  Do not accept the blame.  Only ask, “Where is my accountability in this?  What is my responsibility?”
Look to Christ and live. 
He is Eve’s Savior.
 He is Adam’s Savior. 
As long as Adam continues blaming he is not standing in the Light of Christ.  If he, when a problem comes, speaks kindly, takes responsibility for his trouble or part in it, then that is a sign he is standing in the Light of Christ.
 If Eve stands tall, accepts responsibility --If she has done wrong, and can forgive and go on, not wallow in self-inflicted guilt, and allow the Savior; receive the Savior’s love and atonement and forgiveness; then she is standing in the Saviors’ light.
When Adam or Eve is wallowing in any shape or form in blame or guilt, point them to Christ. Look to Christ.  Remind them gently of Christ—or if too closed and dark, or angry—then pray to the Father for them in the name of Christ.
 Imagine Him standing by them with arms outstretched.  Bless them.  It works.

As You Heal, You Will See Dark

As You Heal You Will See Dark
Use pungent plants, herbs as tea.
Daily eat plants that branch out (like nerves & the brain):
Forgo butter and use herbs or pungent vinegars.
Carry around earplugs—sharp, annoying sounds? PLUG it (these break down spirit and then body)
Vibrating, pleasant voices and music—“silence” too will OPEN us to Spirit and healing of the body
As you heal, you will see dark and hear dark things, remember dark and shadows—let go.
Just realize it is going out.
Rising up and out. 
Use “twin dreamers” help.

All Life Came From the Void

All Life Came From the Void
July 21, 1994
From the VOID came LIFE.
“In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.”
He spoke into the darkness, planted the “see” or spark of life with his word and it, life on earth and our lives began.
We came from the Void.
When we fear darkness we fear ourselves, our very beginnings.  Fear not.  But be of great courage.  Honor your beginning.  Be thankful for the warmth and safety of the void, the womb of life.  The beginning of time, our time as we know it. 

A Wife to Husband and Obedience...

A Wife to Husband
Wife to Husband; if you’re making a decision for me because your father did it, I balk, I complain.
If you feel good about it and it comes clear as truth does, from a sound principal then I will do.
I may not like what I do as I “obey”, that’s my choice.  I don’t have to like it.
My “job” and call is as Giver of Life.  To give that life I bring forth, through God’s help; life.  Life=Light.
To present all the good and lovely and virtuous things-- Too much T.V. breaks down--End to violence; or violence will be our end.

3rd Chakra--FORM

3rd Chakra
Solar Plexus
Perceptual Feeling

Building up Oneness and Spiritual Centers on this Earth;
“On Earth As it IS in Heaven”—In harmony with God’s Plan
Of Happiness; with Respect, Honesty & Compassion
“ Am I in Line with My Life’s Work—with God”?
The “FORM”—
“As we eat, so we are.”
HANDS for Meditation:
·         HANDS at Solar Plexus:
·          Make a tear-drop circle with your thumb and first finger in a loop,
·          Connect them one behind the other  with your fingers  on top of each other—
·         Held at your Solar Plexus
WORDS for Harmony:
·         The Divine Infant: “I now know that the, Spiritual Joy Body is within me,
·         Ever young, ever beautiful; with perfect beautiful eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and form…even the Divine Infant is within me; which tonight/today…is perfect.”
·         Then SEE your true Divine Infant Body and tone: “Hu” while you meditate and make
·         Sure your life is in harmony with our Prime Creator, the Divine Father.
FOOD for Life:
Spiritual—feasting on the Words of Christ all day long
Mental—Power to Act and not be acted upon, having your
Personal Code in Line with; Righteousness and Virtue
Awareness—Acceptance: “On Earth as it IS in Heaven”
Being Curious, instead of judgmental
Emotional—Happiness thoughts
Physical—Regular DAILY exercise, stretching, toning and proper Rest
SAMPLE FOOD: Green Smoothies for breakfast
Living Soup or Salads for lunch
Whole foods and health for dinner with a pleasant “treat”
FEEL Appreciation all day…..for something!

2nd CHAKRA-- Creation

To Build the 2nd Chakra & Improve Creations:
The 2nd Chakra, traditionally ORANGE, and the musical note of D
The Health of this Chakra influences and controls the energy of
The PUMPS of the body—such as
Harmone-run organs; womb/testicles,
Thyroid, pituitary, HEART, etc

Spiritual Law of Chastity or Virtue
—Bowels of Mercy
"In Harmony with Christ", the Creator/Bridegroom
You as the Bride symbolically—
“Virtue and Right-Use-Ness; Good Works—
Male & Female in Balance & Harmony
This area is for “the body PUMPS--
Heart, Lymphatic’s, Digestion and ALL Glands
Also called your "g-force" (glands life force center)

HEALTH ACTION: For Strong Abs & Clear Mind
       Sitting, or lying down:
Blow OUT all your breath Out…holding
Your stomach tight….then bring the air
Back IN through an “O” shaped mouth;
DO this 5 times, using the OUT
Breath to tighten your abdominal muscles;
Then after you’ve done the air pumping,
At the 5th IN/OUT breath, pump out the last air
 with 3 strong puffs, tapping the tongue against
the back of your upper teeth to make the sound;
“Te, Te, Te” sound while pushing out the
Last breath;  Keep your abdominals very
Tight and count to 8……..THEN, SIP the breath
Back IN with quick sips of air with your
Tongue against the back of your teeth to
Carefully let it in in SIPS….until your lungs are
Comfortable again. RELAX.
REPEAT the cycle 5 -15 times.  
NOTE: you will immediately be able to tell
If you have been drinking enough water…
If you haven’t, your mouth will go dry. DRINK

·         Pumps the air through your body/mind
·         Wakes Up and Activates the Pumps of the body;
·         Clears your mind; Gives you a Natural “High”
·         AND Tones your Abs for a “six pack”--from the inside out.