Monday, November 2, 2015

Don't Lose Heart As Mother

I was pondering my daughter's new baby and her experiences so far this morning.  These are the thoughts I felt and wrote down as I sat in prayer.  It Felt like Heavenly Father's council to a Mother's Husband;

"A mother's full-time job is to her newborn child--Not working on some project for a man!
In this she is doing God's work, not man's--and this is pleasing unto God--and He will bless her household greatly.

How she supports her family is to support her husband to Go to Work in Behalf of their Family; and for him to provide all things that are NEEDFUL unto them; NOT seeking more than is needful to consume it upon his lusts & pride.

His happiness is in his providing for his family--and with that extra time (not pursuing massive wealth for WANTS)--He can spend time seeing to his family's needs, and seeing to his wife's comfort; of mind, of body and of spirit.  This is pleasing unto God, for He does this for us daily!

What does she need today?  From Me? is the true father's and Master's question.  And he will pray about it---She often cannot express her needs or desires because of fatigue, or fear--or her gentle nature.  God the Father knows....Ask HIM!!!

For this is how He nurtures Mother Divine.  He is made aware of Her needs and does ALL He CAN to see to Her comfort.  THIS IS PURE LOVE.  God's Way.

This is what pleases God the Father the most: When man seeks to please his wife, then can the Heaven's open to the Riches of Eternity--then will he shine as the dews of Heaven.

Mock not these things oh man!  You will rue the day that you ceased to hear my voice "just because it was shared by a woman"--and an imperfect one at that.

My Word is Perfect.

All that strengthens the Human Heart is from ME, your God that Made You--Do ALL things in LOVE and Mercy and you will be Blessed in Your Home and Family.  In the End, this is the ONLY Unit that matters.  THE Highest Kingdom is Your Family MADE Whole and Perfect.

To this END I Work.  To this end you must go--or the Earth will be wasted at the coming of My Son--and My work will be made null and void and you will be a most unprofitable servant.  To be cast out with the sinners who would not receive more--because of their pride.

SHE waits for your love.  To fill her heart and rejoice in you and yours, and you will be surrounded with such Glory as you have never beheld--but this glory will fill your soul with such Joy as you knew not up to this day--

Try Me.  Try these words. Try My council.  It is true.  Go thy way and sin no more against My Word--from wherever it cometh."

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Eat From the Lord's Hand

Eat from the Lord's Hand--Micro Nutrients; Super Hero Foods 

December 24th, 2014

The "Natural Man" is our enemy too! And the enemy of our loved ones--in them, outside of them.  Through marriage we discover our natural man--a lot!  Faster and quicker than any other place.  

The rough edges are either rubbed off, or rubbed raw.  

Christ would say--"It may be fine for man--but what is Thy will Father?"

Is this how he made sure the "Saint" in him ruled over his flesh?
Being; "As a little child" is how we FEEL, not Behave!

When we are in line with the Father's will; 
List your "How You Know Your Are In The Natural Man"--when you are "an enemy" of your spouse--

The "Ego" IE "the Shadow" or "the Subconscious" and "the Traditions of our fathers"...the way they say things, and think things--pass on down to us.  These you will find! Not to hate your fathers, but to become of The Father.

The daily fight to be better, do better.

Example is the movie; Ground Hog Day.

"The Christ"

Find the difference --in feeling and spirit--between and the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost--

What MATTERS to God is YOU.
How you've grown. 

How have you improved?

I've chosen love over hate over and over and over--
Forgiveness over grudges--
Maybe no man will sing my praises, but if God is pleased, isn't that ALL that matters?

So HOW do we know if God is pleased?
The movie: The Hobbit
is a great example of the war within ourselves--of whatever tempts us.  In that instance it was gold and kingship (control of others) over his word, honor and friends (love and support) 

How many of you have an "island" in your kitchen?  It's kind of a re-set station; to remind you where you are in a recipe--a place to go back to--what kind of "re-set" island do you have all day--in the moment; to remind yourself to stay in the center with God's love--?

What kind of value am I to God? Husband? Family? Children? Mankind? 

Do we seek to "save the world" in the name of service to God, but lose our own family? Our own soul? 

What was Christ saying to the rich young man; Come follow me--sell all that you Hath.  He was being called as a Disciple!  And Apostle--perhaps to replace Judus.....But the young man went away "sorrowing because he had much" wealth--busy saving the world, but not saving souls from the world. 

What do we hold onto instead of living as richly as the Christ?

Celestial marriage is God's way of living--do we choose to watch another TV show, or movie instead of spending time with our "eternal companion"?  And "put other god's" before the celestial? 
It; Eternal Life--is our reward.  Living in Eternal Realms with God's of Life (and love)--forever in Joy, Creating, Happiness, Eternal Increase, Power to go and do anything, and Radiance.    Not a bad reward for "coming to Jesus"! 

You CANNOT get there without your spouse!
Then how do you treat him/her? Who can you SEE?
What value does he/her have to you?
What messages do you give her by your pause when she asks; "Do you love me?"--
or "What have I ever succeeded at?"  When your pause is  L  O    N    G...... it's obvious you haven't given their value and small daily successes much thought!

How well do you know him or her?
What do they do daily?  What are they caring about?  Where do they spend their efforts?

If you cannot love the one you are with, how can you hope to love many?

The heart--his or her heart--is what will remain after death.  Are you in his or her heart?
And why not, or why?  Do you open to him or her?  Is he or her IN your heart? Why not?

Is your spouse freezing to death around you?  Are you cold--or cool to them?

Do you harbor "old flames, or loves, or flirtations of another person" inside your heart?  Did you decide you "cannot love because it hurts too much"?  

But GOD so LOVED the world that They sent their only Begotten Son, that he should LIVE and die for us.  

LOVE is at the CENTER of all of God's acts; why not make it our center? 

Love overcomes all the rudeness, and coldness within us.  LOVE your spouse after God, even before yourselves--And see what happens!  If we truly are "one", you will actually be loving yourself too.  It's Nice how God works things of the heart.

An Exercise to Do:

Write out on a piece a paper a circle.
Divide it into 8 parts--and label each one;
Spirit & Self
Family & Relationships
Money & Investments
Meaningful Work
Fitness & Health
Light & Education
Service & Community
Goals; Gifts & Talents

Then, as yourself, as you Go around the Circle, putting a short answer into each pie place; 

"What Value Do I Have to Him/Her?" 


Spirit & Self Value:
"Do Not Council Me"

Family & Relationships:
"I'm the mother/grandmother"

Money & Investments:
"I am she who spends his money"


What have you heard them tell you about your value to them? 


The seed energy that sparked our life--the egg--came from our father.  Just as 75% of our genetic make-up comes from him, so does your father's thought-patterns and behavior!

If we cannot stand our spouse's father, we are in trouble!!

This suggests that the wife is patterning not so much after mother--that's the illusion of her training-- but is BEHAVING and thinking like HER father--and teaching your children to follow after the ways of HER father!  So disliking or competing with her father is pointless!

And, it is PROOF that Jesus Christ really WAS conceived by Heavenly Father's Holy seed; because everything he did was to "Be about my Father's business"--and it wasn't carpentry!

Until "the enmity" between man and FATHERS ends, we will war--first within--then without.

How do we over-rule the flesh in us?

Through making Christ our "new Father".

Eating His Food--changing our VIBRATIONS.
Singing His Songs--staying in that ENERGY
Thinking of Him--to OPEN to his Thoughts
Walking on His Paths--and Taking HIS YOKE upon us
THEN we will be given HIS reward; "I will make thy burdens LIGHT"
and "The TRUTH will SET YOU FREE"
--to Love unconditionally, as he does, and not battle with the inner natural (father) anymore.

"My thoughts are Higher than your thoughts, and my Ways, higher than your ways."

In other words;
"We will "Love thy neighbor's Dad, as our own Dad so Mother Earth can Have Her rest!"