Monday, November 26, 2012

Try or Test the Spirits

Living or Fresh Organic foods can cleanse and open us to the Spirit

Try and test the spirits; whether they be of God ---1 John 4:1

Test and try "truths" to see if they are correct principles.
Correct principles, or laws of God, will strengthen and heal you.
Eating with wisdom can heal our bodies, and open our channel to more light and truth.

Plant life; "body"--no soul--pure spirit, essence
Animal body; has a Soul--memory
Holiness; Holy Spirit is pure spirit, essence of God

Raw Food yearbook; condensed by Natural Hygiene health seekers
“American Christian Natural Hygiene Society”

The Price of Pure Love

Let this be a moment in which you gather you to yourself, into the arms of your own incredible love and acceptance—you, the beautiful human being; you, the deserving lover; you, the exquisitely dearly beloved.  For the love with which you love yourself is the truest measure of the love you can receive.  May you now receive love’s highest gift, a real person to love and enjoy.

Perhaps this is God’s truest freedom…being free to love Himself (or Herself) and not HAVE to be loved by another.  And perhaps the joyful reason for having an eternal companion is when they have become “eternal” they…and can see through eyes of love.  Maybe this is the only way to “attract” an “eternal mate.”  And the only way to become eternal is to be changed from the Natural man to a "man of God" (or woman)—God being an Eternal Be-ing.

And then God may say to the woman; “You are good enough for any man…are they good enough for you?”
Just love all and see what enfolds!

Thank You My Friend

Thank you my friend for teaching me to listen better,
For reminding me of my dreams
For accepting my gifts
For receiving my thoughts, and giving them a chance.
For helping me see that true companionship is possible by true communication—
Or that; communication of all levels really is companionship
For having integrity your whole life—which led you to being comfortable with like-minded,
Honest souls.
For being real--
--For being up, and down and acknowledging God.
For having an Open Heart and an Open Mind
For being a loving father
--And for your desire for a true companionship; one way or another.
For sharing your thoughts and dreams--
--For encouraging mine.
For seeing past flesh into the heart of all people
For treating all, young and old, shy, bold, pretty, not-so fancy, with respect and dignity and kindness
For acknowledging you feel, you hurt, you have pain, and want good, peace and true love; God’s kind
For being true to your marriage, through thick and thin, honoring the vows--
--And for allowing the free agency of men, women, children and spouse.
For focusing, through all and above all, on God—
And following Christ and trying to be Christ-like
For helping others, or always wanting to; For being interested, and interesting.

Seeds on Stony Ground

Helaman 12:5 ….Yea, how quick to be lifted up in pride; yea, how quick to boast….and how slow are they to remember the Lord their God, and to give ear unto His counsels; yea, how slow to walk on wisdom’s paths!  (Helper of Mankind)
Where the Lord God, who hath created them—rules and reigns over them—in great goodness and mercy
They do set at naught His counsels—Will…that God should be their guide.

:7 How great is the nothingness of the children of men, even less than the dust of the earth…for behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder at the command of our great and everlasting God.
:22, 23  Therefore, blessed are they who will repent and hearken unto the voice of the Lord their God; for these are they that shall be saved.
…and may God grant, in His great fullness, that men might be brought unto repentance
And good works, that they might be restored unto grace for grace, according to their works. 
…They that have done good shall have everlasting life.

It matters not that a man has the Melchizedek priesthood if the doesn't DO good works;
And walk in Wisdom’s Paths
It is a mere ordinance and not a Realization of the promise, yet.

Ordinance alone DOES NOT SAVE!
The ordinance is like a seed planted....If it is not nourished-- BY FAITH
Given sunshine—By following Jesus Christ’s WORD
It is as if it was planted on stony ground-- or tossed among weeds
Stony ground—Hard Heart; “We have enough” or, “The Brethren have not said that”
Tossed among weeds—Choked by the cares of the world; concern for riches, fame and glory
OR, trampled under the foot of men; what will THEY say? “Looking good to them, accepted by them”—“it’s not popular”
"Priesthood" is the power to give Life to all it touches.
Authority is an “okay from God to bring forth life”; to help women be a Life Bringer AND become truly the SHelper of Mankind.

The Breath of Life and Chakras....

It is still afternoon and I am outside by the pool.  I have just eaten Banana “ice cream”, with fresh blueberries and raspberries…I love this season!  I had called for the next Raw Foods location but it was yesterday.  Dominic was the host.  I met him on a Wild Foods walk last Saturday with Dad and mom.  He gave me information on Essential Oils and a Massage class and an interesting Breath Course.  

Do we Humans need to re-learn something so Simple and life-giving as the Breath of Life?!  When we truly use this Breath of life, we can see and understand from whom it comes; God’s breath of life! 
The Raw Food gatherings are on the 1st Wednesday of each month.  Dominic is about 61 years old and has 8 children.  He was a Franciscan monk before marriage—and he has such an interesting story.  After the kids got into college, he divorced and sold his mansion.  Then traveled around the world with a backpack for 362 days and has a great English accent.  He told me about what he called the “tribal pull”; how we have different centers in our chakras.
The lowest chakra-Root chakra is the “tribal “pull.  If a person is perceived as a “threat” to the tribe (society) it always causes ripples of disgruntled “Elders” or manly voices being voiced from the throat.

                                                                Heart                     Jesus Christ; Loving as He

                                                                Solar Plexus          God’s Will; always & only

                Change of Diet                         Belly                     

When you step up a chakra on the scale, it is always more “spiritual” --or closer to “God”
Eventually, all will desire to “step up” these chakras.

“Cursed is he that followeth after man and make FLESH his arm”
Does that “arm” represent his body and FLESH, eating flesh?
Body          Soul/Mind    and     Spirit    God ministers just right….Go to God

Seeing Life as Perfect

True peace is seeing life as perfect; even accidents, mishaps, falls and “failures”.  All is a teacher, lover, even Seer.  The earth, created by a Perfect Being can’t be anything but perfect!  Where do the different kingdoms come in? 
The different kingdoms are how people choose to SEE.  The amount of light, color, and truth they are willing to accept into the heart, into their beings.  Spiritual means letting go of piousness!
 We place shields around ourselves;
This must be stripped away until we stand naked before God and Man; “As a little child”
Each person has a gift of spirit however, if their avenue (body and cells) are not clean, their gifts are skewed into unhealthy, unrighteous dominion; warring natures.
Human conversation either sound like bugs, or the clean call of an eagle (simple and short)
One, no one, can trust in man’s voice completely—unless they speak with the “tongue of angels”; by God’s Spirit.  Even then, you have to filter and check the words, message and voice.

The voice of man and Satan end up as confusion, lies, NOISE, “logic”, restraint and Ego.
Message in our head—where the energy resonates—our heads are like a Receiving Station; the Key and Secret to knowing the TRUE from the FALSE.   

Left side, above the ear…a warning
Right side and toward the back side of the head is “of God”.  
TRUE and it will be GOOD for us; It usually comes quietly and peacefully.

Just as when you smell an herb, it tells you what part of the body it can help by where you “feel” the smell….It is the same principle with thought; except with thought it tells where the Source is coming from.

1.       GIFT OF SEEING: When a person thinks they see something but are in a judgmental state and are seeking to control the souls of men (or women), in any degree of unrighteousness, they “see through a glass darkly”.  The results can be to crush, break, and unfortunately they start trying through words usually-- like they are some judge-- to destroy the death they think they see.  This person only sees faults.  They mix truth with the false to make their story work for their darkened point of view, yet the person they are finding fault with will merely feel very confused to be around that.  They drag energy down and create contention and trouble.  True Seers use their gifts to bless and to heal, to warn gently according to the other’s agency.  They are a great blessing.
2.       GIFT OF INTELLIGENCE:  When a person isn't in a healing state—they will see all through their Ego and then pride; “Me, me…I did it.”  In a healing state, they can see the ego in others clearly, yet tend to point it out.  Eventually, the person will enter a non-ego state and step into acceptance, peace, love and be full of pure intelligence and joy!
Those that are not in a healing state may want to die.  They don’t see that life is being created and they feel dead or death.  They eventually tend to destroy themselves, good and snuff out the light around them.  Yet in a cleansing state, they cry a lot, see the hurt and the dead, they are hurt at the death and sometimes bitter.  Eventually, they go into a peaceful place in their own soul.  Then they create and see beauty in all, and love all around them.  They are very pleasant to be around and create JOY!
                          OUR BODIES ARE RECEPTACLES or RECEIVERS

Pure messages                                              Nature’s peace (open on top)           Satan’s attempts (warned on the left)
Come in from heaven (right side)                                                                          God is Joy!

3rd EYE “Mind’s Eye” SEE open to                                                                         Check the Face; is there a SMILE?  =Open to Light
                                                                                                                                Frown?  = closing….(Pray for them, and YOU!)
                                                                                                                                SCOWL?  =Watch out!  CLOSED (no light in)

TOP VIEW                          Back of head; clear message—come through here.

                                                3rd EYE; mind’s eye—visuals of past, present and future
Left side NOISE                                                                                                                 5 AREAS!  
“Logic of man”                                                                                                                                   Right Side
Natural man; enemy to God, Satan’s deceits                                                                  WORDS, Guidance
                                                                                                          Peace of nature, Heaven’s pure beam
                                                                                                                                    Of light, energy coils
                                                                                                                                        Angel’s messages                           

                                              Just love ALL and see what enfolds!

A New Heart

With all these experiences and journeys of the heart, I come away with a new heart.  Once that is full of love and promises from Heavenly Father and Mother.  That they know my heart to be good pure and desire only to Be One with their hearts—
I now know something with all my heart, that I wasn't feeling before—that they have my heart's best interest and will do all things for my own personal good.  I can trust THEM; 100% with my heart’s desire.

June 5, 1997 and October 29, 2008
Honor all those have died or labored for you to bring your life.  From your mother who gave you life to your father who supported that life.  And then your mother who nurtured that life, and then those who toiled with the ground to bring forth, from mother earth that brought fourth that life.  Then the sun the Father gave that sparked the seeds, planted in the mother who then nourishes the life within her bowels and from whence life springs.  Father gives warmth, mother gives life.  But most of all honor the Father and Mother who gives life to our Souls for “Man does no live by bread alone” and Mother to whom we are still connected to by that silvery-white cord in our hearts.

About Our Lives On Earth:
If one man lays his life down—for you, the rule of the Universe is that you never given up in your life—and you honor him by your life and how you live.
In the beginning, before this earth was created, and before we were born to God, Mother Father God, and had spirit bodies, we existed as Intelligence's.  And through other earths and progression, which also included obedience to the God’s,  we grew in light and became more.  When the Eternal God and Goddess united in love, that light combined and became “born” into literal Spirit children of God, born to the God’s.
Now in God’s Family, as His and Her children---made of Pure Light, born from Pure Love and now an Eternal Spirit.  We were literally made into their image, male and female.  Once Intelligence's, we now progressed to Spirits-- with godly form. 

Then came time for our further progression….we were happy, but not complete.  Not yet a resurrected body and spirit, or able to have Eternal Increase.  We wanted more; power, principalities, kingdoms too.  We wanted to become as beautiful and powerful as our Father and Mother in Heaven, one of the Eternal Gods, having Eternal bodies that could not only create, but reproduce, so we could also be eternal; clothed in power and authority.

The Universe is based on a grid-system, with kingdoms and powers beyond our realm of mortal understanding.  There are Beings out there that know things we may not know for Eons of time.  However, know this;  there were dark beings that came and started teaching the Father and Mother Eternal’s children around other planets and not on the planet Kolob, where we dwelt in peace and harmony, love and power. 

These dark ones taught principles of darkness and powers with that darkness.  They taught spirit’s about controlling the souls of men through fear,  and greed.  There is one in particular that we wish to tell you about.  His name was Lucifer, Son of the Morning.  He was bright from the beginning, and well loved by many.  But he was also very curious about everything.  He wanted to know it all and was impatient about the time table for learning.  When the dark ones came among us, he listened.  Most would not, but he thought he was being “enlightened” when he was actually being darkened.  So much so that he lost his ability to reason within the light of Kolob and was cast out.  This angered him and he asked the Dark Ones to teach him how to get his power back. 

They gave him a dark power and taught him all the dark arts of sorcery and more.  He was called the First Master Mahan, and went back to preach his ideas to others.  He gained many followers who were also cast out of Kolob, or “Heaven”.  They came to earth and continue setting up their kingdoms, and teaching followers.  They are the bringers of knowledge of the dark arts and set up the Secret Combinations to rule this earth.  They are very active and very deceiving.  And since the souls of men here are in a lower vibration, which they are, and have been since the beginning, because that is where they work from.  The place they come from is known as Sheol.  Those who deny the Christ, after they have seen Him and have had the Witness of the Father of His Son, are also given over to the powers of the dark ones, and have to enter “endless damnation”---this is their “punishment”.    These are the Son’s of Perdition.  Satan, or Lucifer is a Son of Perdition.  He chose his state of being and will never be returned to the state of light and love where he was in the beginning with all of Father’s children.  We mourn for him daily, and all those who follow the Dark Ones.  But they exist in this Universe, because the Universe contains all the laws, including the Laws of Opposition.  This is how Jesus the Christ could imbed this earth with the law of Opposition, he not following after evil in any manner, had to take matter that followed “evil” and build an earth with both---the obedient to light and the servant to sin.  This is why the sorcerers of this earth can find darkness on this earth and command it to obey;  this is why you have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more.  This is why there is death and suffering.  Because the Dark Ones exist in the Universe. 

Yes, it is a battle for light and against darkness prevailing over the hearts of the children of men.  But the God’s of light and life know that the most powerful of all, is charity. It is imbedded throughout ALL matter, throughout all the Universe so that when the elements decide over darkness and desire light, or love, they can be redeemed.  The Savior’s light and redemption is written in the very fibers of the Universe.  Light always moves the darkness out.  Love always wins. 

And so in the very beginning of our beginnings, The Plan of Salvation was presented before the council and assembly of the Gods.  A plan designed for our growth and progression.  An earth would be made, like all the other earths made through eternities, and laws would be built into that earth, designed for our growth.  We would need choice and we would need bodies.  But only temporary bodies that we would lay down at death, and later be resurrected for eternal progression if we had chosen eternal life, and these eternal bodies would then be like our Father and Mother Eternal.  

On this earth we would need to be subject to good and evil, light and dark, healing or death---and have a veil over our minds.  Then, according to our choices, we could begin to remember who we really are, and can be, as we seek the “light” or truth available to us.  In this plan, the Eternal Gods, also planned for wise men to be taught by angels and by the Holy Spirit, one of Father’s children that would be ordained to this “calling” throughout our mortal lives, and not take upon himself a body until his time was finished, so that He could whisper to our eternal bodies, truths of the Eternities while we were in our mortal body state…and if we heard and listened, then we would be in a “blessed” state; gaining more light and more Intelligence from the Eternal God’s, and coming closer and closer to who we were before this life. 

However, we were told that, because the law of opposition would be in effect, we would be in a state of sin, or separation from God, or worse, choose to break laws of progression, and then be in a “damned” state; closed from the heavenly light and intelligence, closed from deep spirit-felt happiness and our progression towards our eternal selves would be halted….until we “repented”; or came to understand what we did or said was “wrong”, or not what the God’s of light and love would do or say or be.  Once we repented, the light could be in and around us again, and our progression towards eternal happiness and power could start up again.  The laws were set.

We wondered what would happen if we didn't repent and how our bodies could be reunited with our spirits.  We asked;  If I don’t repent, or know about God, will I be lost forever?
There was some concern that souls would be lost forever, and so a battle of questions began.  The Eternal Father called for sons to come forth to be a Savior to all.  They would need to be the most valiant, the brightest light of all His children born in the spirit.  

Two sons stepped up; his firstborn in the Spirit and he that was called the Prince of the Morning, another bright spirit.  One was called and chosen to be the Savior, being the Firstborn in the Spirit and would need to be the firstborn on earth as well—an eternal calling, and the other one was called and chosen to be the “devil”, or Lucifer; the opposition for our eternal spirits, being in spirit.  And so with power and love, both were called and chosen and ordained before the Council of the Eternal Gods, to further the progression of the Father and Mother Eternal ‘s children, formed by pure light, love and in a “spirit” state at this point in their progressions.  Out of love all was called and chosen. 

The Father’s Firstborn Son, called Christ, and was ordained from the beginning to be the Savior to all mankind, regardless of their mortal choices.  All living things have a core.  His inner core was love already, and he was the Eternal Father’s Firstborn Son.  And with the position of Firstborn, came Inheritance responsibilities, and the responsibility to be an example to the rest of the children.  And so, in order to have choice while in a mortal state, on a earth, created by the Christ for our progression and for his progression to be like the Father, knowing how to create worlds without end, the other son was accepted to be the Devil, or Satan, and out of his love for us, and desire for us to progress towards Godhood, a priesthood ordinance of the Gods would have to be done. And only by the God of all Creation. It affected Lucifer's core--his core being changed to fear.

Since we were in a pure spirit state, it was emotion that had to be changed, since our pre-mortal spirits were light at this point--pure feeling.   And it had to be changed by great power and priesthood because our eventual inheritance was Charity; the Pure Love of God.  The Highest Frequency and existent state of all—just like our Eternal Father and Mother.  What else could it be, but matching our Creators; our Parents.
Thus, in the beginning, in the Priesthood councils of All Gods, opposition had to be born for our Eternal progression and choice.  And it had to happen in our Eternal bodies, or Spirits. 

The Satan, devil, or Lucifer--all the same entity--would be cast to the earth by Father, into a lower realm of darkness, along with those that followed him, and through the vibration of fear, they would “tempt and try” the minds of the children of men, and seek to take their souls. If they listened to his fear and his words, or the words of those that followed him, they would be trapped in his world, his “hell”.   For those who hearkened to fear and temptation, without repentance, they would be unhappy, their hearts would grow hard, they would have a hard time understanding truth and light, and soon they would mock the prophets and even kill them.  

They would live in fear, greed, selfishness, and “sin”; they would be separated from the God that gave them life—and from their own Eternal Spirit.  When they had their “judgement day” they would gnash their teeth and grieve for their own choices, for their own blindness and wish the rocks would fall upon them as they stood, in the end before the Eternal Gods again. Because remembering what they could have been, and what they were in the beginning, would tear them up. And the horror of what they didn't do, when they were given the chance, over and over in mortality. 

But for those souls, body and spirit together in a mortal state, that:
kept a soft heart, 
a gentle heart and didn't harden it, 
but stayed “as a little child” before the Father, 
and sought to learn light and truth and listened to the words of good men and women, 
that taught from the tree of life, the Love of God, 
and who hearkened to the angels of God,
and prophets of God,
and the promptings of the Holy Spirit
---and repented of their sins, or any separation from the love of God and light they knew about--- 
these souls would progress and grow “in light and in truth”.  

These souls would gladly follow the ordinances and councils of the prophets and fellowship with their “brothers and sisters”, going into prisons and helping the poor.  Their state of mind would be sound, their love growing, and they would live in peace in the world of chaos.  Their spirits would understand true power from God.  

Would they follow the Father’s Plan of Light, love and progression, or would they hearken to lies that dragged their souls into a state of fear and lack of progression….a “hell” state of being--to 
call Father’s sons on earth to be under his rule, but would take away their choice, or agency, by darkening their minds and eventually, if they continually chose dark over light--choose fear over love--be chained to a certain “hell” state.  And if they, over and over in their mortality, chose evil, or disobedience and darkness, they would be consigned to stay in a spirit prison after their life.  

If they saw the Christ, in mortality, and had Him witnessed to be The Christ, the Son of our Living God and then rejected him and his message of peace and love and light--they would be cast away forever and not have any part in further progression.  These were, and are called; Sons of Perdition. 

But first we, without the memories of Eternity, have no real choice, but learn through the law of opposition, which is in effect. We gain a "new life" through the Christ, when we chose Life.  And then someday the Savior will ask, “What have you done with the new life that I gave you?” 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

PMS You Want!

Positive                                             Mental                                                  State
Wisdom’s Path                                  appreciates &…                                 a place of Being
Christ Directed                                  …Celebrates…                                   as Self
God-Centered                                  …your mind & …                               One with…
Happy                                                   …Inquisitive way…                           …all good
Flowing--                                             …of thinking                                       a “God state”
Movement forward                        Figuring                                                                Now-ness
“Is this loving?”
Power                                                   Love                                                      Sound Mind

Companionship—Love, encouragement, honoring, trusting
Help-meet—Helping the other meet their goals & objectives; and to “meet God”.
Oneness—Towards God and constant positive growth and learning
“Taking time to sharpen the saw” –Steven R. Covey
Quiet morning devotional with God & Self—Prayer, meditation, scripture reading/inspirational, uplifting thoughts; Focus on the day and your “mission”.
Speaking, thinking and acting respectfully to and about them….Always.

Perfect Together as Male and Female

I went to Debbie’s 9:00 “bruiser” class, “I called it Muscle Maker 2”— I've lost 8 pounds by dropping animal out of my diet.  I was an 8 pound animal. 

I had three most wonderful and amazing experiences today.  One, while talking in the gym and hearing male-female difficulties.  There was this bright light thought through my whole head to toe that said, “I get it!”
Male and female trials are designed perfectly!

When woman drops her;
And control
Over and about one another
And Loves
One another…
The male and female can become ONE with God
Or “Zion”
The perfect Union—Joy and ecstasy.

And I got such a tremendous feeling that it is possible in this LIFE!
For all to achieve this but….
However, only one condition;
That BOTH, Male and Female are
Willing to Let God
and Be Healed; Trust Christ’s atonement
And Let God; knowing HE is Just and SHE is mercy
And Simply;
And rejoice in one another
Being Attracted to;
His/ Her
And Body
The Sexual Union is the “Temple “marriage in Spirit, and Body (Eternal Spirit is IN the body…)
Making love to his/her Spirit, not just flesh, guarantees a “body resurrection” together. 
Familiar unions; because Love is forever.
God is His/ Her temple.
I haven’t felt that HOPE since a young girl.  And it’s not just a Hope now…it’s a KNOWING!
I stood there, feeling absolutely certain, through all my cells and Being, as I stood in that hallway talking with my friend. 


And I saw (again), that male is like;                                                          and she is;
The Sun                     Intelligence                                                         like an Earth--- rays of warmth go
                                Spark of Life                                                                       To the earth…the female gives her love
                      BRIGHT                                                                                           And receives light.
He is Perfect as is, with his own Roles                                         Earth is perfect as she is—A Life Bringer,
And purpose—Helper of Mankind                                             Nurturer—“Mother”, creative, beautiful,
Look into his eyes and see his LIGHT!                                      Colorful, playful, pleasing to the eye.
Their Union together brings LIFE and Goodness---Both working together for their “children”, or LIFE and good.
The Sphere teaches symbolically about Eternity.  Expansion, and how there are many, many spheres that are never ending.  Love is eternal. 


We begin at birth; we “end” at birth, then have a re-birth
Oneness with mortal parents;
Egg, spirit and seed
Zion; one with God—2 Priesthoods—
Mother, Father, Soul

Perfect Love is Now-ness!

In a brief and funny conversation with my friend, we've decided that our mountains of laundry are simply a part of the landscape; “Purple mountains majesties….” She said, and the kitchen is the “fruited planes” that are all over the kitchen from small little hands.
It’s all about trying…..let those things flow through you and not get emotionally bogged down with housework to be “done”…..

And later I was in a bookstore, grazing the titles and dipping into the waters of light and truth in each opened page, some thoughts and words to spark remembrance;
The title called; “Slowing down to the Speed of Life” by Carlson and Bailey.  Even the title is great!  “How to create a more peaceful, simpler life from the inside out”

Then also looking at the “Psychology of Mind”, training and seminars (P.O.M. Foundation)
“...It's not what your are doing that brings you joy as much as it is a relaxed mind-set.  When your mind is calm, your entire life will seem calmer.”
Being always “present” means that through our spirits, in a body, a NOW being, we can only receive what is being Spiritually broadcast constantly; inspiration, insights, dreams, visions, minds eye, animal message, nature’s spirit…which is constant. if we are in the now.  Thus the energy in us, and our mind light swells.”  When we are in the now; Past doesn't exist, nor does the future.

More from Slowing Down to the Speed of Life book;

Each time the issue comes back into your mind, gently put it back on the back burner again, until you have a strong sense of knowing.”  Going into a free-flowing mode”.
---This is so hard to do in our society of "make your decision now!", or "Make up your mind!"---
Decisions need not be the product of sleepless nights, but of a calm, clear certainty…
…Get out of process mode and go into free-flowing mode when it comes to deadlines.  It is how we think about deadline that determines if they are a challenge, a pain, or terrifying.
Appreciating each moment.

Remember, a mind that isn't distracted with it’s own thoughts about the past or future, is able to make wise, appropriate decisions.  This is not a prescription for denial, for pretending that life is different than it really is, instead, it is a reality check; a reminder that the only true working unit of your life is this very moment.  The rest is all in your imagination….
The only moment that you have any control over—is this one.
A calm mind, operating at the speed of life, is a compassionate mind.
“….A mind operating at the speed of Life, accepts things—and people—for what they are, right now.   You will still encourage your child to be their very best, but you won’t demand that they be better than they are to earn your love.  The result will be that your children will feel more loved and respected, which will increase their feeling of self-worth.

Every relationship has the potential for transformation.  A change in the level of understanding of even one person can put hope into the equation of love and shift the balance from despair to optimism.


When are you going to put that hamburger down….?
When the moooon turns to blood?
1 Nephi 17:35 The Lord esteem ALL FLESH
Mosiah 23:7  Ye shall not esteem one flesh above another, or one man should think himself above another 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spirit Message Statement

May my Eyes—see clearly, the spirit/body and sacredness of ALL
EARS—In all conversations, may I hear the Lord’s Word –so that I may be the Bride & he the Bridegroom
MOUTH—May I smile all the day, gently and greet all the friendly eyes and smile; open circle open triangle of Light of Love of acceptance of peace.
VOICE—May my voice speak with the tongue of angels; positive, light and love or silence as golden; peace—Songs of Praise, of Joy!  All the day—vibrations of Joy—Humming…..
HEAD SHOULDERS—that my head and shoulders will be yoked equally, next to Christ walking next to Him, and take upon me His burden as “Light”—Knowing ALL is GOOD!  And ALL will work for our GOOD.
BREAST—May I receive all that is pure and virtuous, in principle and doctrine and be always open to God’s love, so that I may be open to love all freely
GLANDS—Jewels of light and life; pure and clean—delightful
SOLAR PLEXUS—God’s will, not mine (Ego)
Daughter of God’s Will
ONENESS in Purpose
HANDS—Doing much healing and good; Life Bringing.
SPINE—Kundalini, power, pure energy, healing and holding only light, truth and life flexible, giving and receiving--Connecting in Holiness in a Marriage based on Sight and The Christ
BOWELS—filled with Mercy and Mother/Child love for all—cradling life in her arms.  Receiving the life that is there inward and outward—respecting her desire to protect the child by her tightening up and “ Nausea in the stomach” means danger to you or get out of there, or stop that death thought, or change locations, or person, or “shields up”--Make sure you have on the Full Armor of God
LOINS—eternal worlds without end—containing Eternities Promise jewels, universes, galaxy’s stars,
The void, where all life begins –grounding with Mother Earth
Honoring Father--The 2 Priesthoods--Cradled together in love
LEGS—walking on the paths the Lord has led you to, faithfully, peacefully; 
The Path of Wisdom & Spirit—running and not wearying for Christ Service—walking and not fainting from the work of the Lord.
Word of wisdom

Love and Perceptions

“Love to me means being truly comfortable.  Just having you around feels comfortable; what’s more loving than that?”

Do our perceptions make us feel uncomfortable?
Is a “sin” a false perception that we have acted upon, breaking the laws that keep us connected to the spirit light?  Fogging our clarity, or sight?

FEAR is said to be;

“Shut her down when she starts to remember”
“Shut her down when she starts to see”
Demons, and those in the dark, don’t want you to see their dark works, 
they don’t want anyone to spot their lies.
They rule from the place of darkness and lies.  They rule from the core of fear.
Fear of being found out.
They take what is sacred and turn it to fear.
They take what works and turn it to mysteries.

GOD is synonymous to simple truth and simple love; as a child.

All the answers, meaning all the truth and simple love already dwells within our Spirits, and our Spirit is directly connected to our souls.  Our souls are connected to our body.
What better way to separate mankind from the god-within but to make god live “out there”;
“God is up in a throne way out in the heavens”; untouchable, unknowable and not understanding.
Then the men of fear step in and say; "I will rule here."
And they do.

They rule with fear in the hearts of the children of men.
They stomp out everything that is worthy, good, light and happy.
They anoint our minds to forget everything that passes beyond this gateway.  
Forget everything you see and do.  
They drug the body so the mind is slow and can’t process reason.  
Then they strip you naked.  
You are vulnerable.  
Then they control everything after that and hurt you if you don’t cooperate, scare you and threaten your parents and your family.  
You think you are going to be set free but then you aren't.
You become numb to words.  
Yet the words are what they use to control you later. 
That is the pattern of those who separate us from our Spirit’s--from GOD.

This is a Myrna Script, with Ho-Oponopono added, plus my “Soul Synergy”
"Divine Creator,
Father, Mother, Son as One—
If I, My Family, Relatives and Ancestors…..
In Thoughts, Words, Deeds and Actions
From the Beginning of our Creation to the Present
Have offended you in any way, 
We ask your Forgiveness—
“I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, I Love you, Thank You Divine”
Let this Cleanse, Purify,&  Release---
Cut all the Negative Memories, Blocks, Energies and Vibrations---
And transmute these unwanted energies to PURE LIGHT---Soul synergy/Soul synergize---And it is Done."

Joy is Found Inside Yourself

QUOTES from Heroic Path, by Trafford

Criticism just makes us shrivel and die inside.
Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I don’t like the way you feel right now….but I love you and accept you, just the way you are, and I am taking care of you!
When you are unhappy or out of sorts, give yourself the same time and attention you would a beloved child who is feeling hurt or upset.  The little child within us is sensitive and responds to love.

Who then will give you the love and total acceptance you need for health and happiness?  It is up to YOU to find that love within yourself.
As you love and support yourself, so does God and the Universe support you.

Unconditional love has to begin inside you, right now.  Only then does life raise you up in strange, unexpected  ways and fill your life with miracles..
“Make a commitment to yourself to love yourself and find joy in your life.”
(Page 14)

Joy in your current spouse, marriage, home, family, friends.
Regardless of any response from others, joy is FOUND inside yourself—never outside yourself.
You can never give or make Love or joy in another person.

When you feel pain in your body when talking to another person they were injured in that spot.  Either by allowing it to hurt or being hurt first-- There is always a space of choice to accept as true or not.
Some pattern over again!
Because we have been hurt and criticized as children--we no longer believe in ourselves--or our ability to speak up! 

Which one is consistent and most honest;
Feeling loved  FROM EARTHLY Parents and Siblings or HEAVENLY Parents & Angels

“The highest mountains are almost always above the clouds.” 

An “enemy” is that which causes pain.  Perhaps agreeing with thine enemy, means agreeing with your pain—or someone else’s—in other words, acknowledge it.  

Honoring your pain is the first step to healing it.  Pain is like a cloud; it seems to be solid but is merely gaseous and can be moved, shifted and dissipated.

Some say that people change when they are married, but I say, “People try and change each other when they are married.”  Now that’s the misery!  We thought “love” and loving us meant, accepting us.  We didn’t’ know it meant anything else.  When we seek to change another person for our own benefit.  We chose them “as is”.  Perhaps this is why we are so happy around our friends…….we invite them into our lives when we want them in.  And perhaps this is why marriage is one of the most challenging and most unselfish of all relationships.
You know you have the freedom to not have them as a friend or take them as a friend, knowing exactly what they’ll give you, or not provide for your spirit’s growth.

For some reason, we look to the spouse to be the only one to “complete” us!
But how can an incomplete person complete you?
The only way to be Complete is to see ourselves as we ARE, and to Be Like The Christ.

They too are only made of bits and pieces of divinity; outwardly.
Inwardly we are all whole.  And it is, I believe, only when we go inward, and tap into our own, inward strength and true, whole and free connection to God, and the God within, that we truly feel complete; we’ve been complete all along!

A Realization of our Wholeness comes after a great deal of outer and inner challenges.
I believe when Jesus said to the people; be ye therefore perfect, even as I and my father are Perfect: he meant perfectly living and accepting!

Our bodies are like cracked armor, shrouding our perfect Spirits.  Each has cracks, dinks and holes in different places in that armor of flesh and mortality.  We can pretty much tell where the battle (pain) is taking place in, by different vibes and feelings we get from the person as we talk to them or interact with them.  We can also tell where our cracks are—whenever we get irritated or angry, that’s OUR weak spot to look at with the eyes of love

How do we suit up in protective armor
 Put on the whole armor of God, or in other words, allowing our pure Spirit to come back into our be-ing and dwell.  Since our spirit is of God and Goddess elements, spirit, pure---we allow them to “come back” through being “empty”. 

It’s crazy, but our whole lives we work to fill ourselves up with good things; thoughts, intelligence, memories that serve us, being “mindful” and becoming “aware”….when in the end, we empty all of the noise, realize that “we” (the human element) is “nothing”, or “void”, and when we allow the void to be free and clear, clean and quiet, our beautiful, pure spirit can, and will, come into that void.  Not only does nature hate a vacuum, but so does the Universe!

The more we “try” the more we “die”. 
Some of the strange universal, God-written laws in the fabric of time and space;
-The more we give, the more we receive
-to get out of negativity, we must think of what we are thankful for….continually
-Sin is separation from God; or our pure spirit that is continually connected to “God”
-Righteousness=right thought, positive, loving; right words….right path
-we don’t “own” anyone!  We are “sealed” into the pure spirit realm
-dominion means stewardship

Getting away from our domination's through “love, sex and marriage; our focus on our loins, instead realizing ALL are to be “as a little child of God; humble, meek, submission to God, willing to submit to ALL GOD sees fit---and GOD always comes from the place of Pure Love and Truth….so why not submit to the Right Source? 

The Love of the Heavens

Jesus Christ                                        Help                                                        Father,
Helper                                                Help me                                                  Mother
“I am”                                              Help me Be                                            And Earth
Himself                                               Be me                                                  Create us
Now                                                    me                                                       from the
The Great                                             Be                                                         Stars
I am                                                    I am                                                       Eternally
All that we need                               I am nothing                                               Forever
To succeed in                            I am nothing of this life                                     Promised
Our journey                                   I am life eternal                                              There
Is Jesus Christ,                              I am everything                                         To Be Forever
Eternal                                                I need                                                   Follow Jesus
Everything                                           for this                                              The Great “I Am”
“I AM”                                               journey                                                    You are
Now                                                    to Be                                                       You Be
Himself                                                 I am                                                   We Love You
Be True                                               to Be                                                   Always there
ONE  with                                          To me                                                      Listening
My Yoke’                                            I am                                                     Sending Angels
“Receive Me”                                     Help Be                                                “Christ we sent”

If you’re waiting for the Second Coming

So, if you’re waiting for the Second Coming, it will be here when you decide to live it.

By nurturing all our bodies with The Christ, we unleash the Creator’s life force energy to surge through our every cell with the fire of purification.  It brings with it all the vitalizing forces of life and the eternal passion-- forgiving with love from our hearts—and living with purity and innocence.

Seek your blocks to the Christ—energy of universal love and understanding, and vitality can then flow unrestricted through your soul and out to the dense body.
Knock and the doors will fly open to your creative powers, giving you the ability to access your highest spiritual intelligence.
Ask, and you will lovingly be given the keys necessary for true integrity and the conditions for the healing of your physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Accept your true worthiness while joyfully and grateful claiming spiritual responsibility, and your life will be filled with Spiritual esteem and abundance of all kinds.
To be ruled over comes from the Latin; “Ruere”; meaning “a guide for conduct”.

Half House

On the drive home from the San Diego Temple 6:30 session—
Half Face
Half Life
Half House
Half Finished

Whole Face
Whole Life
Whole House

Thinking of the half house dream….
Physical/Mortal                                                                                                                                West
                Dan                          Karie                                    Spirit                                      Y
                                                                                                Blessing           Sunset
                                                                                                                                                North a

Flying over the Three Sisters

All these mountains are geologically active. 

“It’s not that I don’t know what to do, it’s that I don’t DO what I know.” 
    by W. Timothy Galwey

A song playing, “I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you…” over and over again…this goes on through the song.  It’s rather haunting. 

Passing over lines of electrics; It seems we ought to be able to generate our own electricity wherever we are!

In Hayden & Coeur d’ Lane Idaho 
June 21, 1997 Saturday morning
Here I am sitting outside in a white rental Jeep in the sunshine while Daniel is in the store; Cash & Blast.
I asked him, “Blast what?” feeling a bit nauseous over the thought of blasting some innocent animal’s life away when we have plenty of food.  We just stopped at a corner Farmers’ Market and I bought a beautiful live salad lunch with FLOWERS to eat in it.  It was a delicious meal too.
We went “fishing”; him catching and releasing after inflicting a memory of hooks on the fish, and me
In the morning we had a long talk about healing---and the blessing of children on my own healing—because I HAD to look for answers and alternatives to poor health.
We had a re-hash-it drive.

Why do we find the sound of a mosquito so irritating?
Because it gives the same blood-sucking warning over and over...

The Cinderella Syndrome;
Wanting to be whisked away from hurts and the past fear, or ideas of others about you;
To be proven a “princess”—and to have a “prince” love us instantly and take us, no questions asked, into his palace; a very nice story.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feelings A Mirage

My mortal flesh
Coastline, ever changing
Sands, ever shifting
Ever moving
Change is constant
Do you have that same feeling always?
Then it is not real!
Isn’t’ only Eternal real?
“I, the Lord, change not”
The Lord dwells in our hearts because our hearts are eternal.
Focus on the heart and the emptiness below; the void or place where life begins.
Feelings are a mirage
A residue
A smog bank
Blown away by the gentle breeze of loving recognition, or the winds of change.

Arrived in San Diego airport;
“Finished here”

Expectations Kill

Expectations kill a marriage, a friendship, a church and a country.
Expectations are CONTROL and unrighteous dominion & force.
To understand what their expectation is, look at their perspective. 
What do they think a woman’s role is?  What is their role?
Everyone’s perspective of each other shows up in attitude and the energy around a specific situation.
When the man is seeking to dominate “over” another soul, God says that their priesthood authority ends.   “Amen to the priesthood of that man”.  Amen is another word for Christ.  So we may say that the man just relinquished his “rights” as Head of the Family, and Christ steps in.  The woman can always rest assured that as long as she is seeking God’s will; then she shall have His Protection and Guidance!
Priesthood is to Protect Life;
Intelligence comes as “dews of heaven”; drop by drop, gently encouraging life from the plants, from God’s seed, or His children.
Encouragement is LIFE; and when encouragement and love is present, we can freely receive.

Women, Mothers and Life Bringers--
We govern our hearts and homes, the inner life with;
Encouraging words
Positive feelings
Loving thoughts
Fully accepting
Whenever we step OUT of our Spirits we experience PAIN, for our Spirit is comprised of pure love and wholeness.
When we step back into Love and Friendship for ALL, we are free again—and that is the truth!  And the truth sets all free!
The only “oneness” in marriage is that BOTH are pure --living from Spirit-- where love abounds—and living from the Heart, where inspiration springs.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Different Rafts

Sunday Dream
This dream seemed to take place mostly on water—Dan and I on different rafts in different forms.
A river
Even in a church with different people
Child, alone with Dan, one time alone and wading in a shallow river; other people on the river.
Dan was on up ahead.
I saw how the food I had could be expanded---and always have enough.
In an earlier dream, an unknown male healer shook my right hand, held it and said something about repairing my heart and two other parts (Stomach?  Pancreas?  A couple years later, turned out to be my Spleen…) Then gave me a big hug.  I could feel my heart seem to circulate through and around him into a whole circle-healing like a breath.
“It is given unto you to expand what you have at the moment” Each moment changes—expand what you have—be it thought (then feeling) things, love.