Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Different Rafts

Sunday Dream
This dream seemed to take place mostly on water—Dan and I on different rafts in different forms.
A river
Even in a church with different people
Child, alone with Dan, one time alone and wading in a shallow river; other people on the river.
Dan was on up ahead.
I saw how the food I had could be expanded---and always have enough.
In an earlier dream, an unknown male healer shook my right hand, held it and said something about repairing my heart and two other parts (Stomach?  Pancreas?  A couple years later, turned out to be my Spleen…) Then gave me a big hug.  I could feel my heart seem to circulate through and around him into a whole circle-healing like a breath.
“It is given unto you to expand what you have at the moment” Each moment changes—expand what you have—be it thought (then feeling) things, love.


Ego Death
What you are losing, will be the absence of attachment---or the release of attachment—and with it suffering.
This is Purification—if you hold a vision of perfection.

Sacrifice is necessary, suffering is not. 
Sacrifice and Purification frees you.

“What you think about, you bring about”
In the Church as led by men, on earth; the challenge is being the judge and still having ego, or attachment of what “perfection” or “righteousness” should look be or look like.  Outward appearance.

Male challenge in mortality; contention, and “I win” mentality.
Female challenge in mortality; judging and being critical

All of these ego attachments to control or trying to get comfort at all cost, create suffering somehow.  The only way to release these attachments to control is to turn over control to Jesus Christ and “take his Yoke”….and his burden is “light”…or real understandings of the heart.

In the Church of the Lamb of God, “on earth as it IS in heaven”; grace brings the spirit back inward, heals them by bringing them back to the heart of God--back into the heart of our creation;  Born Again through Christ.  Our altar is our heart and we offer up all feelings and attachments to God, laying them on our altar.
Not letting things “get to you” but letting things be “given to you”.

Bringing In Love

“For all things must fail; but charity never faileth!”
Charity is the pure love of God
Marriages teach us to put away all unloving behavior; jealousy, fear, envy, criticism, pride, etc.

We never own another soul, including our spouse!  
We must be One in HEART and pure; all is for building up the Love of God and GOD's Kingdom, on earth.

This is why, in and of itself, marriage won’t “work”; unless both the man and the woman reach out of themselves, out of their marriages and love all; and with all that loving, they bring IN more love to their union.

“ALL things must fail”
Things that aren't eternal;  Death, Taxes, Evil, Governments, Businesses....

What is Eternal?
The Body of Christ; the Church of the Lamb of God
The Kingdom of God with the Riches of Eternity
Our Spirits
Eternal posterity 
Intelligence and Light and Truth
What we learn on earth....

Thus why Jesus the Christ taught us to;
“Love thy”Neighbors
Receive the Holy Ghost
GOD—Father and Mother and our Eternal Family

Pray for and with your friends for one another and Christ’s Kingdom before you go to the veil and enter
And sup, learn, from Jesus the Christ.

Inside each of us is The Christ, and inside each of us is evil or bad.
We are here to overcome our flesh and be like GOD again, but this time with body and soul being restored to it's frame of Perfection.  Men are to learn to be as Christ, to follow his example and “be like Him.”
They are symbolically at the veil of the temple.  Husband is in proxy only for Christ at the veil!
Christ brings us all, individually, male and female, through the veil; of our minds and of the actual veil before God’s throne.  

The Market on Power

Men do not have a corner on the market of power!  Anyone can tap into the Powers of Heaven--- For healings, blessings and answers.  Jesus Christ did not baptize himself.  Nor did he start out having the Priesthood Authority.  He went to God, the Father, who administers the Priesthood to bless the children of God. 
God is plural. Male and Female. In the beginning GOD created the physical body to house the spirit.  Male and Female created They them.  There is a Father and Mother God. Our Creators.  Made in Their Image.
Women do not need to administer in the Priesthood ordinances of baptism, ordinations, patriarchal blessings, sealings because they are busy with their calling as a woman and mother.  They do get to administer temple work, and are key for men receiving the highest ordinances.  Men without the woman is not saved, nor the woman without the man.  Men-- as “Helper of Mankind”--are to Provide, Protect and Witness of God’s Love. They make sure the woman returns home to heaven.
The woman nurtures life and makes sure her children are taught of the LORD and experience what they need to return to GOD.  Women are “mothers of all living”, or “Bringer of Life”.  This gives them an automatic advantage over men…until men receive the priesthood.  Then they are “even”. 
The man can then be “more like the woman” and through unselfish service, administer to Father’s children as a mother would.  She brings her children to GOD so they will have Salvation. However, she does not perform necessary ordinances for exaltation, or Eternal Life, being busy enough being a mother for our Father in Heaven!   Both men and women are VITAL to GOD’s Work and Glory.  They are both equal in GOD’s eyes and plan, with power to act and not be acted upon.  Women call upon Heaven to benefit their children—men call upon heaven to benefit their family.
Why did women of the early church bless and heal people?  (Even oxen)  Has that been “taken” away now days?  And are we too “modernized”?  Do men simply do it all now?  The burden upon men has been too much.  They need to be busy teaching administration skills, leadership, ordinances, healings and gospel ordinances such as baptism, etc.  But women should be calling upon the powers of heaven together, in behalf of one another.  “Where two or three are gathered in my name.”  Can women have faith too?  Can they pray?  Can they gather together to pray and fast for Father’s children?  Are we becoming competitive with other churches, when we are all aiming for the same Heaven?
 When the sun comes up in the East the sky is pink like flesh and there is blue above it—as that sky clears and I look west, there is a blue band underneath and pink above—then a yellow tinge at the top—beautiful!
A week or two ago, worrying about all of it, all the puzzlements, the dreams, the mind’s eye, and so forth, I was reading the scriptures and sat back to get comfortable.  For a moment, I looked away from the book and felt my scripture page firmly be flipped to a section in the Doctrine and Covenants.  It was the very answer and confirmation—final one I needed.  I am okay with God and all parts of Their Plan, and Their Good.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Be Like a Good Cherry

“Though Hard to You, This Journey May Appear, Happy Day!  All is Right”

This song came through my head as I woke this morning.
Be like a good cherry; sweet, yet firm
If you are soft and mushy, you will be spit out of the mouth with distaste!

It seemed most of the night I was in this dream; in India?
I was with the women and children, mostly children.  The beach community was taken over--by someone French?  There was a prince child, a boy— a dignified, yet a loving boy—who served everyone, and as a result, we would all have given our lives to protect him at all costs.  One time the enemy was coming and I was alone in a room, so I hid behind boxes.  A French soldier stood over me, gun aimed but decided he couldn’t kill a helpless child…I think I was a child.  A bus was used as an object to trick the army.  Right before I woke, a young Indian woman and I had wandered further down the beach and we found cool water well--we drank joyfully, but then notice in the eerie silence and in a fog that we must be in an enemy camp and should, very quietly, and very quickly LEAVE at once!

Animals Teach

A lion, a king, a heart
Powerful, yet gentle
Walked with Christ, next to him in stature, 
desire, knowledge, thirst for all good and truth to be known
Best friends, seen often together

Other parts, arms upper side an eagle--willing to fly in the 
wind of ideas, and movement.
Soaring spiritual self, accepting responsibility and 
taking care of own needs.
Before & Forever

Lion: Strength, power, femininity—inner strength and love

Eagle: Great power, spiritual self is soaring. 
Tremendous freedom to be used wisely; accepting
Responsibility and taking care of own needs
Good with others, loving and helpful
Intelligent, loves to learn
Not into simple show or showy
Always seeking to improve--to sets goals and goes for it.
And has many interests, indecisive at times
Moral, dedicated to God and family
Respects all other cultures and nature
Creative soul & spirit
To create is to bring forth life
To help you prepare to soar with the Eagles
An eagle in air
A horse upon the ground

Look Up! To Heaven

June 14, 1994
The rock above Eagle Rock looked at first glance, to be a pointer finger!
It seemed to say, “Look up! To Heaven—look heavenward, for answers!”

Walking up a little further,  sitting in a rose colored rock. 
This Finger Rock faces North East, like the Bear rock and sits in the southeast--the direction of introspection and wisdom.

Instead of thinking you must teach or encourage others, ask them wise questions.
By asking them wise questions, or answering wisely, it points them in the west to introspection
and will help them find wisdom.

“Find God”, by sitting in the “East of inspiration”, as well as in the south, in the place of innocence….the movement can pull men into a circular position of power and quiet.

 And inwardly pull women into a place of power and fruitfulness, peace-at last.

All Unite Together

The creative force; Power, Love & Wisdom
                                                     8         SPIRIT                                   Spirit Mind
                                         6                     Soul                                       Subtle energy
                                    5                      Mental                                               Bodies
                             4                     (creative/logic)
                       3                               Emotional                   
                2                                              Vital
         1                                            Physical Body             

When all UNITE together=Temple Marriage

                                Choice                Righteousness
The mental body’s highest power is located in the upper realm of creative thought at level 5….this power is called WISDOM

SOUL; “There’s an un-named longing in my soul”

SPIRIT; Glorious Resurrection

Marking beginnings and endings; Cycles—periods for growth and development
Years; Birth, Re-birth

8—symbol of Eternity—Infinity

3—Trinity; mind—body—spirit; Harmony

2—Balance of masculine and feminine energies

1—Oneness opportunity provided by parents; ZION

Wisdom’s Path
True North
Bear country
Soul & spirit
Helping mankind
Flying with Wings of an Eagle
Figuring, seeking, searching, listening, dreaming, praying….quiet times
Dreaming Clouds
Clouds of peace; lost souls, comforting

Angels in a tunnel of Rainbows
Indians; home and messenger on horse
Message of life and laughter

South, then North          
  South was hot and dry wind; death—birth & beginnings
  North—messages, friends, “Bringer of Life” & Views

1st Bear;  Strength & Power; inconsistent emotional energy, not to be trusted; can be violent or cuddly; charming or crabby

Goat;  Getting to the root of the problem; clean up, negativity that is blocking progress---can completely decimate a whole environment---or feed a family

The Moon Show Only a Reflection

The moon shows only a reflection of itself through the suns light—and then, only half of that light. The earth only shows half of her glory---
What good we see in others is merely half and usually a glimpse.
Do we notice the sunshine side of people, or their shadows?  When a person is dwelling in shadows, they see shadows best.  When in the light, they see light.  What do you dwell in mostly?
When someone points out your shadow you know where they dwell!  You also know they can’t see clearly in the dark!
Plus, “you” are really the opposite of what they say! Not only that, but what dwells within always eventually comes up and out; the geyser effect….
If a person hasn't been cleansed from the “blood and sins of generations”…ALL of them, then that will manifest itself.
Temple ordinances are only rote unless a person’s spirit cleaves to it—the promises—and RECEIVES and BELIEVES….and then lives it and are faithful to what they are cleaving to; hope first, then by faith through experiences.

The 3 Basic Elements of Life

Air                                                Water                                              Fire
God                                      Jesus Christ                                            Spirit
Breath of life                           Baptism by water                             then Baptism by spirit
Made in “image of”                         Birth                                              Re-Birth
Sky                                                Earth                                             Heavens
Between the                       “firmament beneath”                    “firmament above”
  2 firmaments
Oxygen                                      Blood/fluids                                     Nerves, Energy

MASSAGE moves these 3 Elements through the body=for Health & Healing

COMMENTS made in [brackets] written in the blue journal dated May 1997:
[Mother Earth] “Cooking”  [in Sunshine] adds these 3 elements to food [plants]; air, water, fire [sun]
AIR                                         WATER                                                 FIRE

LIGHT is composed of these 3 elements; air, water, fire

Spirit Light is composed of 3 Spirit Elements; God Eternal, Jesus the Christ, the Son, and the Holy Ghost 

5 New Guides

The stick of “now” ness

First;                      STICK found first--By Looking to future, we become twisted inside, confused
                                                          White moss             
                                                                & decay…
                                If you vacillate from past to future, you become “moldy & decay”—
                                You can’t “Be”.  (or you “get” a cold!)
By looking at the past,
You become broken up,

Second;                Grey and white granite ROCK on the mountain by the trail where
                                I walk quite often for PEACE; we are in Utah right now visiting relatives.
A foothill of Mt. Timpanogas. (Mountains=Strength of heart. Male and Female; white and grey. Balance and strength; Peace. )

Third;                  A pure white FEATHER found it’s way up into my car, and into the glass instrument 
                            Panel….It was hovering and pointing to “full”; indicating gas, energy, or movement.
Be pure and you will fly with God’s feather, traveling always with a “full tank” to distances and paths where He leads you.
Fourth;                 A Rose Rock that fits comfortably into my left hand, fingers closed around it.  Left side is male. Side of Jesus Christ and Triangle. Rose is the color of Love. Through Jesus Christ you will have the pure love of Christ. Hold onto Him firmly; it’s a perfect fit!  Strength to DO His Will in Love
Fifth;                     A Beautiful Twig; I put flowers in it….Make your life Beautiful. It’s part of being part creator! As God’s Children.

Look Up! To Heaven…

June 14, 1994
The rock above Eagle Rock looked at first glance, to be a pointer finger!  It seemed to say, “Look up! To Heaven—look heavenward, for answers!” Walking up a little further, sitting in a rose colored rock.  This Finger Rock faces North East, like the Bear rock and sits in the southeast--the direction of introspection and wisdom.
Instead of thinking you must teach or encourage others, ask them wise questions. By asking them wise questions, or answering wisely, it points them in the west to introspection and will help them find wisdom.
“Find God”, by sitting in the “East of inspiration”, as well as in the south, in the place of innocence….the movement can pull men into a circular position of power and quiet. And inwardly pull women into a place of power and fruitfulness, peace-at last.

Feelings You Must Explain

That’s been the problem—you feeling you must explain, apologize, start up friendships again…be a “peacemaker”, make him happy, say the “right things”, explain it all.  Like feeling you “should” take him to lunch to clear the air, to talk, to explain your new-found understanding….it is for you, not him…for you to live, not him to understand.  He must come to you.  Not you to him.  When you go to him you step out of your South position and "he" has no south.  Then the wobbling begins.  Stay!  Stay put!  He must reach his hand out to you, looking west, not south.  Your hand is out isn’t it?  (Yes) So leave it there!  “Beam” him love, pray for him.  Remember to PRAY for him—put his name in the temple and leave him in God’s hands.  Would you want someone besides Christ, to think they can “save” you?  You understand now don’t you?  Satan wants to save us too—to step out of the South, purity and God’s will, to his own will, his own way.  Thus “the war on the woman” means the woman will constantly try to save man, “her man”, and things will constantly be out of sync and order.  Until the woman STAYS PUT! Stays with Christ!  Christ is in the south to aide you and all women!

The “curse of Eve” is that she still has the same needs as man—we are just seen differently.  As some untouchable, mystery, attractive, illusive, enchanting, annoying—something to reach out and “conquer”.  (This is the natural man’s sight towards women.)  Women annoyed at men for this and men annoyed once they “get” the woman---she doesn't solve his emptiness.  He must solve his own emptiness—His separation from God, and his Son of God status.  Until he truly believes it--is “born anew in Christ”--then he will search from “sea to shining sea”.  Rape is the very edge of man’s anger, towards himself, turned outward towards anyone.  His unrighteous need to conquer and control.  His true joy is found in conquering and controlling him-”self”—the natural man and ego.  The Garden of Eden is when man didn't  have to sweat (and fight) and conquer…himself.  Or to get food for his family.  He is angry at Eve for his current status, unable to see that work is a blessing to his natural man—to conquer himself through self-discipline and intelligent work.  As long as he is working toward the perfect end.  “To multiply and replenish the Earth” And return the earth back to an Eden-like state by replenishing the earth as well.  Mankind has multiplied very well but how have we replenished this earth?  Or women?
When the earth is renewed and "receives it's Paradisaical Glory" or becomes Terrestrial, all will be happy--because they are happy inside.  But if  "he" is in the conquer mode, he cannot be happy.  When a man acknowledges his shadow side—the one that must conquer and control” and says, “Thanks for showing me that God is wiser and great and I need Him to rescue me from myself”, then he will achieve the balance he needs, in addition to replenishing the earth.  

When both male and female acknowledge and honor shadow, multiply and replenish the earth, seek balance then --he and she-- will then be working with God. 

Eve will be happy when she acknowledges and honors her shadow --her natural woman “need” to be accepted and loved, by a man to make her whole.  And to have children.  What about those women who can’t have children?  Are they less?  Not at all.  They can still have “posterity”; Are not all in pattern of eventual Godhood?  To nurture and love all of Gods children.  Aren't’ all “your own children on loan from God?  She is also Bringer of Life; Mother of all living.

A woman is symbolic of Jesus the Christ.  He laid down his life for man with blood and water.  Every time a woman gives birth, she “lays down her life” and through blood and water, gives life to body and spirit.  Jesus the Christ gives life to the body through the Resurrection, and to our spirit through repentance, acceptance of him and baptism, ordinances and covenants. Even without having children she can do this—by hearkening to the voice of the Lord in her daily life.  Lift down trodden hands; that is why Relief Society was started; as a pattern and tool to teach women how to pull out of themselves and serve God—by serving their fellowmen.  Service to earth and man-- is the key; Man to bless the earth, women to bless the Spirit of God in the flesh.

“Menopause”—Men—pause.  Returns woman to her former Eden-like position as a child.  Prepares her to focus on all of God’s children, not just her own.  Expands her vision, enlightens and inspires her.  Not a curse, but a great blessing!  For she is promised that as her heart is right and  she desires to serve Father and to hearken to his voice, through the spirit (husband) then she  will receive all the Eternal Promises.  Eternity is a long time!

Whether she is 33 or 43 or 53, when she is done with bringing the spirit bodies down, she is done.  God knows.  Now it is time to nurture the spirits of those around her and those placed in her path by Christ.  To listen to the voice of Christ.  Then directly or indirectly receive and hearken to the voice of the Father--she can do it.  It will return her to the state of, “being as a little child”.  She won’t have to “worry” about getting pregnant any longer because that phase is done, for now in her earth walk.  She can be a true instrument in God’s hand, “Humble, meek, submissive (to God) forgiving.” 

·         You have a work here and it is not “your” children.  It is “My Family.” 
·         To help others see the good in themselves.  Their religions and culture. 
·         To show the Truth about it all.  The false concepts and traditions, and the parts to rejoice over. 
·         You have eternities to come.  Don’t worry about certain things that will take place in the eternities.  Right now the Father has a place for you.

·         Bringer of Life—Garden, sing, dance, paint, volunteer, love your family, rejoice in your husband, and follow my Spirit.  All have little child within to care for, love—your “posterity”;    The Savior as a guide.  Yoke to Him.  Follow the spirit as it directs for your “informal” education.  

I     I want to prove through you that God is powerful and can use “the weak things of the earth” for His purposes.  You don’t need a “degree” of man.  Just a degree of God’s spirit—without Him you are nothing.  Without a job, the degree of man means nothing.  You don’t have a job to use your ‘degree’ without God’s spirit---so listen!  Learn.  Believe.  Write it down.  Keep good records.  Write your thoughts and feelings down about healing, cultures, etc. 

·         Use your journals as your “scientific study” of Life.  Life is one Big Laboratory.  It won’t affect your eternal standing to get your “tubes tied” through earth time and earth’s promises.  Your tubes will eventually degenerate anyway!   

      Thus you never have to worry about the “empty nest”—because you keep your nest open to all of God’s children around you.  All are his children, all have a little child within, at all ages and cultures. 
·         Your great love will help heal and turn them to the joyous truth about themselves and God’s—He lives!  He loves us.  She lives, She loves us!  The gospel of Christ is True.  He is the Way and the light and the life.  You never need to worry about “being loved” and accepted by a man.  You are loved through and through by the greatest men!