Thursday, October 10, 2013

Be A Light Watcher....

Humans can come into a beautiful, singular ONENESS--all inclusive, ONE with Christ.  Walking with the Masters--on earth and in heaven.  If you are ready.....Get ready to transcend ALL limitations!  You thought some people's spirit journeys were "weird"?  Wait until you see more!  

The battles of mankind will be an old and fading dream (or nightmare...).  As you see the Fabric of all Time unfold around you--and in you, Give thanks to the old battlegrounds, now--with no ceremony--

Ask;  "Are you gaining LIGHT, or inviting darkness?"  

BE a Light Watcher.

What is a light watcher?  
A light watcher is first filled with light.  Retains that light.....Rides the light waves!  Walks in light, speaks light, sings light....holds the light--and leaves the room, or the conversation when the light dims.....
If you are "stuck" in the way with them (IE: a closed car, or room) 
"Go To Christ" in your mind and sing songs of praise to God.  FEEL your heart radiate out Love & Light.  Be the light in the darkest room.  You no longer have to "take it"--insults, false laws, rules of darkness, the lies of man--If it's LIGHT and warm; it sings praises to God.  If it's dark, it's mad, sad, stuck or cold.  That's how you know if the thought, or emotion is Light or dark. And that you are gaining light, or still inviting darkness.  

This applies everywhere; in your home, in your churches, in your lands.
The Light has Arrived!!!
With all his Heavenly Hosts!  Why do you think darkness is in a panic and throwing everything in disarray--throwing everything dark that it can to man and beast.  Chaos in the mind and lands....

Have you noticed old pets dying left and right?  They are coming up to meet the Master!  People are dropping dead quickly, it seems.  Those who can't handle the strain.  When there are too many cracks in their armor--through bad habits, and force of pleasure to ease their inner pain--they will be one of these.   Do not condemn them!  They have done their work magnificently. All is perfect in God's kingdom; on earth and in heaven--it always is.  Light and Truth WILL prevail....Love and Harmony are on it's way!  Know this!  Keep on helping those sent your way, to "birth" their ideas of light.