Friday, May 4, 2012

A Smile Completes a Circle!

A smile completes a circle!  Opens spirit!  A frown breaks the circle and opens you to Satan.

Relax belly—love—Will to God’s will
Belly at peace—energy flows in a circle—
God’s will is manifest
When that circle is broken, we start wanting OUR will—and we open to dark

Same with the heart;
Open—relax to God’s circle—TRUST Him 100%
Receive His love
(Place of “Heaven “in Chakras)
Another circle through the body
When we open to God, our hearts open.  Gratitude to Him and receiving His love; allowing “blood of life and love to flow through the body—warmth and lift—eternal life; flowing Health.

Your Power is your righteous desires and your faith (righteous imagination)
Our children mirror us; Positives and negatives.
They will move when we move.
Best way to help a child is to change what YOU mirror.  And to change who YOU mirror!
What is a man’s ultimate goal; to enter back into God, our loving Father's presence and in order to do this we must be like Christ!  
So see Christ in others. See Christ in him.  Look for Christ--Doesn’t mean just the love and kindness—but the Pure Truth, or Light.  Rejoice in those parts and mirrors that are real; Christ.

Allow the light of Christ to burn out the debris, clean, clear, and new; With new brush.  You are now the new growth just beginning to grow.  Allow.   Cling to faith that Christ will provide; sun, nutrients and warmth.  Better yet, Remember yourself as a birth, not a plant.  Free to come and go forth and serve God with all your heart!  

Vision of Eagle.  Strength. Beauty.  Power. Long Life.  Health.
Is it “faking it” to look at others with “eye of faith?”  

What is more real—the way they--you are today (full of ego, false traditions, lies) than the way they-you truly will BE, and are in Spirit, and can stay, in eternity—Pure and Real Like Christ.

When you soar, so shall the children.  They are hatchlings waiting for momma to fly so they can pattern you.  

A Bear Rock Catching the Early Morning Sun

Found in upper road on Glen circle, a Bear Rock catching the early morning sun, with long morning shadow. To North was a womb rock.  Now is the time for women to gather.

WISDOM: for mother’s to be WISE. Now is the time for men to rest in the South; of re-birth, newness of life, innocence; “Be as a child”.
IN MARRIAGE; Too often a LARGE and FALSE TRADITION has crept into a new marriage, one that hasn’t stood the test of time or “earned” ONENESS, and that is that upon marriage, they are now “one”. One body,  one mind.
Are God the Father, and Jesus Christ separate Beings, yet one in purpose? YES! So it is in Marriage. A man and woman that persist in the idea that they MUST NOW “blend” as “one” are faulty. 

The stronger one will seek to be the “one” they become! And this, in turn, will break the union.

Just as Father Rock is separate from Mother Rock, each with their own light, life, purpose, position, intelligence, experiences, and shadow.  

If a couple forces this “oneness”—IE: “What’s yours is mine”, “You do as I wish”, “Read my mind”, “You fill MY needs”, then it’s as if they are one rock. One of them must be the shadow then , and one is the strong one, in the light.  Sooner or later, the shadow spouse, who is dominated, complains of the moss, and the dank darkness.  The other spouse, who is in the light, cannot understand them and treats them like they are crazy.  Since they don’t see the other one, only themselves as “one”. They are immature, self—centered, and a bit crazy!

Each spouse must “Be” their own rock.  They stand on the same hill, receive their light from the same sun.  However, earth will be in a different position, not one on top of the other.  If that is the case, the man or woman is, again, domineering over the other; an eventual “crushing” happens, unless the spouse underneath is moved by Providence’s great hand—usually through a BIG natural event, like earthquake (divorce?).  So as each spouse RESPECTS the other person, RECEIVES sun and light from the Source, HONORS their own positioning, then they are truly ONE.

Walking I picked up two twigs.  First one, then “accidentally” dropped it.  I found the second one when I leaned down and picked up the first one.
The first one was in a hockey stick shape, and the second one was smaller and fit right into the first one.

"Notice how they cradle into each other like a “couple in love”.  Yet they are still separate. One spouse may be larger, stronger than the other, but they are still separate.  They can sit together, sharing the same values, like both are “sticks”, or rocks, yet male is still separate than female. All things have male and female.  They may intertwine like a tree trunk, yet the energies of male, of female stay separate; energy=life.  If, per chance, they DO merge into ONE, they become NEUTRAL; no good, no energy, no power, no life. “Lukewarm” to be “spit out”, and cast away.
Marriage is a beautiful thing. A Union, is a “oneness of PURPOSE”, keeping the beautiful and unique differences between male and female, different and honorable; honored."

Nestled Between Three Large Rocks

I am sitting, nestled between three large rocks.
Until we see God in nature, His hand in all things, we will not see.  We will continue to function at a lower level of sight.  Christ’s hand is in all of nature.  All points to Him, to His ways, laws, order, power, majesty and love.
Another Rock                    Northwest                   Northeast

                                                   Father                          Mother                       Bear Rock
                                                2 medium                                                             SOUTH
                                                Size Rocks & Trees                                              Child

Sentinal                                                                   North   S.E.
                                        Bluejay                                       West

Stay in the Center


Friends and family
In an  Eternal Circle

                                                                       Stay in Center
"Keep all covenants and personal ones and you’ll be happy (sad at times, but remember, the circle of friends in and around you, like you saw in your dream—they are here to hold you up.  Smile!"

Rejoice and do such things as;
Temple work
Art, music, writing books; take a writing course next….
Share your feelings about God’s love everywhere you go and of Jesus Christ’s reality….
Grandchildren; sharing their joys, sorrows…
Stay Centered
“Health is Yours”

Your have forgiven all your enemies and honored them of the past.  Now you are spirialing forward.  Open your eyes, mind and SEE.  Christ will be there.  Be aware.

                     Son                Holy Ghost                    Father      N.W.

  Father                                                                                                 Child

        Protect   ….                                                 Mother has wounds that need to heal….

“You have strong sentinels—guards to protect you.  Thank  them.   Honor.”
I ran up to a flat outcropping of rocks.  A dog came out right after and he started barking at me and running at me.
I went over to a rock area.

These pods are torn open.  Some fresh pods, some old, yellow and dried—empty
                                                Food inside!
                                                                Some animals food source.

                                                                                Some pricklies around the outside of it…the food
                                                                    Inside must be worth it….?

Then I went up a hill to a new outcropping of rocks.
3   of them
Father rock this time is in the South!
Directly down the hill and to the North…and a little west are 3 rocks with Father in the North.
Father                                                                                                   Son
(south)                                 Holy Ghost                                          (north)

                                                                                Wind flows up….
                                                                                                Slope                                     North
                                                   Soil and nutrients flow to the North  (the Son now….)

(For more explanation read Walk Journal entry; 6-16-94)……………..


God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
I can trust in Him forever. 
He has been merciful, forgiving, has always been there,
to encourage, instruct, love, accept me. 

He has been generous, seeing righteous desires and desires
to provide for family, clothes, food and shelf.

 He has seen our dreams of a quality life in every way and has supported us.
 He has given generously so we could give generously. 

He has opened our way to share what light our friends
 and associates were WILLING to receive. 

He has comforted us in the night, guided us through our fears, calmed our troubled minds, reminded of the good, the happy-- encouraged balance and wholesome living; guided my fork to health, and guided my soul to Christ and His Way and Light. 
He has given me a loving, good-seeking family. 
He has given me spirits (children) to “join my union” and they are tailored
for my growth as well as their own growth, wisely by God. 

He has clothed the fields, provides for the animals, the plants dew from the heavens.
 I can trust in Him.  See my past?  Know my future.  For He is the same yesterday and forever!  Rejoice.  Selah.
“All may know what a prophet of God knows as fast as he is willing to learn.”
           --Joseph Smith
All that you desire for good shall be done, whether in this life, or the next.  Where do you think mortals get their ideas?  So continue to hope, desire all knowledge and light.  God’s glory, goodness is manifest through His children, in spirit.

The Air is Heavy with Dew

The air is heavy with dew this morning, a protective shield, nourishing plant and fowl.  A coyote sauntered nervously above me where I usually sit.  I chose a sandy bank to lean up against to view the concert of birds.  Quail father and mother, meadow larks, hummingbirds, so much chirping.

Can we accept God’s waters of life hung as a dew curtain in our spirit mind?  Can we allow this to weigh down our spirit mind?  Can we allow this to weigh down our spirits with pure truth and knowledge constantly nourishing our fibers? 
How ironic.  I do most of my morning walking and learning on Glen Circle Road and always end back on Crown Valley road!
[when asked what I would like by Spirit]
What I'd Like;
No more depression, heaviness, “down-ness” and weariness of mind—regardless of what I eat.
To have  the Spirit of the Lord to be with me all day—even if I am with only family.
To have uplifting devotionals where I sup from spirit in scriptures and prayer and meditation. 
To have energy and clear-active mind and spirit to feel happy and fulfilled as I go about daily tasks as well as service in home and community, temple work, play and artwork, etc.
I would like to feel like I am of use in this world to God and Christ and
To feel like I could and am serving by his side now; fulfilling the full measure of my creation—and at peace.

What I think I need to do to get what i'd like;
Give up sleep and get up at 6:00 a.m. 
To walk, talk, exercise (acu-breathing with heaven, “ground”, breathe well—“the river of life”)
Go to bed early
Take a daily nap
During weekends too; Saturday and Sunday
I will go to the temple as much as possible on Saturday mornings
Nurture the gift of love
Honor my parents and be grateful for their love and efforts on my behalf.
Above all, seek Father with questions, etc.
Be grateful and humble.  Pure in thoughts and wholesome in approach to life--
--using the Word of wisdom as much as possible.

Nature's LESSONS;

                 Staff of Life                                                                       purple & white specks
                                Wood                                                                    Bread/wine
                                   Father                                                                                Christ
                                                                                Side                             Rock                     True side
                                                                                World sees                                             Pure, clean
                                                                                  Hidden                                                 Beautiful

                                Flower of life
                            Joy, Happiness
                          Expansiveness                                                                        White Rock
                                Power                                                                                   Purity
                      North                                                                                              Mother/child position
West                               East                                                                              face of mankind, love

                     South                 Rock of Spirit,  balance.
                                Truth of Christ
                                Holy Ghost  

                     Spirit                   Son (Christ)
Father                                               Sands of life, crystals of truth
                                                                Berries red; warrior for Christ
                                      Flowers white, purity truth
Leafs of green                    
       Life                           ALL ONE
                                                                                Holy Ghost
                                                                                                                Life Eternal (5)
                                                                                Son                             3 unity
                                                                                         Mother               Life
                                                                                                                Father protects from
                                                                                                                Honor all, includes “good enemy”

May 22, 1994
Sabbath is meant to be a day of rejoicing.
Up with the dawn. 
Go to bed early Saturday night; at sunset is a “new day”
A day to count blessings
To serve, to love, to rest, to renew your own spirit; Follow the spirit      

7-Male and Female are Written in the Body

Male and Female As "Written" in the Body....

            Left                                                                  Right
Male Logical                                                               Female Creative
Gentle Commands          Control Center                    Life Giver
Kind precepts;             Hypothalamus;                        “I do all that I have seen
“Cast your burdens        regulator of Hormones        the Father do.”
at his feet                    Balancer between                   Healer manifests light
And guard your           the two;                                   and commands from
children well….”          Spirit; eye of faith                   Left side; decides—
RESPECT                   Harmony.                                Helpmeet power first;
                                    Peace.  Spirit.                          Respect for her.
                                    COMPASSION                         HONESTY--"Real"

November 6, 1995
Male receives first from the Father’s throne; gives to female—He is to discern truth.
She receives from the male, IF he accepts from God. She gives back to him; life and love and creations—ideas.

       BODY                           Father Commands
Christ Receives
                                                                                      Holy Ghost Sanctifies

May 4, 2012  The energy switches at the throat.  Making the right side-after the throat-the "male side"
and the left side-after the throat-the "female side".  When we shake hands with our right, we are "Giving"...a healthy male energy as; "Helper of Mankind". And we "Receive" with our left hand....a healthy female energy as; "Bringer of All Life".
The imbalance happens when:
Male seeks t;o take, take, take
and women; give, give, give.
HOWEVER, God our Creator, created us so that;
Male energy gives or Helps and... 
Female receives or Nurtures....
Thus, as "One" in harmony, anyone of us, male and female together inside us, can create and do much good. 
When we honor and respect the male and female inside of us, we are One.
In that moment.
and we feel at peace, in joy and can receive the Spirit into our Souls for a fullness of joy--in that moment.

The End Design for us by our Father;
"For it is my Work and Glory, to Bring to Pass, the Immortality and Eternal Life of man."
"Adam fell that men might BE, and men are that they might have JOY." 

The male in us, as Helper of Mankind and the female within as Bringer of Life.

Women are taught to give until they die in our cultures. And we do.  Inside first.
Men are taught to take until they burst. And they do. Outside rage.
Both of these false traditions harm our souls.  
Instead we ought to seek for the Christ.  The I AM.
The perfect male.  The One who understood and respected all life.  He taught men how to heal and nurture and be kind, forgiving and what Father's manly love LOOKS like--NOW--so the male can truly, with respect, honesty and compassion, "Help", and be of real value to themselves and others so they can bring forth beauty.
And Christ showed women what unconditional love FEELS like, so they can bring forth life; creation.

How our long-standing cultures lie to us! 
And how happy are we?
How peaceful?

Yet God told Adam and Eve in the Beginning to, "Multiply and REPLENISH the earth."  
Each of us, male or female can do this daily.  
In the morning;
We can...when energy is "male" and "ready to GO!"...
SIT DOWN, take a moment to fill our wells, open our hearts, pray to our God and give Thanks.  Get centered in Christ and doing God's Will for that day.  Doing things in Balance. Be ready to Receive....
This is being male and honoring the female energy of receiving to Nourish....during the "male energy" of our day.  (See the Spin of Life Journal--Sun Time).
PRACTICE Appreciation for proper manifestation of the hearts desires.... 

Then go out and Multiply and Replenish! 

To honor God, we must do BOTH each day.

THEN, in the afternoon, when it's a calmer, female nurturing energy (See the Spin of Life Journal--Earth Time), it's good to Receive in and enjoy by review, God's Hand in our lives that day....See Him!
Take IN the good that was reaped by you and God and others in your day! 
In the afternoons, our natural tendency and cultural training is to go, and go and go some more....exhausting ourselves.  
But if we take some time to relax into our evenings, do things that are uplifting, our days can end with deeper satisfaction.  
PRACTICE IN AWARENESS for inner sight & proper intentions....

Throughout the day...
Do an INSIDE CHECK; are you frantically trying to finish something?  Breathe!  TRUST instead in Divine Timing.  If you are centered and grounded and truly seeking God's Divine Will and Timing, all will work out! If you are stressing out, you are giving too much--or, trying to BE what you are Not.  

Do some deep side-breathing.  Remember God.  Think on Christ.  Give Thanks.

Through more awareness of the wonderful Male and Female Creative energy inside, EACH OF US, and by honoring it each day, we can live lives with Power to Act and Not be Acted upon, and reap blessings or rewards through living Moral lives and thus create lives of happiness, right-use-ness, enjoyment, fun--deeply rich and blessed. 

2012 May 4
About Being Obedient to Our "Husband":
We take the part of us that is "female"...our flesh, and go to Christ first and RECEIVE him.
As we daily seek to do as he does, "Come, follow me and do as I do," and "Father, Thy Will be Done." 
we will become more than his "Friend", we can become his "Bride".  We overcome the flesh and return to the spirit.  Our lives all began in the Spirit, and we will "Go to Home Him who Gave us Life.

Then the "male" part of us, our ability to act and not be acted upon, can "sup with him.  Talk with him, and get to know the feel of him in the room and know what his voice sounds like. We can, "Take his image upon our countenance." 

In a very real, yet symbolic way, Christ can become our "husband".  No matter what gender we are.  We are commanded to, "Be one, as I and the Father...and the Holy Ghost, are One."  One spirit.  One love.  One purpose.  He is the Bridegroom and we can BECOME the Bride.  We hearken to our "husband"--Christ, AS HE hearkens to the Father--at All Times. 
We can trust him.  He showed us by the way he lived, talked, loved and worshiped our Father in Heaven.
Jesus Christ, God's own physical Son, showed us what Our Father, "Abba", is really like; LOVE.
Everything is done THROUGH Christ first. The I AM
But, we Worship the Father...meaning, we Go to God and Live, and Do all things in the name of Christ....because we are his bride. One with him!  REAL & True.


Opposites aren’t bad.
 It’s any destruction.  Sin is destroying.
Blood—promises and cleansed from the blood and sins of the generations.
Curse—Satan will reign with blood and horror upon this earth—or body too
On walk home in sidewalk on eastside of road, found a beautiful bunch of gorgeous pink flowers—from a weed!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yesterday's Walk

Yesterday’s Walk
April 28, 1994
“Walk to school with me”, begged my daughter.  “There isn't enough time" I replied, "But I will walk to the bus stop with you and walk part-way to see how far it is.”  At the bus stop I said, “Goodbye” and headed in a direction I realized, was the opposite circle of the one I last walked with a friend.
As I walked I remembered what had been discussed by her and I;  The Circle of Truth, family, forgiving, the power of thought, inviting Christ to be there when you mentally (spiritually)need to talk with someone, so it is done in love and acceptance.  This really works.  As I walked, I could see and remember all I’d been tested about –everything, it seemed.   My walking stick was a friend.  As I came down the hill into the area, up top, that I normally walk, at the turn, a beautiful long white bird flew across the road.  I’d not seen that type of bird since I saw one at our joint friend’s home 2 years ago.  I think it escaped from the zoo.  As I approached the junction and place the bird had gracefully flown from, the spirit said, “Stop”. 

So I did.  My soul was rather tired and body-self.  Everything in me having been tried, I was ready for some direction, some kind word from the spirit, such as; “You’re okay.”  I remembered the words my white Indian friend Lynn had said in her book, about making a physical replica of your pain, or self, or habits or whatever and ceremoniously accepting it-- and releasing it.  This would be giving it a place to be manifest.  I thought of the habit of instantly judging, something that the one who was to love me had  chided me for over and over—I couldn’t help but think that the person doing the chiding, about anything, was actually struggling for praise or recognition.  To also know that they are,”Okay”.
 I picked up an odd shaped pointed stick with an “eye”, or actual hole in the stick.  It was sharp, as if to represent the sharpness of a pointing finger and judging; the eye—to represent; “I see you sinning!”  Then I saw and picked up a jagged, thin piece of wood stuck into the ground.  I believe it represented my depression, putting my face in the mud and being afraid.  A small green plant picked up with root in tact seemed to be my habit of not sharing my life, my talents, my humor, my true self—or being picked up constantly by my roots as I sought to get a start forward, in sharing and doing good things with my life.
A half pine cone, seemed to represent my seeking everyone else’s approval, each voice contradicted each other, when I wasn’t focused on God as my “center”.  Like a broken pine cone, it scattered and split me in pieces.   A flat dead leaf (Eucalyptus) seemed to say to me it was gossip, negative words about anyone at anytime.  A helpful herb, or healing word, turned negative and crushing other’s with words.  How the leaf can be placed back down on the ground, but has no root (truth) it can blow away easily in the wind; we can’t call back the words once they are out.
 I gathered up my items and went to fresh rain water flowing down the main street.  I noticed for a moment, the water flow, was in the same shape as the twig I picked up yesterday.  Feeling there was something about it.  Something I’d be taught or would be important to me---seeing the same shape as the road I stood on now.  Is the main road the straight and narrow way to God?  The tributary—how I’d been off so much-- So I chose to wash my items in that main road next to the tributary, signifying that I am back on the main.  Then I thanked the lessons in each of the items, as the spirit explained them to me, saw them as distractions from my path, or “sins” that separated me from the spirit—I released them to belong, once again, on an off-road.
The water flowing reminded me of the River of Life that flows from God’s temple in Heaven as described by so many who have seen heaven.  I went through each item and cleared it.  It was very powerful--very real.  Several neighbors up there drove by probably wondering about this woman with a walking stick standing out on the corner of the road.  I stood my ground though.  Now that I think of it, that was a test to see if I’d care so much about what I looked like—that maybe I’d back off and someone would drive over the items being washed in the stream. 
After I gathered the items, the dirt still clinging to the depression stick, and saw a square rock in the grove underneath.  I counted the sides; six.  I also saw a snake like stick and picked it up.  The serpent.  These would go with my items.  Perfect.  All sins.
 At home I wrapped them carefully in newspaper, thanking them and honoring what they’d taught me throughout my life.  Love is only thing that counts.  God is so merciful and God’s ways are mysterious.  Who sent the bird to fly over the exact spot where I’d find representations of exactly what I needed?
Honor & Noble
I finished the circle coming home in the west direction; Woman and innocence, introspection.
Creating Beauty—Caring for Family and their contribution to the world; Raising responsible, loving, capable children---Quietly loving, caring about self and others—Centered on God only.

Honoring the Shadows

3-Honoring the Shadows
April 8, 1994

“How many of us run our business like a business--
But run our homes like a farm…in udder chaos?”

I woke up sore everywhere.  My head hurt my heart and stomach aching—I felt my life energy at low ebb—and just wanted to curl up and sleep forever. 
“Go to Mother Rock”, said the spirit.
So I’m here—in rock hill, but detoured to an ancient father rock where a friend and I talked the day we walked together and she taught me of energy, accepting or rejecting the circle of truth, etc.
How did I fall?
By taking eyes off of Christ/God when all was in harmony—and putting eyes on the flesh—Your joy became joy in man.  And then when he reprimanded you for being late, that split your will, heart, mind and strength.
God was the one who brought harmony to your home—your soul, then your home.  What happened when you fell?  

You started looking to man to pick you up. 
Mind:  “Compliment Me”
Heart:   “Encourage Me”
Strength: “Love Me”
Will: “Allow Me Some Freedom Too…”

He can’t.  His is split into shadows (problems) for his spirit to overcome for his good.
It’s not up to you—ever—to point out his shadows.  If you’ve noticed, his shadows exactly annoy your own.
Your dream was a symbol of that.
Exact opposite of the one before.
Open, rickety elevator; dizziness, chaotic office, lack of confidence in speaking as your preached on, alienating instead of encouraging.
And in the end, what did you say, “My hair’s a mess.”  It was.  Your were.  He was “the men”, he was mad at you and cutting you down.  Exact opposite.  You, as woman, are the one that will move first. 
To recognize your weaknesses as gifts given from God. 
Did He not place you in family, in certain circumstances? 
Yes. He did. 
These are in exact opposite to what and who you really are!  You don’t have love from others because it will force, cause, encourage, you (if you want to be full, happy) to look to God as your source of Love—the only one really.  What would happen if this was not so?  You would not have to work hard enough to stretch and grow towards God; something you asked Him to do for you!  So you’re okay and will be happy AS LONG AS GOD IS THE CENTER OF YOUR HEART, WILL, MIND AND STRENGTH. 

You’ll get no peace any other way.  You’re destined and desire is to have angels manifest themselves.  Your strength is sufficient.  You have met with and “entertained” angels unawares and will continue. 
Who do you think attends you now?  As soon as you look to others (Church Leaders, Gramma Facer) as examples you fall from focus; dangerous to do.  It creates a rift in you. 

Look to Christ ALL THE Day and Live.  Your heart burns ad confirms this is so.  Christ desires to bless you with the choicest blessings and He will, through your worthiness.

Stop a moment and hear nature.  There are beautiful sun rays coming out of the eastern sky, a gentle East wind, birds singing, warm rock, sounds of cars, Mexican workers speaking, insecurity is for your good, weakness is not real.  You are God’s daughter.  He wants ALL for you-- believe it.
You don’t need to stay in shadows. 
See your shadows (your weaknesses) for what they are; NOT REAL-- The strength comes then-- True Power.
God rejoices; you don’t have to keep them! 
“I will make your weaknesses strengths” because you have to come to God and Christ to see the light, the opposite, the Truth—you are of Divine Origin.  An Eternal Being; Love, Power, Confidence!
Beauty--- Strength in God.  Your body is beauty; Walk in it.

As I ran back home;
Is it really true that I can have Christ as a Teacher?
It seems so amazing to me—

Believe it!  Accept Him.
He will teach, instruct, bless all those who come to God and seek to know more.
Keep your heart centered on Him and God.

Man's Spirit

Man’s Spirit
May 1997

Man’s Spirit=baby in womb (totally reliant)
Man’s body=Birth into life
     Cord out—nurse from Mother Earth (milk of plants)
Spirit & Body=Discipline of Christ “grown up”—sanctified—one with
This is the New Birth of ZION that is happening!
“The Church” helps in Second Stage—the Body—and assists God in bringing His children to Him;
Once they come to Him, then they can become a member of the Church of the Firstborn—a new birth—a new Faith (or religion).
A “Religion” of Spirit—OF BEING-- of Living One’s Attunement and enlightment.

Seeing That Everything Living Has A Core

Seeing That Everything Living Has A Core
First entry in First Walk Journal                                 


Everything Living Has a Core

1 -Everything Has a Core
April 1994
Everything living has a core
Everything dead has no energy from core--Spirit leaves core
Of person, plant or animal and of God; power to act (female power)
Power to create life (female energy)
God organized, created man’s spirit, then body; united spirit with body.