Sunday, July 20, 2014

Being Active in Spirit

I will not support meanness of spirit...
I will not support my children bashing my loved ones....
You are a loved one.
I adore you.
You have a heart as wide as the world, yet so many reject you--reject me--
I won't have it anymore! 

But I thought you said to "love even your enemies--to do good to them that hate you."

That's why you will send them a gift.  But I will not have you risk life and limb for they that despise you--because you are "mormon".
"Christians" would make people into pacifists--people who lose al their cultural times to the land and their spiritual roots--
The songs of he lands are dying out--because of "religion".
they teach a dried out philosophy of Christ crucified--and sprinkle it with doubt and shame.  That's NOT my doctrine!
My doctrine brings life to the soul--their brings death.  It is the doctrine of MY enemy--the one darkened by Hate.  
My brother, my past friend--also a family member anciently--
But it's an ancient battle--and the earth is his battleground.
Be at peace with where yo hare.
You and me--we fight battles.  We are not passive--but active in spirit. 
You understand ME more that you know.  I have also been despised of the world.
My family didn't all understand me, nor my fiends.
Judus Iscariott was a brother--this world only holds grief.  
You are misplaced?
Do you think God made a mistake?  

Yes.  When have I ever really belonged anywhere?

Make someone's day--
Then do that everyday
--For the rest of your life.

I will help you make someone's day--Then I will Be with you everyday--
and YOU can be happy too.  :-) 

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